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Diabetes mellitus, often known simply as diabetes, is a group of common endocrine diseases characterized by sustained high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is due to either the pancreas not producing enough insulin, or the cells of the body becoming unresponsive to the hormone's effects. Classic symptoms include thirst, polyuria, weight loss, and blurred vision. If left untreated, the disease can lead to various health complications, including disorders of the cardiovascular system, eye, kidney, ...

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Wegovy and Rapid Weight Loss

Hello all, I am fairly healthy besides my weight. Usually consume about 1600 calories daily. Workout 3x a week or more. Started Wegovy two days ago... Starting Weight: 200 Current Weight: 194 Has anyone else lost 6lbs in two days?!?! I haven't even defecated... I'm drinking the same amount of water... ## I was wondering if anyone is discovering that Wegovy is not what they thought it was for weight loss? I have been on this for going on 12 weeks. I just injected my last 1 mg syringe. I will titration up next week. I started at 164 and am only down to 154 - so 10 pounds in about 12 weeks. I am 5 feet tall. I am having all the gastric stuff, slight nausea, constipation. I just thought if I put in the work (walking at least 6,000 steps a day, eating well) I would have lost more wei...

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Retail cost of Mounjaro/Zepbound?

I'm not sure I am allowed to ask this... I'm getting quotes of $1k+. Am I doing something wrong?

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victoza victories and side effects

I have been on Victoza for over 6 months. I am 8 pounds away from my first goal weight. Yes, I had a lot of weight to lose, but now only have a total of 58 pounds left to go! I had lost much of my weight before starting on Victoza but could not lose any more weight. I would maintain the weight that I had lost and could lose no further until taking Victoza. I posed questions to my Endocrinologist today. What is the end goal for my taking of Victoza? Can I eventually stop taking Metformin, Glybyride and Victoza at all one day? Will I be able to maintain my weight loss without Victoza one day? Here are the answers he gave me to me (only). Each person's situation may be different. He said that he is switching me to a new form of Metformin which is time-released and taken by pill only 1 ...

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Victoza and GERD

I have GERD, which is reflux disease and the Victoza seems to make it worse. I also have a sliding hiatal hernia. Does anyone else have this issue? ## It is really hard to say what is causing it, it could be your medical issues, or the medication. The FDA warns that other side effects from Victoza may possibly include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and decreased appetite. Is this the only medication you take? What have you tried to treat the GERD? ## I had no GERD but did have a hiatal hernia and I had surgery for that at a later time.

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Victoza and Hives

I have been on Victoza for about 2 weeks now and I have broken out in hives/rash around my mid section. My body itches but I'm not sure if it's related to this or not. Anyone else experience this? ## It would be best to have this symptoms checked out by your doctor, according to FDA reports, there is a chance that it might be an allergic reaction. Have you been exposed to anything else new, such a a different detergent, soap, or perfume? Have you eaten any new foods? Are you on any other medications? ## I have been on Victoza for one month and all of the sudden I have multiple red welts that itch on my abdomen where I've been injecting. ## I took it for 5 years no hives and no other symptoms. Check with your doctor.

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VIctoza and cancers

They say Victoza can cause cancer in rats but haven ,t yet proven that in human, what else can happened to us I have been taking it for 5 mos. I don't know if it helps or hurt us? When will we know for sure ? ## Haven,t. Got and answer to my qwestion yet ., how do I get it? ## Hello, Al! How are you? There are risks associated with taking any medication, even those that have been on the market for decades. As to Victoza, it is approved by the FDA, so it's really not any more dangerous or concerning than any of the other medications out there. Regarding the thyroid cancer, that was at doses over 8 times those used in humans and any change seen in humans during trials was less then a percent. How is it working for you? ## What other things that could happened to us besides cancer ...

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Mounjaro Memory Loss

Has anyone experienced sudden memory loss while taking Mounjaro? I noticed it a couple of weeks after starting. It was not the normal "aging" loss - it was more pronounced and happened suddenly. I know it could have been a TIA, but it did seem coincidental. ## Memory loss is not listed among the known side effects provided by the FDA nor the manufacturer of Mounjaro themselves [1]. Side effects typically include nausea, stomach pain, elevated heart rate, and heartburn. Ref: Mounjaro Information On the contrary, I did find a PubMed abstract concluding that “Tirzepatide (the active ingredient in Mounjaro) obviously exerts a protective effect against spatial learning and memory impairment, potentially through regulating abnormal insulin resistance and inflammatory responses....

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Ozempic - Weight Loss and Side Effects

I started Ozempic in October 2021. I was 209 pounds. I am now 134 pounds. I first started taking Ozempic .25 mg for 3 weeks. I really didn’t lose that much weight and no s/e. I was still a little hungry then I was increased to .50 mg. My appetite started to decrease, and I did that for 3 weeks. Then I started the regular dose of 1 mg, my appetite definitely decreased. I started doing portion control. Eat 1/2 wait 20 min. I never wanted more. I always say to myself: you can eat anything .. just eat small amount .. wait 20 min .. still hungry .. you eat .. not you don’t. I never did. There are many times I had no or little appetite. I also learned you better eat because I passed out twice low blood sugar (I’m not Diabetic; I just needed to eat). I always drink a lot of w...

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Ozempic and muscle cramps

Is it common to experience muscle cramps while taking Ozempic?

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Ozempic Forum

I have been on Ozempic now for 5 weeks. I started at the .25mg and after two weeks, upped it to the 0.5mg. I have never felt so dang good! I'm 53, post-meno, non-diabetic, 5'4", and SW was 264. My current weight, after just one month was down 19lbs! Now I'm down 21lbs! I'd love to finally be 165lbs or so again. I haven't been that small since I was about 11 years old. Ozempic has saved me! I can't believe it. I actually look forward to the injection every week. I only had nausea for a little bit the day after I started. And since, then, it's been great! No diarrhea, no nausea, just boundless energy. And not just that, but it's done something to my brain! I have this amazing sense of optimism, and positivity. I feel hopeful again! I feel like I AM goin...

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