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I have "Idiopathic Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy" and have been fighting this HORRIFFIC PAIN since Jan 24,2012 and it took till April meeting with my Neurologist (I lived in Atlanta) to have an EMG and then a Biopsy to verify my illness. Then they ran it felt like a million test over and over and I passed all so they could not find the underlying cause so it's spreading quick and PAIN is HARSH! My Ga Family Practice WROTE ALL MY PAIN MEDS! I needed to leave Atlanta due to the weather and I chose Ormond Beach next to Daytona BUT AS I TRY TO FIND DRS. DOWN HERE IT IS A NIGHTMARE!! Family Practice DO NOT WRITE SCRIPTS AND IT TAKES A WHILE TO GET IN WITH A 'Pain Mgmt' Dr. Who prob WONT WRITE YOUR SCRIPTS?? I worked up to these for two years and THERE IS NO CURE FOR MY ILLNESS BUT THESE DOSES HAD MEE GETTING UP AND STARTING TO ENJOY LIFE? PLEESE... I SEE VAGRANTS HANGING OUT AT FLAGER STORES SELLING MY SAME PILLS SO SOMEONE IN FLORIDA HAS TO BE WRITING THEM AND I NEED THEM DESPARATELY FOR MY LIFE AND PAIN!! Please HELP!!

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Dear WOW. You have to be the most inhumane piece of crap on this planet. Do you have any idea what it is like to be in chronic pain when you can't move or exercise? My Father was in the military fighting for your life and mine when he was exposed to chemicals that caused him degenerative bone damage. He also was not medicated properly and became wheelchair bound for many years. Because he could not exercise or move like before, he gained weight which made the condition worse. He was incredibly depressed as he was very active and able bodied before.

You should be ashamed of what you wrote to that person and pray that God our Father won't treat you the same way so you can understand that person's suffering.

My Father also struggled with suicidal thoughts because when you can only sit day after day imaging walking again, suicide is the choice to end your suffering rather than allow inconsiderate, and nasty sociopaths who have no empathy.... like you decide whether he would be able to enjoy all the basic things you take for granted.

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you may well be screwed. With it being Florida and the new laws and from what I can tell of your diagnosis, you're probably going to have a hard hard hard time. I say this because USUALLY the term idiopathic means "we don't know why" and though I don't know what the rest of your illness is, I KNOW that in FLorida when a pain doctor hears "we don't know why" it USUALLY goes bad.

My suggestion to you would be RECORDS RECORDS RECORDS, and LOTS of them. WHEN you do go see specialist be VERY prepared to make a case and prove that you DO suffer LONG TERM. You have previously taken X medication at X strength. I pray you have not increased dose too much over time. The FLA pain doctors will look down on that.

I lived in FLA 10 yrs, NO ONE treated my pain well. I was FORCED to get every stupid nerve block epidural etc and would get help sometimes then they would stop when a diagnosis could not be found. The entire time I lived there I either lived in constant pain with NO meds OR I got pain treatment for a few months only to have it end when they couldn't find cause.

I left FLA and moved to Canada. Once here NOT ONE DOCTOR has EVER treated me like a drug seeker. I got pain meds right away and started living a FULL almost normal life! It took 5 yrs here to FINALLY get my diagnosis. It turns out I have a congenital deformity in my leg cause by birth defect in leg and AMPLIFIED by 1970's doctors deciding to put corrective shoes on my FEET to correct a crooked LEG! The doctors say my shin is turned out 30 degrees causing my hip to be turned out 60 degrees! They all agree IT SHOULD HURT and will only increase my disability with age. NOT ONE DOCTOR OR SPECIALIST IN FLORIDA EVER NOTICED OR EVEN SUSPECTED MY LEG. And i asked every single one if my wearing corrective shoes was relevant!

The bottom line is FLORIDA is notorious for crappy doctors and pill mills. So with that in mind I would surely SERIOUSLY consider going BACK to Atlanta EVERY 90 days to see your old doctor. They CAN legally write you rx's for 30 day supplies fillable on certain days. I know the drive is a HARD ride, but if it makes life livable .... it would be worth it.

DONT SIT AROUND IN Ormond Beach waiting for a Pain Mgmnt doctor to care about you because I used to live in Cocoa.... so, I know, the doctors there either DON'T care or are too afraid of the DEA OR now the state to do anything so EVERY ONE differs to a Pain doctor! PLEASE take my advice.... DRIVE TO ATLANTA!!!!

