Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication In The Rochester, Ny Area


I need a new Dr. as mine has decided with the DEA regs he does not feel comfortable prescribing anymore. I have almost all my joints falling apart, herniated discs, bone spurs in my back, severe arthritis in my neck as well as a disc in my neck that's shot, i need a bi-lateral jaw replacement which I can't have because they took them off the market and can't use donor or my bone to replace because of my severe osteoporosis, I need a left knee replacement they don't want to do yet because of my age. I Have been on fent patches and 2 hydros a day for breakthrough for a long time. Next appt he is going to start reducing and take me off. I can not go back to living in a chair again, can't do it. The pain meds have given me the ability to get out of bed and have some what of a meaningful life. If I have to go back to living like i was before the meds I will end it. I need a Dr. who will help me. I have exhausted all treatments and nothing will help. I have been through everything from pt, work hardening, epidurals, tens units, massage therapy, water therapy, you name it i have probably done it. The ONLY help was the pain meds. Any one who know's of a Dr. who isn't scared of the DEA please steer me in the right direction. I am beside myself.

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Hello, Dasild! How are you?

Is there any chance your doctor could refer you to someone else? That would most likely the be the fastest and easiest way to get the help you need. Due to those new regulations, if you require such medications on a long-term ongoing basis, you'll need to see a specialist.

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I have asked him to do that. He says he just doesn't know of any and said quite frankly non of us want to because of the these new regulations they have put on us. So, I guess at this point i pick a pain management Doc and hope i get one who isn't a jerk. Seen of a few of those over the years as well, and it scares me to death to get another one. I have so many serious problems i just find it so hard to believe that the documentation of my problems would cause concern for the pain medications i am on. Any good pain management specialists around the area who are compassionate and caring? Open to suggestions. :(

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Dr. Vilensky. Pittsford.

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I used to have him and he stopped seeing me for no reason and sent me to the worst doctor I have ever seen in my life!

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By the time Dea a is thru, will need scripts for Tylenol. If u find doc unafraid of Dea they are probably on their way out of business.

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Cash pay Pain Doc in Indiana,Ohio,Wv, VA,NY,and NJ

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Just me,

They don't exist and if you find one they will not prescribe opiate/opiod type medications.The risk to benefit ratio makes it dangerous for any qualified and competent prescriber. With these further restrictions on the doorstep in many locations federal law prohibits unless prescribed by a specialist in pain management and under very limited conditions.

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Pain management in Penfield NY has been great with keeping up with my needs. He definitely follows the DEA guidelines, but I don't ever have trouble getting my needs met.

Dr. Nemani: 585-899-3450

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