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I have Sciatica, Spondeliosis, Degenerative Disc Disease and Fibromyalgia in both my hips & legs, I have had 3 sets of nerve blocker injections that did not help. I had a herniated disc, in my lower back, (scar tissue has entrapped nerve in it), intractable back pain, I have been falling a lot at home or if I am out somewhere. I get very confused and short term memory is really getting bad which is a symptom of Fibromyalgia, I don't want to go anywhere, I rarely see my friends. I feel like my feet and legs are running and my body is not catching up. I have also last year had left shoulder surgery for small tear in rotator cuff, bone spurs leaning on rotator cuff, osteoarthritis and fluid around the arthritis, 1 month after this surgery: I have what feels like electricity shocks from my upper arm all the way down to my fingers. My left arm is literally useless. It is extremely hard for me to walk sometimes or even sit for any length of time. I am very depressed and cry a lot. I have applied for Social security Disability, denied twice and had a hearing which is under appeal at this time. I am taking Cymbalta 120 mg a day, Clonazepam 1 mg 3 x a day, Gabapentin 300 mg 1 per day, Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen 10/325 one tablet six times per day and amitriptyline 150mg at bedtime.

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September 1, 2013

From: Allyson C. H.

As, most of you are aware I have applied for Social Security Disability through Premier Disability, my case manager was Julie Peterson. Each one of you were given this information on it to be signed by you and faxed to Julie Peterson. The only papers faxed to Julie were from Dr. Reis and Dr. Jerome G. Smith. Now that I have been denied (2) times my case has be reassigned to :Colleen Rodriguez (my case manager)at Robert Higgins and Associates . Her Phone Number is {edited for privacy}.. I have been on the phone with her numerous times and Friday of this past week she went and got my file to see why had I not been contacted by their lawyer, and the only doctors that had faxed to her were Dr. Reis and Dr. Jerome Smith. I now am being told that all the doctors should have been faxing reports for the last 6 months. THAT IS WHAT IS HOLDING UP MY DISABILITY! So now I have to call each of them make an appointment, pay a co pay of $25 to $50 to come to each doctor, pay for them to fax to her updates from the last 6 months. This will be expensive and I have no income. Or else, I have to sign a release of records for the last 6 months. I would prefer to have all the paperwork given to me and I will fax them to Colleen myself! That way I have a copy in my folder at home.


In 2005, I fell and broke both my feet, went to Patient First in Mechanicsville, VA 23111. Then I fell again and re-broke my right foot. I was told to go to Commonwealth Podiatry who took all the precautions until I was healed. I was seen by Doctor Carl Belock. I began to have serious pain in my left foot, went back to Commonwealth Podiatry and was told I had developed neuromas (scar tissue) and was told I had to have surgery on left foot to remove them. A few months later I fell and broke my left foot again and saw Dr. Binder who is in the practice with Dr. Belock.

In 2008, I began to have sharp stabbing pain from my right buttock, called my primary care doctor who sent me to Capital Pain and Spine Center. I saw Dr.Wisor who suggested nerve ending blocker inj's. These inj's. were done 3 times with no relief. Dr. Wisor told me at that point that I had Fibromyalgia. Gave me prescriptions for pain (Neurontin and hydrocodone). I had no further contact with them.

In March 2012,this pain got extremely worse and was now going down both legs also. I went to Ortho Virginia and saw Dr. Reis. He did x-rays and sent me for an MRI which showed I had sciatica, spondeliosis, degenerative disc disease and herniated disc. On March 27, 2012 I had surgery for this@ Memorial Regional Medical Center in Mechanicsville. But, after the healing process and therapy, the pain was still there. I went to see Dr. Reis again. The scar tissue had started going across my lower back and had a nerve caught in it. Dr. Reis told me there wasn’t anything more he could do. I saw Dr. Reis approximately 7 or 8 times during the healing process. He sent me to Dr. Jerome G. Smith who is a doctor for chronic pain patients. I started seeing Dr. Smith in September 2012 @ his Mechanicsville office ( which has now been closed) so I have to drive approximately 45 minutes each way to his new office. In the letter to Dr. Smith from Dr. Reis it was stated I had Fibromyalgia in both hips and legs, intractable back pain, degenerative disc disease along with the chronic foot pain in both feet.. Dr, Smith wrote a letter to Social Security Disability and faxed it to the person at Premier Disability that I was working with. Her name was Julie Peterson. I have been denied twice, so now it has to go to a hearing board. I have not worked since Jan 2010.

