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I am 51 female suffering from diabetes and high BP. I was on riomet 500 mg for Diabetes and Prolomet AM 25 and repace25 for BP. Generally well controlled .Last 15 days back my sugar was 200 PP and hence advised Gemer 1 mg once a day. I always have constipation with hard stools but from the past 10 days I strain a lot. From yesterday I am Advised Riomet 500 again and advised Lactihep syrup 10 ml twice. passed soft stools today with less strain although feel that I did not pass completely. Is it because of gemer tablet? Will a diabetic have constipation? My mother was diagnosed with Colon cancer this April 2015 and was operated. No chemotherapy suggested as she is 82 T3N1. But she is fine now.She never had constipation but rectum bleeding for 4 days. My grandmother and great grand mother ...

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My 8 yr. old granddaughter is over weight and her mother is giving her a medication called Riomet. Is this medication harmful to my grandchild? Her face is looking puffy today. please respond. ## Hello, Eve! Has it been prescribed by the child's doctor? This is a prescription medication to control blood sugar levels, so it shouldn't be taken if it hasn't been prescribed, especially not by a child. ## eliquis caused many badside effects for me...I was in hospitals more than five times with muscle aches, (especially upper back neck and upper arms) extreme bruising , numbeness, confusion,blisters , other drug interactions and fainting. My heart doctor (not believing it was medication at first) took me off and then put me back on ..over 2 years...then gave me smaller doses after...

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