Doctors That Will Prescribe Subutex For Pain Control In Florida


I been on subutex for past 5yrs for pain management. I'm allergic to the naloxone in the suboxine films. I just moved to Florida from north Carolina and can't find a doctor to prescribe me what I need. If u have any information to help me, please let me know. Thanks!

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Who was your doc I'm in nc and desperately need like you.

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This forum is not a medical referral nor protocol recommending site. History has proven when these prescribers are disclosed they are inundated with legit and recreational users as well often necessitating said provider to cease operations. Sadly it's the way our medical system has degraded that so many are left untreated but risking the treatment of those with established providers isn't the answer. Have you reached out to your local hospitals social services department?? They are uniquely qualified to assist those in need of such care.

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Yea how would I go about getting a referral to a doctor? My uncle told me that helped him out. Honestly I don't even know if they do that. I was under the impression the doc chose.

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Looking for Subutex Doctors that take Medicaid insurance. I'm located in the Hollywood area of Florida.

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Why did I feel energy a good with samples of Suboxone, and get a Dr. Yesterday an given Zubsolv tabs. Feel lousy. Whats the difference?

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There is absolutely no difference between zubsolv and suboxone. The ingredients to both are Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Its all in your head. The only difference is that zubsolv taste like mint and suboxone orange.

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You know I took Zubsolv for a little while, after taking Suboxone for 8 years and I felt different. I didn't have as much energy, and I was depressed, and I had very bad dreams and night sweats. I know that the ingredients are the same, but it was very different for me. That's just my experience with Zubsolv.

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I was prescribed suboxone film since End of October till now, I just started having hard time to breathing, my anxiety get more worse, these new bier spots all over my legs, nausea, goosebumps and tingling feeling in my foot. I did went to er saying my blood work came back fine. I am not sure why it causing me like this. I am totally allergic to sulfur any kind that has sulfur. What kind of inactive in suboxone film? My bf now currently taking the buprenorphine/naloxone tablet pill imprint is 155 on one side and moon on other side and I am wondering what kind of inactive in that tablet. Thank you!!

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Re: Tim (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

The fillers they use are different and each company has a certain amount of medicine they have to put in. Suboxone puts the whole percentage in. The other can get away with less because of the laws in place. Suboxone is the only one I know of that puts the whole amount in. Suboxone could do it too but they don't. I had the same experience and researched it and that's what I found out.

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I'm in Kansas and was put on methadone for chronic pain, I'm an epileptic and was having severe gran mal seizures about 3-4 × a week and my dr. Put me on epilepsy meds, benzos, and methadone because after a seizure my muscles would be so sore from convulsing that I could barely walk and he tried many other narcotic pain meds but they didnt work. So after being on methadone for 5 yrs, my doctor was arrested for 12 counts of 2nd degree murder for prescribing methadone and xanax/benzodiazepines together and 12 people died and also insurance fraud. So him and his wife both got life in prison and when I ran out of the last of my methadone and xanax, I was so sick and in so much pain that I really almost took my life. I didnt know that methadone did that after u stopped taking it and so I ended up hearing about methadone clinics and I started going to the methadone clinic and thought I would be able to taper down I've tried and tried to get off and thought I would try to taper off and stay away from it. Well here I am 10 yrs later and still on it and I'm in the process of filing for disability because I cant work cz of my seizures, hopefully I can get disability and go to in patient rehab and get off it. Methadone is also an opiate blocker and I know for a fact because I've been prescribed narcotics after bad seizures and 10mg lortab didnt work, 10mg roxy's, 80mg oxycontin didnt work, so they always have to give me my meds through my IV. That's the only way they would work and I hate needles so much so that sometimes I just tell them I dont want it, if I can deal w the pain. My point is, stay away from methadone....It will ruin your life and eventually take it!!!

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I’m in Clewiston Florida and am looking for an online Subutex doctor that accepts Medicaid. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

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