Try to sort out something with your old doctor that you can drive up every 6 months and have a friend pick up your rx every 30- 90 days.... whatever you can sort out..... but DON'T WAIT FOR A DOCTOR in Florida to fix it... go see the Atlanta doctor UNTIL you find a FLA doctor who will treat it. Maybe your Atlanta doctor MAY know someone in FLA that they could refer you to, Ask them to go back in their mind to school and think of AN doctor they know in ANY specialty near you that can see you and then help you get to the proper doctor in Florida. And OBVIOUSLY ask them to send you to someone they KNOW will help you and who WILL give you the meds.... but also maybe not.

You can Also try It is the states website about doctor and their licenses. It tells you if they are holding a valid licenses and where they went to school whether or not they have been disciplined, pending legal action (though THIS section is SELF REPORTED by the DOCTOR, so I would simply IGNORE that section, as if they will say "uh yeah, I cut off the wrong leg last year and I am being sued!!!! AS IF!" However once you search a doctor, a page will open with 6 or so tabs, click the last one on right " License verification" it has a section on top right that say whether or not the prescribe pain meds or as they list it "controlled substance provider", I do not know if this means they do not give a SINGLE RX for narcotics, but I KNOW it means they will not give it to you for more than a SHORT AMOUNT of time. Also that tab lists SOME dicipline info... if you see and click it but also look at the below info.

Also while there check the tab marked "financial responsibility" it will tell you IF they carry malpractice INS or not. I KNOW that sounds scary! I have been gone a while but i HEARD that FLA put a cap on Medical Malpractice legal suits about 6 or so years ago, If I am not mistaken it is LOW like $300,000 or LESS! This is due to a LOOPHOLE in FLA law that actually ALLOWS any MD to perform SURGERY in FLA without being certified as a surgeon... just have a medical license and you too can perform surgery was the motto! I KNOW that is scary, but due to that there was a HUGE problem of unqualified doctors performing MOSTLY plastic surgery and screwing people up. (Mostly south FLA) Because of this Ins for doctors went up to the 100s of thousands A YEAR and it began to drive the DECENT doctors out of FLA because they simply couldn't make a profit AND pay for malpractice ins as well. So now a lot of doctors are actually practicing without Malpractice INS! They are supposed to declare it there AND have signs posted in the office..... Just do your research.

Also you can check another FLA govt website for info on doctors that makes LESS sense than the last one! The link is:

Good luck and let me know if I can help at all... I am a GA peach by birth myself! Used to go to Grady for medical treatment. I am Very old friends with a VERY reputable NeuroPharmaPsychologist OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT HE HA S SO MANY LETTERS AFTER HIS NAME IT IS EXHAUSTING!.who practices at Emory hospital, in Atlanta I am HAPPY to call him as him to see you and refer you top someone in FLA to help you. He actually got me a doctor in Toronto he knows to help me as well. This guy is SOOOOOO educated, that when I was 19 he was in school when I turned like35 he was finally in residency because he took on SOOO many specialties, Neuro, meaning brain, Neurology, Pharmacy, meaning he is a Doctor who specializes in chemical reactions of meds in you neurological make up and psychiatric meaning HOW THE MEDS AFFECT YOU BRAIN AND OVER ALL HEP! HE IS very very COOL AND i KNOW HE WOULD DO IT FOR ME, HE IS THATÀ GOOD OF AN OLD FRIEND!

when I went to FLA it was a SHOCK how they worked. NOW n Canada even GA looks backassward to me! Good Luck!

PLEASE GO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO SEE THE ATLANTA DOCTOR TILL YOU GET A FLA DOCTOR WHO WILL contiinue your treatment... I am more than happy to help JUST LET ME KNOW..... YOU NEED THIS.... I will do anything i can to help. Don't rush to a decision and DO NOTHING WITHOUT ALL YOUR RECORDS IN YOUR HANDS. BUY a good LASER black and white and send a records release to EACH doctor telling them you are moving out of state and you need all your records, including ALL diagnosis results, reports, doctor notes imaging reports and you want them faxed to the FLA OUT OF STATE FAX... the Doctor CAN NOT CHARGE a fee when you move out of state. Get the records in your hands. NEVER SEND RECORDS to the new Doctor ALWAYS get them in YOUR hands. Once you getYOu have N CLUE what is in there SO get the NOT charge for that, and if they do try to fight them if it,

I gotta stop posting now.... O I am very tired so if you enndadvice its: {edited for privacy}

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To the Psychotic person...please don't project your drug dependency issues onto me. I have been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and I have chronic pain along with 3 other serious medical issues. Your comment is abusive and I have reported you. I am sure you will have your IP blocked soon.

