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I have been on Ozempic now for 5 weeks. I started at the .25mg and after two weeks, upped it to the 0.5mg. I have never felt so dang good! I'm 53, post-meno, non-diabetic, 5'4", and SW was 264. My current weight, after just one month was down 19lbs! Now I'm down 21lbs! I'd love to finally be 165lbs or so again. I haven't been that small since I was about 11 years old.

Ozempic has saved me! I can't believe it. I actually look forward to the injection every week. I only had nausea for a little bit the day after I started. And since, then, it's been great! No diarrhea, no nausea, just boundless energy.

And not just that, but it's done something to my brain! I have this amazing sense of optimism, and positivity. I feel hopeful again! I feel like I AM going to finally lose this miserable weight.

I don't have much hunger. This stuff makes me NOT want junk food! It's a damn miracle, I tell you! I WANT to eat healthy stuff now. How did this happen?! LOL! I crave lettuce and raw broccoli, and carrots, and good steak. I hardly eat any breads or biscuits, haven't had any cookies or cake. I did have one small tiny little container of Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream. The kind in the little 1/4 cup containers that you buy. I think they come 10 to a pack? Five vanilla, five chocolate... And I'm also snacking on healthy nuts. Walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds and pistachios.

I am so happy!! Let the weight loss continue! The struggle before was real. And now, I feel euphoric and I just KNOW I'm finally going to be able to wear clothes out of the regular section of the store, not the damn plus sized 2X and 3X options!!

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Wow! So very happy for you. It's great that you're doing so amazing on Ozempic, and feeling amazing. I'm sure you attitude is also contributing to your success, the positivity really goes along way towards helping with any medical issue.

And you experienced none of the other side effects the FDA warns about, such as heartburn, constipation, abdominal pain, or belching?

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Re: VerFree (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I had a little nausea the day after my very first dose, but it came very quickly and left just as quickly. I have not had any other side effects. Everyone talks about 'sulphur burps' but I've not had those either. No heartburn. I haven't felt tired. I just feel fantastic!

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Have to reply to this, I feel the same. I've just started it so its not the weight loss i can comment about but it has changed my attitude to food in the past week. I've been obsessed with food all my life now I'm finally eating to live and craving healthy food to fuel my body. This has never happened me. I've been bingeing for years and it's now like a cloud has been lifted I feel mentally so much better!! Hoping this continues as I finally feel I might get down to my healthy weight.

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Re: Happychick (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I always hear people mention how it helped their A1C go lower, how they eat less, and lose weight.... But sometimes, (and this makes me feel overjoyed!) someone else comes along and talks about how this medication is doing something in their brain to make them NOT want to eat junk food. How now food has just become something that you go "meh" to. How it makes you WANT to choose and eat healthy options. How it has stopped the soul crushing cravings for junk food. How suddenly you don't think about planning the next day's meals way ahead of time, how you are going to cook and pig out on that food. Now, you don't have the cravings or the desire for that cake, or bag of cookies, or the greasy hot fast food fries or pizza. For me, that part of the benefits of this medication is HUGE. I have had a Hershey's chocolate bar in my purse now for TWO months, and I know it's there, but I still haven't had the desire to eat it! If this isn't magic, or miraculous, then I don't know what is! And you know what else is stunning? I could eat that Hershey's bar with no guilt, because I know this medication is not going to let the sugar from it go into my bloodstream. That sugar is going to go right out of me. It's a win-win-win situation here, folks! And yet, the Hershey bar remains in my purse, still...... I feel like I may never eat it, LOL!

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Re: You can call me Molly (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I'm getting ready to start Ozempic tomorrow. I am so inspired by your postings. I do have a bit of anxiety about the possible side effects and I've stocked up w/pepcid, pepto, crackers, etc. I have had weight issues my whole life - have gained/lost hundreds of pounds over my lifetime. Most recently, lost 80 pounds 5 years ago. And now, it's back. (Insane, right). Older now and so much harder to lose. Thanks for posting~!

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Thank you Molly. I bought my first batch today and I was really starting to worry. Your positive comments were a lifesaver for me.

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Re: Ms Millie (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. How is it going? I am going to start in the next few days.

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Re: Kat (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I’m up to 1mg..it’s good but I want to find out what diet to do.

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Ozempic is for diabetics! I am so discouraged and disappointed in many of our medical professionals in this country. I have been using a Ozempic for approximately 18 months and it has been a game changer in my diabetic health. It has had nothing to do with weight loss or any similar effects. It has allowed me to come off of insulin and has made my life significantly improved just because it is allowing my pancreas to do its job. The fact that there is a shortage and backorders all over the country, because medical professionals are now issuing a Ozempic, purely for weight loss, and not for those that are truly in need of it… Being pre-diabetic or diabetic… is an absolute disgrace. Those who have issues with weight loss can use other methods and can control their eating habits when those of us that actually need the medication cannot get it now because of the misuse of this drug.

