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About Us

Our Mission is to offer the most user-friendly and private community of drug discussions.

Since 2005 we have striven to make it as simple as possible for patients to connect with their peers in sharing drug-related questions and stories. We believe that individuals shouldn't have to register with a site just to get involved. Especially when it comes to something as personal as their health and medications.

Who is this site for?

RxChat is for patients, caregivers, and other interested parties. Our platform is open to anyone looking to discuss prescription drugs. This may include, patients, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, etc.

Who owns RxChat?

We operate as an independent company and are not owned by pharmaceutical interests. Our staff ensures that the services run as smoothly as possible (which includes forum moderation), allowing individuals to dictate which topics are discussed.

Where do you get your data from?

Discussion threads are created by our users and are unique to our site. Our drug index is kept up to date from FDA Drug Approvals. Our NDC database is based on the FDA's National Drug Code Directory.

Do you sell drugs? Are you a pharmacy?

No. Our website is informational only and we do not sell or distribute any prodcuts. We simply host a drug index and discussion threads for people to communicate with one-another and perform independent research.

How do you handle user data?

Please see our Privacy Policy for information on what data we collect and how we manage it.

Contacting Us
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Denver, CO 80123

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