As well, anyone who attempts to touch my child without lawful reason will meet my gun. The constitution gives all Americans the right to defend themselves and I will do just that. Do not attempt to contact or harass me again.

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I have scoliosis, neuropathy, bone spurs, nerve entrapment, disc degeneration, and other conditions for which I am also prescribed oxycodone 30mg 4 per day, as well as a 15mg for breakthrough pain. I know my doctor sees patients from all over central Florida. Located in Tampa, his name is Charles Mclaughlin.

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Wow,I was thinking about moving to florida, I was injured by a pain management clinic. To many cortisone shots. I had epidural lipomatosis. 7 levels of my spine had to be cleaned up from the tumors. And decompressed. I have a great Dr here in PA. But the winters are harsh. 7 levels! You would think I could sue? Nope. This country needs to change the way they treat chronic back pain. Cortisone is Poison. There needs to be legal cases where people injured by these dangerous procedures can sue.

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Yeah, most snowbirds kee the doctor back in the homestate and bring a winter supply with them. Otherwise, if you are coming to Florida, you read my post.... RECORDS RECORDS RECORDS! If you have lots of them you may get through ok. But, I would suggest you do the research and do not come down until you have a lot of meds hoarded. I would say have 3-6 months worth set aside to give you time to see a couple pain doctors and maybe get one who will continue your current treatment. I have found no matter the quantity of records, most pain doctors want to try their own way of treating pain first... which means MORE cortisone! LOL I am sorry you have suffered and I agree people should stand up together and fight... you gonna lead that fight?

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So what do you do on medicaid? ALL the pain management listed on my HMO do Interventional only. Thats no meds, just torture. Cortisone shots, acupuncture, nerve blockers & risky invasive surgery. I was about to become employed and now I am disabled again. From weight gain and Osteoarthritus because of these malpractice Florida Doctors, I now have 5 heel spurs I DID NOT HAVE before I moved here. It feels like walking on 5 knives. The lousy doctor I go to, referred me out of network and the pain management refused to take me with my insurance. So what do I do?

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Try finding one with an HMO and yes there are pain clinics that will give you nerve blocks and cortisone shots and acupuncture etc. I want meds. I went through the guinea pig stage 12 years ago. I would rather take a pill and keep going. Its my life and it should be my choice not to be forced to be tortured. I really think the doctors here want to keep me down until I die because if I ever am able to get my medicine again, I will hold meetings and gather people to overturn the system here and instead of chronic pain patients being treated like criminals the drug addicts will be in Prison, not rehab. I would opt to give them legal injection if it were up to me. They took my life away the same as if they murdered me and I hate ALL drug addicts.

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@Post #36,

Hey I was in ARMY for 7 years and was shot in the shin and never mentioned any of that once. I was given o.c. 80 mg 120 a month, Lorraine 10/500 120 month, 120 soma, and 120 1mg alprazolam a month all of this in 1997 when I got in a minor car accident and compressed 3 vertebrae. This was before all the prescription pill problems and I grew up in Atlanta so I had seen and heard of many drugs but beside the xanax I had no idea what these pills were. all I knew is that the pain went away and I felt great. Now obviously looking back on this I had a terrible, shady Dr. but how do you know when your barely out of your teens, going to one of best hospitals in the U.S. under the care of the best insurance carriers and physician groups around. I had no clue about addiction or that I was an addict years later when I went out of town to work and left my meds at home and was so sick I went to the hospital thinking I was dying of something when the e.r. Dr. explained about going through withdrawals where he wrote scripts for the same meds. and enough to make it through work till I could get home. Do you think I planned on becoming an addict and dealing with this for years later where a light dose of pain meds and some good rehab would of heeled me right up? So please misses know it all dont bring the armed forces or addicts ruining your life, because there's millions of us who won't steal your wallet and pawn your moms jewelry for the next pill. just please go join some hate groups and keep telling yourself you're not an addict and we should all burn in hell and remember all of this when someone close to you has a story very similar to mine. Now reply with your fancy words and lame excuses but please find someplace else to hate on sick, hurting people please!

