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I started using levemir for the first time last night. About thirty minutes after I took it I started getting chest pains. It didn't start out too bad then got worse. It lasted about maybe an hour. Could it have something to do with the levemir? I also think I have really bad anxiety so I don't know if that could of been a factor. I'm nervous to take it tonight. Last night I brushed it off but I'm really hoping it doesn't happen again tonight. Any suggestions? ## My suggestion is to contact your doctor and have yourself checked out immediately. Chest pain is nothing to play around with and wait out. It could be due to a serious medical issue. Yes, there's a chance that it's nothing and just related to stomach acid, or your anxiety, but it's not worth taki...

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using 50 units daily, could this be administered in 2 injection ## the above med is levamir ## Levemir is a long-acting insulin, so it is usually taken once daily, but there are some circumstances where it may be given twice. have you checked with your doctor? Whether the dosage can be split really depends on your blood sugar levels and other blood test results. Learn more Levemir details here!

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I have to take my first dose of levemir tonight and Iam scared to death worrying about side effects....Iam afraid when I go to sleep something might happen...I know Iam acting like a baby but Ive had other meds that have caused side effects ........Ive diabetic for 9 yrs and never had to take meds just exercised and watched my diet and for some reason this year my whole body has done a complete turn around....my aic was 7.6 and it was always 5.5/6.5.....and I wake up in the morning feeling terrible so my end wants me to try the insulin...Iam type 2....and tonights the night...wish me luck....Trish ## Well its been a week now since I started using Lememir at first I was scared to death but I finally did it and now its become a natural like brusing your teeth....anyways no side affects......

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