Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medications In Florida Along The East Coast
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I have "Idiopathic Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy" and have been fighting this HORRIFFIC PAIN since Jan 24,2012 and it took till April meeting with my Neurologist (I lived in Atlanta) to have an EMG and then a Biopsy to verify my illness. Then they ran it felt like a million test over and over and I passed all so they could not find the underlying cause so it's spreading quick and PAIN is HARSH!

My Ga Family Practice WROTE ALL MY PAIN MEDS!

I needed to leave Atlanta due to the weather and I chose Ormond Beach next to Daytona BUT AS I TRY TO FIND DRS. DOWN HERE IT IS A NIGHTMARE!! Family Practice DO NOT WRITE SCRIPTS AND IT TAKES A WHILE TO GET IN WITH A 'Pain Mgmt' Dr. Who prob WONT WRITE YOUR SCRIPTS??


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I know you did not leave this for me but I have done everything and then some to find a solution after I was titrated downward by more than 50% I could take no more and finally had a pump implanted but that sadly has not helped me either. Now it seems I am just screwed. I am no spring chicken. I am 62 and was successfully treated for about 15 years with opioids .. I consider success to be able to move about once in a while. I have never failed a urine, no record, no problems ever with the medications that once helped me! I am however suffering like a dog without an owner or one that does not give a damn. If I were an animal I would have received compassionate care! Please just let me say Thank You. Even if I get no help it has given me hope!

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Re: Charles (# 87) Expand Referenced Message

I do not know if you can respond but I to had a horrible injury with screws etc.. I never got better and they finally found I have broken screws in my cervical spine about 2004. They are C5/6 and they were deemed too risky to do a revision unless it is to save my life! I had been treated with opioids probably a little longer than you. I would tell you all I have been though trying to find relief and keeping it but I would need to write a book. Of course I have lived in Florida where all this started and we are still in the midst of addiction and now doctors are just too afraid of DEA to us. I did finally have an implanted pain pump installed in hopes of finding a lasting solution but it has not helped me. I do not know what anyone can do to help me at this point but I would like to know if nothing else that you found help since I am so desperate that just knowing there was some sort of hope would help.

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I would research states before you move.
FLORIDA is a vomit bag when it comes to pain meds.
Most RED STATES are like that.
I am staying in Connecticut.
High taxes but I can get my pain meds and I'm in the medical mj program.
The combination is working out perfect for me.
I wish you all the luck in the world, but I know many who have moved away for the reasons you just described.

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How do you view stories/posts that you've responded to?

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Re: travelinman2269 (# 89) Expand Referenced Message

GOTO DR BENNI.. RUSKIN Fl. I hear he is good. Good luck!

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I live in North Carolina, go to a pain clinic I live in North Carolina, go to a pain clinic. My family doctor was writing my meds until the federal government jumped in and put all these rules down. Here you need a referral for Pain Clinic at the doctors are good to talk to you they work with you it’s awesome I’m so glad I don’t live in Florida and warm best of luck to you

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Sorry to hear about your situation but the government here in Florida have no sympathy for pain patients, between the Government and PAM BONDIE IN Tallahassee they think that they should dictate to we the people of Florida what the Doctor’s and the pharmacies are able and to whom they will fill any pain meds. I for one don’t believe this is in people’s of Florida best interest. So good luck with your predicament. A word to the pain patients, please resist the urge to buy anything from people trying to sell so called legitimate pain meds on the street, this is coming from a family that has lost a loved one to the Fentanyl. They cut their heroin with this stuff and the laws and the government would blame the so called opioid epidemic on pain meds that were either stolen from friends and/or family, rather than worrying about the most potent drug made and smuggled into the good old U S of A from South America or crack down on the poison that China seems to have no problems shipping cargo ships of unregulated crap that is and has made many of our kids, family, and even our pets with cancer containing chemicals.

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I've been in pain management for 23 years post MVA where I was in a coma followed by being paralyzed on the left side of both upper and lower body. My last P.M. physician of 6 years has suddenly retired and I'm in an essentially bed-bound state as I haven't been able to replace him as of this date. If you could please forward me the name or names of the Dr's you speak of in the Central Florida East Coast area I would greatly appreciate it. I have very detailed records going back many years and my records are completely clean and clear of issues and I've never been to an office that was even loosely considered a PILL MILL. I thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Thank you.

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I have had both hips replaced at 48 and have herniated discs in lower back from limping and overcompensation. First in 2013 and most recent in late March 2018. In CT, where I had my first full hip done my doctor’s approach was to stay ahead of the pain and I was able to function very well. I waited so long to have it done (eight years since I was diagnosed) I had severe atrophy, spasms and tendon damage that I had to remain on somewhat heavy doses to suppress pain in order to perform my job. I moved down to Florida in 2016 thinking that with my records from the three years prior of compliant medication regime that I would remain on the medications and dosage I was on. Well this is not the case and since 2016 I have been struggling with a pain management doctor that has cut me back by more than half. Now I have had my second replacement and I am in some pretty constant pain and work is very difficult. I really need to find a doctor that is not afraid to prescribe what works for the patient. I really need to be back to how I was, but I don’t know where to turn in Florida.

