Dr Willing To Prescribe Pain Medications Northern California


I suffer from severe plantar fascittis. It flares up periodically, to the point I have to crawl. I need pain medication: Norco or Vicodin.

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I need a new pain mgmt Dr in Northern California to prescribe my 30mg oxycodone immediate release pills as I'm sick with 5 autoimmune diseases and can't go without them, as I've been taking them for 20 yrs now... Please, someone send me some info.

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Any luck or leads? I mean, seriously. Sometimes being concise is detail enough.

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I hate to say it but there is nothing strong enough to stop the severe pain associated with plantar fasciitis. I had surgery in both feet for it. One was fine. One was the surgery from hell that screwed me up for life. Have you looked into ESWT shock wave therapy? At the very least buy a night splint from Amazon and wear it to bed. It will definitely help. Also try a soft boot cast for six weeks. It's a pain in the neck but unless you get the pressure off that foot it will never heal.

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Sorry guys, the days of prescribing pain pills are over. Folks are dying and doctors are running scared while insurance is stopping coverage and giving 7 day scripts for some patients...the ones with broken bones, recovering from surgery or dying. Pain pills are meant to be a short term thing not something you take the rest of your life.

Try asking your doctor to help you get off the pain pills....start tapering now as it is not an easy thing to get off of. Good luck!!

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For your planters fasciitis you need lyrical not Norco. If you’re that hyped up I’m getting Norco and been taking it for 20 years you have a drug problem. I have planters fasciitis and my doctor prescribed Lyrica and it works great. I also checked Roxicodone for my back issues but it does not help for my planters fasciitis in my feet. Sick help at a drug rehabilitation center. You are on way too much meds that you think you need and really dont

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The days,of a regular dr prescribing pain pills,is over but if you suffer from severe pain you go to a pain mgmt dr. I have chronic pain that will never end. The drs want to skim on the medication you need but not everyone can get off the pain meds,and they shouldnt have to. I live with chronic pain. The pain meds help very little. If you your one of the people that was able to stop the meds,and handle your pain but Im not willing to do that. I wish they would give me more so the pain would stop

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I’m in chronic pain also. And my view Lovett is this, your pain is never going to actually completely go away. It at best will be used by pain medications, I’ve seen too many people get addicted to pain meds because they take more and more and more when it does not do any good. Your pain meds will plateau when you’ve got enough in your body. When you take those pain meds you’re killing your natural endorphins and healing powers. Best thing you can do is just back off of your pain meds and put up with a little Pain. You’ll get used to it

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