Pseudo Barh Barh Palsy Tryptomer 25mg Daily

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Tryptomer10mg twice daily
Hi i am female taking tryptomer 10mg twice daily from last month coz i was operated submandibular gland removal bt nw am...
Tryptomer 25Mg Uses
I am 25 years old and I am taking Tryptomer 25mg from past few months but its not regular. I take it for some time perio... 1 reply
betacap tr 40 with tryptomer 25mg
I have pain in both leg and hand from last 1 year neurologist prescribed me betacap40mg tryptomer 25mg with gabapentin 3... 1 reply
pednisonlone 25mg daily
I have been subscibed prednisilone 25mg daily as i suffer with MS and in times of exteme pain i find it helps, the only ... 1 reply
metoprolol 25mg twice daily
Been taking metoprolol 25mg tartrate twice daily and by the time I go to bed and fall asleep by bloodpressure spikes dur... 1 reply
New User to Topiramate 25mg 2xs daily/MIGRAINS
I am 37 yr old female, and have been having severe headaches since I was about 22-23yrs old. The drs have tried sevral d... 6 replies
tryptomer uses
what is the use of tryptomer 10mg? ## what is the use of tablet tryptomer 10mg ## Tryptomer contains the active ingredie... 38 replies
tryptomer 25 mg side effect
I have been taking tryptomer 25 for serveral years but due to shortness of breath Doctor adviced me to take lonazep 1mg ... 16 replies
Tryptomer 10 Mg Dose
My mom started Tryptomer 10 last Thursday. Took full tablet every night for 3 days. Felt nausea and drowsiness. Doc said... 13 replies
Amitriptyline ## what should i do? i have pain on left chest and opposite back and i have gastric constipation. should i... 9 replies

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