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I just came back to Fl, there are still legit pain clinincs one in which has not changed its name. The laws have changed they are more strict, but now they even take more insurances. Now GP and hospitals have been jerks to me even with an mri of the cyst in my brain but they are here just do a search

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There are many pain management doctors here in Flordia, they are both understanding and sympathetic. Obviously you have Internet access, a simple Google search for pain management along with your county will provide a complete list, or a phone call to to your medical insurance provider will provide you a list of doctors that accept your insurance. This issue with Florida doctors being unwilling to prescribe pain medication is the vast number of people seeking medications that are either far stronger than their condition should require, and those seeking pain medications for conditions that have no indications they actually exist. Normal X-rays, MRI's, CAT scans, PET scans, records of previous injuries or other definitive diagnosis, a doctor can not ethically or legally provide a patient with powerful medications on their word that they are in pain. As a person with osteogenesis imperfecta, a leg three quarters of an inch longer than the other, the cause of moderately severe scoliosis, a history over over 150 bone breaks and fractures, a catastrophic injury to my right arm at age 17 that required 13 operations, leaving only four bones in the wrist, the epicondyle or "funny bone" removed resulting in 40% loss of function, a complete break of T 12, Crohn's disease that has required multiple operations with removal of large sections of both small intestines and bowel. Now I could go on as those are just some of my physical problems. When I moved to Flordia, I located and was seen by a new doctor before the month of meds from my doc up north ran out. I have moved several times up and down the west coast and have never had difficulty finding a doctor. It sounds to me as though you want the doctor to find you, or you do not have the disease, illness or condition that would warrant the kind of medication you are seeking. Advocate for yourself as you would advocate for your child. I am pretty much alone in this world but I don't own a pity pot.

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to Florida MEDICAL MALPRACTICE, I found a primary care dr, he actually cares he's got a new practice you can get in tomorow if you need he takes medicaid hmo's blue cross humana he takes a lot of insurance his name is Dr. Korivi in tampa i believe his # is 813 615 CARE he's on Fletcher so if thats the wrong # please look it up. I had already been to PM so i didnt have to ask about those but it's possible that he may write your painscrips maybe 1-2 months while referring you to pain management. thats also for anyone who needs a goog primary near the tampa area give them a call, he does urgent care as well

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Dear Mr. Palm Coast. I would be surprised if you were on Medicaid. I am not an addict and have real pain. The ONLY reason I hate addicts currently, is that Florida has decided to take the lives of chronic pain sufferers who were functional, like me in the name of saving Drug addicts from OD. To be honest with you, if your kid ODs, its YOUR FAULT if he is under age and if he is an adult, ITS HIS DECISION. What we should do is educate on what dose is maximum and let people do what they want. If they want to waste their life to be high, than let them. If they commit a crime, then let the jail be their detox. Its a choice. YOU CAN STOP OR YOU CAN CONTINUE, for chronic pain sufferers, ITS NOT A CHOICE. ITS NOT A CRUTCH. ITS A PAIR OF CRUTCHES SO WE CAN CONTINUE TO WALK, MOVE, CARE FOR A BABY. I wish I could find a doctor because I am taking money needed to live like a human and buying my meds when they should be paid for. My family and I paid taxes for years and I need help now and dont receive it.

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Stop taking s ll your medicine and flush it tough guy. See if your an addict?

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Whoever wrote that goes to show you that you can always believe what you read on the internet. Cortisone shots are absolutely approved by the FDA. As a practicing anesthesiologist for over twenty years, I would certainly know.

Common (steroid) cortisone drugs prescribed are Solumedrol, Kenalog, Celestone Soluspan.

Good luck with your

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May God Bless you always for this

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My Aunt goes to an old doctor in Wilkes Barre and hes not a narcissist about pain meds and pain. He cares about others.

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How can doctors inj. cortisone if it is not FDA approved? Also I am just wondering where you got this information from?

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Jenifer please don't waste the time of other's being lazy. All you have to do is GOOGLE "are cortisone shots fda approved" and you will get at least 50 articles about how they ARE NOT APPROVED FOR THIS PURPOSE. Do you live in Florida? I do and I have NEVER seen corruption and medical malpractice in this quantity ANYWHERE else. I have also lived overseas and I can tell you that the quality of care is much better there than in Florida.

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My name is David and lived in Palm Coast and had hardest time so I went to a rehab center in Atlanta and they couldn't get me in so instead they referred me to a Dr. in Palm Coast that prescribed anything.

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