I am still seeing Dr. Smith at this time for all my medications (listed separately) once a month. Some of these medications I am taking, I should not even be driving much less working! I started falling a lot;

1) down seven steps and heard my head crack on the concrete slab under our home. Went to the ER to make sure nothing was cracked or bleeding inside my head. So, my mattress was brought downstairs to the sleep sofa where I have been sleeping since March of 2012.

2) I am very depressed due to the frustrations of not being able to use the stairs or squat down without losing my balance or falling backwards and being able to do and now cannot.

3) I cry a lot sometimes I don’t even know why.

4) I get very anxious several times a day and the clonazepam helped me with that. But at our visit on 1/26/13 Dr. Smith informed me he could not prescribe prescribe the clonazepam after this visit. He did write me a prescription for this one last time. And said I needed to see my Primary Care Physician; Dr. Patricia Ryan

5) I can take our small puppy out and walk to the mailbox but after that my legs feel as if they weigh 100 pounds each and they are burning on the inside. My feet with the Chronic foot pain does not allow me to really walk.

6) I don’t want to go anywhere .

7) I rarely see my friends.

8) I get very confused and my short term memory is really getting bad. This is a symptom of fibromyalgia.

9) My daughter took me to the mall and I felt as if I had never been there before. I was very confused, anxious and crying when she found me. I do not feel like myself anymore, also a symptom of fibromyalgia.

10) Sometimes I feel as if I am walking to the left and bumping into things. I have to rely on my husband and daughter to do the things I used to be able to do. My PCP has retired and the new one is Dr. Patricia Ryan. I saw her 2 or 3 times she also was hesitant to write the prescription for clonazepam but did and then referred me to Dr. Alla Lerner-Brandon, MD. Dr Alla is with Bon Secours Behavioral Health group @ Memorial Regional. She has reduced my clonazepam to 2 one mg per day. I do not feel this is helping, just makes the anxiety worse. The Cymbalta is not helping the pain, depression or anxiety but for 3-4 hours

I felt comfortable seeing her and she suggested group therapy, which I cannot afford. The co-pays per month are being paid by my husband and some weeks we barely have money left for food, after he has paid for my prescriptions ($148.00) along with all the other bills for the household. Knowing I cannot work makes me feel really bad because my husband has been paying all the bills, rent, electricity, co pays for all my doctors and my medicines. That is a lot and with Disability I would be able to help him!

I moved back upstairs to my room approximately 3 weeks ago (first week of August) it was nice being back in my own bed and room, then problems started I have fallen in the dark, I wake up and don’t know where I am and I trip and stumble, luckily my husband heard me and came running, the next night I got up and started walking and I ended up walking into a wall. On 8/29/13 I literally feel out of bed and hit my head on the night table. My husband and daughter came running to help me up. I got a night lite..I feel as if when I try to get up my feet and legs are running and my body isn’t catching up, then I end up falling. I have now moved back downstairs on the sleep sofa.

Yesterday September 3,2013 I saw Dr.Wills also at Ortho Virginia to go over an MRI he had scheduled for my left shoulder (results: small tear in rotator cuff, bone spurs leaning on rotator cuff, osteoarthritis and fluid around the arthritis. They are in the process of scheduling surgery for these problems. He is also sending me my report in the mail so I can send to Higgins and Associates.

I have an appointment to see a Rheumatologist, Dr. Carleton @ Virginia Physicians on Friday September 6, @ 10:30. I found out that Rheumatologist also treat Fibromyalgia.

Please let me know how to obtain my records of the last six months. I will pay for them if needed and then I will fax them to Colleen, my case manager.

Please, please do this, I have not worked since January 2010 and at age 61 ½ who is going to hire me with all the medical problems I have?

Thank you,.
{edited for privacy}

Cymbalta 120mg each morning
Clonazepam 1 mg 3 times a day
Gabapentin 300 mg 3 times each day
Hydrocodone 10-325 6 times per day
Amitriptyline 150 mg at bedtime

I will list the doctors, addresses and phone numbers that need to send the last 6 months records to Disability.

Dr. Douglas Wisor (last saw in 2008)
Capital Pain and Spine Center
5213 Hickory Park Drive
Richmond, VA 23294
Phone 804-270-7262

Dr. Reis- Lower Back Surgeon who said I could work again, little did he know or care that I could not sit at a desk all day, I could not stand for more than 15 minutes at a time. And with the medications I was on, I should not have driven being on them. Dr. Reis Last saw August 2012

Ortho Virginia
Atlee Road- Memorial Regional Medical Center.
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
Phone :804-730-2121

Dr. Jerome G. Smith—See once a month for exam and prescriptions for Neurontin 300 mg, 3 times per day, Hydro-Codone –10-325 mg six(6) times a day, Elavil 150 mg @ bedtime and Bisacodyl 5 mg for constipation.