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Hello, my name is Charles and I'm a permanently disabled ironworker. I became disabled from a serious construction accident in 2006 when I fell 2 stories working on the new World Trade Center Freedom Tower. I had a compound break of my left femur, requiring a rod from left hip to left knee, a totally rebuilt left knee with cadaver ligaments and meniscus, only to have a total knee replacement with artificial knee last fall of 2017. But in the accident, I shattered my right elbow requiring 7 operations just to regain a somewhat functioning right hand and I have Plates and screws That make up my right elbow and if that's not enough I also broke my collarbone in 2 places. From accident until I moved to Florida because the cold weather finally became too painful I was on the same dose of pain medications have every surgical report of the 12 operations I've had, my complete prescription history from the date of accident to now, all the physical therapy and alternative treatments I've tried to know avail.

Before my accident, my true love was playing golf with my father. Since moving to Florida I can not find a doctor to prescribe me anything close to what I was taking for years in New York, my dad is 73 yrs old and I don't know how much more time the good Lord is going to give me time to play golf together with him. I was taking 2 oxymorphones er 40mg pills in am and 2 in pm and was prescribed 6 hydromorphone 8mg pills for breakthrough pain. Like I said I have so much documentation for everything I've included in this post. All I'm looking for is a doctor in mid to south Florida (I'm living in Port Saint Lucie) that can help me to be able to enjoy life again and by enjoy life i mean be able to play golf with my dad again. If someone sees this post and can help me by giving me some information about doctors that can help me you would answer an old man's prayers and make me his son eternally grateful. If you can help me and do not want to post it please send me an email to: {edited for privacy}. Thank you.

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Re: USAMarineCorp4ever (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

People are cruel. Don't pay this asswipe any mind. Thank you for your service and bless your father.

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Dr Darren Bush....Oakland Park florida- federal hey....He is a reasonable pain doc. Not promising but you have a chance

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Re: David (# 27) Expand Referenced Message

Where did you go to in Palm Coast? I’m new to the area and I had a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE yesterday with a pain management doctor in St Augustine!! I need help badly!!!! I live in Palm Coast. Thank you!!

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Re: GodBlessYou (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Im so happy that someone took the time to listen to you and not just judge you. I can't imagine your situation as it seems so terrible, but i share your pain about being a single parent and not being able to care for them because of your health situation. God blessed me with a miracle baby at the age of 31..after 3 battles with cancer, I was very excited and grateful...well you all understand what it felt like! however, not a day goes by that i dont ask or beg God to help me with him..." you gave him to me, you must have had a reason, so please God give me the health and the energy to raise him right" ! All I want is for him to have a future! and I struggle every day, sometimes just to get out of bed..mostly I manage to do it because he needs me...I consider that God gave him to me for motivation to get up and not give up because i was very tired at that time and despite winning against cancer 3 times.....didn't have the energy to keep going most days. and like you, I have recently moved to Florida with my parents, but have kept my doctor in louisiana because i have not been able to find a dr here that writes the same type of meds. The Dr she recommended sounds like he writes the same type and strengths. did you ever make an appointment and how did it go, do you mind me asking? Please reply and let me know what your experience has been like and how you are doing. wishing you the best, Rebecca.

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Do you prescribe oxcodone I have terrine spine pain neck also have all tests for condition

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Find a family physician to refer you to a pain clinic. Florida is notoriously busy in that area, as the elderly move to Florida for retirement. And obviously the elderly have issues with their health. You can call and make an appointment at the pain management clinic but it’ll be quicker to get in with a referral from your doctor. I would continue to push the issue call them every day bother the hell out of them until you get an appointment. I’m in North Carolina transplanted from Florida and did not need pain meds in Florida. My family physician prescribed them to me in North Carolina he recently passed away that is when we all had to go to the pain management clinic. I have found one that is awesome 30 minutes from home, my doctor will sit down and talk with you, talk about what issues you’re having suggest what she would like to give you and if you don’t like the medication that she wants to give you she is willing to listen to suggestions. They give you drug panels every two months when you go back & they have now started to swab your mouth instead of a U/A. But with the FDA stepping in and putting a ban on how much medication is being made and being able to be prescribed, it is very frustrating for the elderly who don’t know who to go to and don’t have anybody to give them advice. I actually stumbled across this page last night and think it’s really good for people to give their input to help others. So as I said start with your family doctor ask for a referral to pain management keep calling all your pain management clinics because there are a lot of them get on the list and just do the best you can until you can get on the list. Research homeopathic remedies because there are a lot of them that you don’t need prescriptions for. Hope this is finding you.

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I realize this article is old, but just moved to Sarasota fl few weeks ago. Lost insurance from move and need to know if a internal medicine dr can help with getting tramadol? Can't afford pain Mgt dr. I can't take anything strong strong, have 4 herinated disc, and Fibo.

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Re: Allison (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Long story short, I had a ACDF level 4 L2-S1 decompression fusion. I have adhd and have been taking meds for 15 years. I moved, my doc retired and I need to find a new doctor. I have no problem going to Atlanta. It's a drive from the Jacksonville area but IF I COULD LEAVE MYSELF IN A ROOM, WALK AWAY, I WOULD. AND MENOPAUSE. My husband and I split. I'm a different human being. I need a doctor that understands. Thanks for listening. The person you're referring to sounds like someone that would help me. Again, thank you.

{edited for privacy}

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I need your help. I have all my records and am in need of a good non-judgemental doctor to prescribe me pain meds and Xanax for my chronic pain and anxiety. I'm the type of person who has to do treatment and medication in order to help me. email {edited for privacy}

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I know if u go to Mobile or Hattiesburg Mississippi the Doctors do there

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