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I refilled my script of diazepam and received Neuro Vision 10mg Diazepam. They're an Indian brand, white tablets (which is normal for India) and they also have Dizpam - 10 on packet. I've had a couple and they taste bitter, not like the bitter sweet taste of valium. I felt them but can't put my finger on if they're diazepam or not, they are definitely a benzo though! Has anyone else ever had these? If so I'd value your honest feedback/ thoughts.

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I have got them and sent them off to b tested and they are Diaz, not sure on dose though, they deffo do the job

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I have also received Dizpam-10. It does not work as well as actual Valium 10mg. I get very high strung at times and need to take a benzo, but Valium 10mg works better than Dizpam 10mg.

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What pharmacy do you fill your prescription from? I am worried about not getting the right brand.

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I had them tested. They are diazepam. Different companies use different fillers, which causes them to taste different and sometimes have different consistencies, but they still contain 10mg of Diazepam.

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Would you say the neuro vision brand diazepam 10 are good? Can anyone tell me A.S.A.P? THANKS

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Brilliant, just got some today. Taste good, sweet benzos taste, and feeling great after only half an hour. Only took 20 mg.

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I've heard they are good atm.

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Can anyone say where you fill an RX for these and are they better than Martin dows? Tia.... Bella

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