Pain Medication Management
909 Hioaks Road, Suite B
Richmond, VA 23225
Phone 804-276-4266
Fax: 804-276-5828

Dr. Alla Lerner-Brandon-see once a month for talking about how I am feeling and also for: 90 mg of Cymbalta and Clonazepam 1 mg 2x daily. The Cymbalta helped for a couple of months, now it is only lasting 3 to 4 hours and then the pain and anxiety and depression return again.

8220 Meadowbridge Road
MOB 1, Suite 308
Mechanicsville, VA 23116
Fax: 1-804-764-3280

Dr. Patricia M. Ryan PCP for anything general such as my Fenofibrate.

Cold Harbor Family Medicine
7255 Hanover Green Drive
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
Phone: 1-804-730-1111

Thank You for your help. I live In Mechanicsville, VA 23111

I am looking for a pain Management Doctor who can prescribe the Gabapentin, Hydrocodone 10/325 and Amitriptyline

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whats wrong with staying on with dR smith?

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I came up positive for valium, which I do not take! He won't see me anymore

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I live in williamsburg,, there is a regular family dr,,who will see just need to call his office and make a appointment, Take any medical records you have that show that you do have those problems to be on the pain medicine,,Take your empty bottles in, This dr does drug panels each visit, HE dont care if you take valium or whatever, he only looking to for pain medicine in your pee that he did not write,, he dont care if another dr gives you this or that, He make you sign a pain management contract, Let me know if you want his name and number.

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Hi. Looking for a pain management doctor who will take my insurance. I have all my medical records and mri. Please send me the name and number of the doctor you were referring to.
Thank you.

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Doctor Jerome Smith, his office is 909 Jahnke Road across from hospital

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Hi Helene, Saw in a reply you mentioned you know of doctor, wanted to ask if you can provide name/# so I may contact. - I too am looking for a pain management Dr. as well , due to the one that I had been seeing for years has just retired. A lot of the Doctors what I've called are not taking any new patients or do not prescribe oxycodone and/or methadone. Im on disability and have been prescribed these medications for about 8 years and have always taken them exactly as prescribed and have never failed urine/blood diagnostics and faithfully have had only one doctor treating my chronic pain. I just really cannot understand why it has to be so exhausting and almost impossible for legitimate people dealing with chronic pain issues to find a doctor that is actually willing and wanting to actually help someone? - And I know there are lots of people who are seeking pain doctors only to get meds that they want- not need, and doctors have lost their license due to people abusing or maybe they let all the money they were making take over their minds? But for those of us that have hospital medical records, mri's, previous pain mngt. Doctors office records as well records from the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program, we should not have to be suffering with pain and go without our regular prescribed meds because we can't find a REAL doctor. Where are all the REAL doctors? The doctors that took the sacred oath with regard to healing the sick, will take care that they suffer no hurt or damage and to treat the ill to the best of their ability??? - If anyone reading knows of a REAL doctor like this in the Virginia area I would be forever grateful if you would please provide me with their contact information. - Take care and good luck to you all.

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Its a bit of a trip to Fishersville, but if u have MRI reports that show u have reason for your pain, u can go to Hope Clinic. They ONLY write prescriptions for narcotics (nothing else). You will need your id, MRI reports or xray reports or CT scan reports, and a drug history report (ask your pharmacy). Its $275 for first visit, $175/mo after and they accept no insurance. Sound like an addict's wet dream? They do a criminal history, background check, pharmacy fill history and trackmarks search. Google them, they have a website.

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Can you tell me a little more about doctor Smith? What your seeing him for and what prescription if possible? Thank you very much. I care for 2 boys as a single father and it's very difficult due to a car accident that injured my lower back. I'm 36 and I'm treated with question even though I have records and a positive history to back it up. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Jeremy

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Dr Jerome Smith is no longer in practice. His license was suspended om October 16, 2014 and he waited three weeks to notify his monthly patients that his office was closing. I was notified at 8 PM the night before my monthly visit, leaving me to scramble around trying to find a new doctor in one day. Smith's office is holding medical records hostage for a fee, which is illegal in cases such as this. When an office closes under these circumstances, records are owed, free of charge, to patients. Likewise, he is dragging his feet on faxing records to new doctors, ostensibly to coerce money from patients. Likewise, most doctors he referred his patients to do not prescribe the same meds he did, leaving us to scramble even more to find new doctors.