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Re: Ms Millie (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

You'll do ok. I have anxiety. I've had moments it increased a tad but knowing where it came from helped. Relaxed breathing helped but it passed almost as quickly as it came good luck

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Did you alter any part of your diet? What food you eat and don’t eat?
I’m curious to know if weight loss happens due to not eating? Or because you change your ratings habits?
Thank you

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Re: Janean (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

This drug was marketed as a drug for diabetics but it does a lot of other things too and weight loss is one of those things. Did you know that doctors are putting patient’s on it to prevent them from having further strokes?
I don’t agree that individuals who are not considered obese or morbidly obese should be using this but if it truly helps those who really need to loose weight and they have tried everything possible? Then what’s the problem??

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Is Ozempic (for weight loss) dosage dependent? I haven't experienced any weight loss yet and I’ve just had my first inj. of 0.5mg. Thank you.

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Re: VerFree (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

This is great news. I also have started ozempic. Huge life change. No craving. Little nausea day after injection and energy tto spare.

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I am so happy for you! My doctor has tried several times to get Olympic through for me at the pharmacy but because my insurance is Medicaid they will not cover it. I am pre-diabetic and would be overjoyed to lose some weight because it's causing other problems as well. My appetite is over the top sometimes and seems nothing I can do about it. I get depressed over this. I guess I'd rather wait until I actually have diabetes to prescribe the stuff. Again, I just want to say congratulations and good for you!

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Hi! Trying to see what other people’s experiences are being on Ozempic and being obese. I took my 1st does of .25 on Saturday April 1st and I was 381. It hasn't even been a week yet and I've lost 19 pounds! I'm currently now 362. As exciting as this is it makes me wonder if I'm losing weight too fast. 19 pounds in not even a week yet?! I'm losing over 2 pounds a day currently. Will this die off? It's wild to me, I'm already feeling such positive changes. I've also had 0 side effects besides a little backed up. I've done a lot of research and more people seem to experience the majority of the weight loss around 6 months. I do live a decently active lifestyle for my size. I'm working and in my week 9 hours a day. If anyone has any input let me know!

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Re: Cyndy (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

I think its both! For me all my cravings are completely gone! I dont even think about food or ever feel hungry. So i feel like instead of eating for emotional support it makes you eat for what will actually fuel your body. Ozempic is wild! Best thing ever to happen.

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I am pre-diabetic and and still gaining weight. Medicaid said nope. No Ozempic for you!
I guess they want me to be full on diabetic first?

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Does anyone know where to get Ozempic in Victoria, Australia? Does this medication require a prescription?

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Re: Dee (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, I believe that's exactly what they want. They don't realize that losing weight is a huge health benefit that down the road will save them money by people avoiding all the complications of being over weight. Go figure! I am diabetic so my Medicare drug program approved it but have a $500 deductible for the first month....then it will be $30 month until I reach the donut hole....ugh! Can't win for losing!

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So glad to here your story.. it is usually all negative.. I am starting later this month and this gives me hope

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Re: Nicky Nub (# 32) Expand Referenced Message

Kickbacks to doctors have been really illegal for more than 20 years, I don’t know why you’re being abusive to people

Have you taken this medication and it destroyed your digestive system? Or are you just mad that women are able to lose weight easily? You seem angry. Are you OK?

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Re: Nicky Nub (# 34) Expand Referenced Message

I mean congratulations to you, but everyone is different. It’s not that simple especially with women with hormone issues after menopause.

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I was on Ozempic for two years through my GP. I came off it in July 2023, due to shortages of the 1mg from my pharmacy, and my GP says the recommendations are that you should not be on it for more than two years. I had no issues while being on Ozempic, apart from initially getting used to the build-up of the doses. Now, for the past six months since coming off Ozempic, I have had intermittent diarrhea, cramps, and sometimes I go to the loo 5/6 times in an hour! Bowel investigations have shown diverticulitis. My GP has prescribed Mebeverine, three times a day before meals, and Buscopan for the cramps. I had none of these symptoms prior to commencing Ozempic. Is this a side effect after coming off it?

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Re: Mary (# 27) Expand Referenced Message

I think my insurance is going to stop paying for it. I still had to pay a lot and jump through hoops to get it approved. I hope I don't have to stop taking it but I cannot afford full price for sure.

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Has anyone else noticed that the lowest dosage of Ozempic is no where to be found?

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Is anyone on Ozempic experiencing hair loss?

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Re: Lydia (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

19 pounds in a week???? 3 lbs a day??? Doesn't that tell you something is EXTREMELY wrong?? Respectfully, think about preordering your feces bag as soon as your digestive tract gets permanently paralyzed.

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Re: Genie (# 28) Expand Referenced Message

I burned 1,000 a day and consumed 1,200 calories a day and lost twenty lbs, one less than you without taking that poison. You eat 1,400 calories and burn 1,000 a day. You subsist on 400 calories peray and need no medicinal help.

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Re: Dee (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

My DD is on medicaid and gets it. I think it is how your doctor prescribes it. She goes to an endocrinologist.

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