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Anxiety is an emotion which is characterised by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil and includes feelings of dread over anticipated events. Anxiety is different from fear in that fear is defined as the emotional response to a present threat, whereas anxiety is the anticipation of a future one. It is often accompanied by nervous behavior such as pacing back and forth, somatic complaints, and rumination.Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness and worry, usually generalized and unfocused as an overr...

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Neuro Vision brand Diazepam

I refilled my script of diazepam and received Neuro Vision 10mg Diazepam. They're an Indian brand, white tablets (which is normal for India) and they also have Dizpam - 10 on packet. I've had a couple and they taste bitter, not like the bitter sweet taste of valium. I felt them but can't put my finger on if they're diazepam or not, they are definitely a benzo though! Has anyone else ever had these? If so I'd value your honest feedback/ thoughts. ## I have got them and sent them off to b tested and they are Diaz, not sure on dose though, they deffo do the job ## I have also received Dizpam-10. It does not work as well as actual Valium 10mg. I get very high strung at times and need to take a benzo, but Valium 10mg works better than Dizpam 10mg. ## What pharmacy do you ...

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Is Greenstone Alprazolam really discontinued?

I have been getting my alprazolam substituted with Sandoz 2 mg tabs which do zi[/nada/nothing and Aurobindo 1 mg ER tabs which are also useless. I've had a bad experience with Sandoz and oxazepam before. CVS says Greenstone is discontinued but my independent pharmacy says they are being produced but I have to pay $35 for the Rx because my Part D drug insurance "only reimburses them a few dollars". CVS initially promised me Teva (2mg) and Greenstone 1 mg ER. After getting Sandoz and Aurobindo, they say that their stock varies from day to day and whatever the supplier sends to them that day is what I get. How screwed up is that? ## That is the way it always has worked. You can't order specific generic brands from the pharmacy, and they can't promise you anything. Do yo...

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Doctors in Houston that will prescribe Xanax

I just moved to Houston and have suffered from severe anxiety for the past ten plus years and really need to find a psychiatrist or doctor that is willing to prescribe Xanax. I'm up ALL night fighting constant anxiety attacks and it's an impossible daily struggle to get through my work day without having to stop whatever I might be doing to fend off an attack. I can't afford to lose my job and I just don't know what else to do. I refuse to buy the stuff off the sheet because I can't afford to get in trouble..... Please, any help with a doctor in Houston that will prescribe Xanax would very gratefully appreciated. ## Due to the new regulations that went into effect at the beginning of the year, if you require it for long-term treatment, you will most likely need to se...

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Loghman Diazepam

Anyone come across these in the UK? Loghman's Diazepam 10mg, 20 in a tray. Made in Iran. ## Hi. Has anyone tried the Loghman diazepam 10mg? They are blue (same as English colour) same size and come in strips of 20. I've had them a couple of times and think they are pretty good. They are made in Tehran, Iran and they look professionally made, press, etc. I can't find them on wedinos so thought I'd put a post on here. I've got nothing but good feedback on them, and feel they are correctly dosed (if not stronger). Anybody else had these? ## They are on Wedinos and test for Diazepam, nothing else. I only asked today if anyone tried them. On another site I asked people's opinion, and two people said good, one said underdosed. I haven't tried them yet. At the momen...

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Diazepam - What's missing in the generics that were in Watson?

Watson turned Mayne, yellow, scored tablets marked with 5 and Dan 562 on the other side have not sold their "recipe" for the original formulation. To those who have been taking it for years and don't understand why a pharmaceutical company that sells out holds out, why would a medication that works for so many be discontinued? I have been thru major life changes and major losses at the same time it was discontinued. Played guinea pig with other generics and they're not the same. Has ANYONE that took DAN by Mayne (formerly Watson) found an equivalent? I am taking Teva. Sometimes the tablets are thick. Sometimes thin. Odd I know. The thicker ones cause panic attacks before they begin to work. Aren't they suppose to prevent them? Along with a plethora of other ailments....

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Diazepam 10mg white

Please help me determine if the diazepam I got in my rx refill are a good brand? They are round, white, and just about the same size as the diazepam I've gotten from my pharmacy in the past except those were green and manufactured by Mylan. The ones I got have a criss cross on one side and the imprint on the other side says VAIUM 10. They came in a blister pack with dates of expiration and the words Abbott Healthcare. They don't seem as relaxing as the US ones I've had. Anyone have any experience or input? It would be greatly appreciated ## Truth is, there's no safe way of knowing if what you got is a good brand unless you had it analyzed by a lab first. Counterfeits today are so good that there's sometimes no telling them apart with just a physical description alone...

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Xanax Oklahoma

In Oklahoma and needing a doctor who will prescribe Xanax or alprazolam. Anyone on here know of one around Tulsa OKC area? I'll drive wherever I need to go. My dr retired, new doc won't rx.. ## Personally, I think if you suffer from anxiety/depression and need a Benzodiazepine class medication (like Xanax), usually your best bet is to see a psychiatrist rather than a regular medical doctor. Reason being is that they are better trained in the types of medications that handle these problems and can "also" help you treat the underlying cause of your anxiety or depression, as opposed to temporarily covering up the feelings/emotions with medication. Posted below are a few options I came across in the Tulsa, OK area: Peter A Rao, MD Laureate Psychiatric Clinic & Hospital 5...

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Galenika Bensedin Diazepam 10mg

Galenika bensedin is a very high quality pharmaceutical grade diazepam. One of the best brands available are bensedin 10mg x15 tabs in a blister pack of 30x 10mg diazepam to a box. I also use Galenika ksalol/alprazolam 1mg x15 tabs a blister pack, 30x1mg tabs a box. It's also the best Xanax available hands down. It is a Serbian pharmaceutical company and it's up there with Bayer. I wish you could put pictures up so I could show you all the Galenika diazepam and alprazolam worth getting. ## Bensedin are currently being counterfeited and sold in the uk. Like all counterfeits some are good, indeed very, and some not so good, indeed bad and that's within the same strip. Tell tale signs you have counterfeits: First of all if they are in blisters they are likely to be counterfeit ...

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Martin Dow Limited 10mg Diazepam

I have recently received a new diazepam tablet to me, called Martin Dow limited 10mg. They come in strips of 10 per blister and are blue hard tablets with a score line on one side and the other side has 10 imprinted in it. I recently submitted some to wedinos to get them tested and they came back containing only diazepam, you can see the wedinos website reference number W010443 for the submission I made. Does anybody else have experience of these? The blisters are printed in blue stating Valium (diazepam) and from what I have read they are allowed to use the word Valium as they have licence from Roche who first developed them. Any further information would be great! ## Which pharmacy did you use to fill your prescription? ## They came from OSP; it's UKSP that I won't be using ag...

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White round tablet with a P and 4 scores

I have a pill that's supposed to be Xanax but it has no numbers on it. It's a white round pill that has a big imprint that looks like a "P" on it. It also has 4 scores. Wish we could post pictures because it is hard to describe. Can't find anything on the internet or pill identifiers. ## It could be anything, you don't want to ever take a strange pill in 2024

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