I previously saw Drs Basavaraj and Trivedi, whose practice also closed under mysterious circumstances. As horrible as they were, Smith has turned out worse. Also, as for Dr Smith dismissing a patient for coming up positive for valium, clonazepam is in the same family. He and his staff were too stupid to cross reference a patient med list to verify what should and should not be in the blood or UA. The whole office was a MESS.

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Thank you for sharing, I am the person that had the Valium stop seeing me . I also had the same problem with the person I see for talking to once a month. She cut me off my clonazapam. I even yelled at her because I knew they were in the same family. I don't know how these people aren't knowledgeable enough to know, especially since they are in the medical field, so now I am going through bad withdrawls. She wanted me to admit myself to a hospital, then after that she would see me again.

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i would love to know the name of the dr. your talking about

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I will not give her name, only that her office is at Memorial Regional Med Center. Behavioral Health Management.

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Hello, i would like the name and number for the doctor in williamsburg. I've had chronic pain for years. Thanks.

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Please give me the name of the Doctor in Williamsburg and also phone number and address.

Thank you very much

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Please give me the name and address of the doctor in Williamsburg so I can see jst how fr away he is and if he takes my Insurance.

Thank you so much

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You need to bring any records you have. he is a regular family dr, he is near the walmart in williamsburg, some folks call it lightfoot. his name is bruce mayor, he on rochambo road. {edited for privacy}. 757-566-2045 4622 rochambeau drive williamsburg 23188. he gives drug panels each visit. no inurance cost is 80 bucks, but if you have a mri within two years old, theres another dr in newports news near mary mac hospital. He wont take insurance, and he charges 200 bucks each visit. if anyone is interested you dont need a referral for him either

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I know a dr closer than fisherville. Are we allowed to give each other our reg emails? Let me know if your still in need of pain dr. {edited for privacy}

Editor's Note: We apologize, but aside from a few (very) rare exceptions we cannot allow personal contact information to show up in the posts. This is to protect the privacy of our visitors.

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Helena, I would love to know who, where and charges for each visit. {edited for privacy}. Thank you so very much.

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you mentioned fishersville, va...

please let me know your doctors name and location... my pain doctor is 5 hours aways and need to know of some place closer...any help for locations in Virginia? Any locations please...

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Re: helene (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi I'm in the Hampton roads area and my pain management doctor is retiring. I've had a very difficult time trying to find a doctor who will prescribe methadone even though I've been on it for nearly 18 years. If you still have this doctors name and practice number please write back. thank you so much

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Re: helene (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Iam also looking for a good pain management Dr. Can I have his #please?

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Re: Allyson (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I get 120 xanax 2mg, 2 30mg adderall a day IR, and subutex 8mg, and every time I run low or can find enough I take lorazepam and the drug panels no matter what benzo I take I pass. So for 6 years ive taken klonopin, valium, xanax, bromazepam, ativan and rohypnl and never failed. I've taken all on the same day as a drug panel. I'm supposed to have xanax show, and it does!

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Your problem with your meds is the gabapintine, (sp). It’s the worst medication out there. Get off if you can and move somewhere they will treat your pain. Please!

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Re: helene (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Can you share his info with me?

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Man you need more meds and with your own. Move to Greenville North Carolina. The doctors here are very good as long as you follow the program from the Pain Clinic. You need to probably be on morphine and you have acrophobia which won’t allow you to go out of the house my girlfriend had a lot of your symptoms and I have all the bone issues that you did. I have them controlled with just two pain meds and a diazepam for my PTSD. I also am on disability I was denied him to do anything with that but a lawyer in Greenville picked it up and asked me did I want to continue pursuing it it would cost me anything out-of-pocket just 33% of whatever I got back so I said sure and we went in front of the judge and I was granted it. You need to make a move to where you can get help you are too close to our nations capital who won’t do crap for you

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Re: Cindy (# 77) Expand Referenced Message

Is this doctor taking new patients? the dr in Fredericksburg Virginia as far as I know

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Re: helene (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Please, can I have this Dr's info? I am desperate for a nice helpful doctor.

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Re: helene (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Can you please share the doctor's name & phone number? Moved to VA from Wisconsin & having trouble finding a new pain doctor.

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Re: helene (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I would like his number I just moved here and need a new doctor I have degenerative disc disease spondylosis herniated discs SI joint dysfunction numbness in my right foot tingling down my right foot I walk with a cane I'm disabled I am in good standing with my doctor can definitely get a referral just need someone to take over my pain management contract and write the treatment plan that is working for me now please if you can help me I would love the information of your doctor right now I am traveling back and forth to where I used to live and it's very expensive and not to mention very hard on me because I can't drive that far so I have to count on when my son is off work to bring me on a 6 hour drive one way any help would be greatly appreciated thank you so much

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