Teva Barr Dextroamphetamine Sulfate Fraud Placebo


I have been on Barr/Teva dexedrine sulfate, [generic] for 14 years. After 5 "shortages" I recently received back my script, butt it's a placebo !!!! Nothing at all. I took 25 10 miligram tabs; nothing at all. It's an unethical and disgusting scam. Am writing every politician, fda, Quality control, anyone who can address the monster of a crime.

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I feel the same way. The Dex 10's that were given to me had to be abused to have any effect. There is some FAKE crap out there. I have narcolepsy and took 60mg of adderall cor brand and never woke up. I feel sorry for kids with ADD and being forced to take a fake pill thinking its real only to screw up there homework and ultimately their lives. Something is Rotten in the generic stimulant area. FDA could give two s***s less about protecting us from fake or weak drugs coming in. I run a business and pay taxes and weak drugs mean less taxes paid. Bad days for me means less Transmissions getting rebuilt. Less income means no support for the FDA's retirement account.

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I agree 100% with what both of you said. The sad/scary/problem is that hit s NOT only with the Barr/Teva generics. I have been prescribed generic Adderall for years (amphetamine salts). Suddenly, CVS (the pharmacy I usually fill at) switched from the oval shaped Barr/Teva to a round pill made by Mylan. I first started noticing these "placebo" or even negative effects after taking the the Mylan brand 20mg pill (for generic Adderall). Convinced it was the Mylan brand pills that were the problem, I went through a considerable amount of trouble with CVS, but was finally able to get them to give me Barr/Teva brand again. After all that trouble, I am now noticing the same "placebo effect" with the Barr/Teva brand that you are describing! I also noticed the color of the Barr/Teva pill seems to be slightly darker and more pinkish than it used to be. I am not sure what is going on be it seems to be across many of the generics prescribed for ADD/ADHD. Please let me know if you find a solution or more info!

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This is also happening to me right now. Filled from CVS in Nashua NH. Pharmacist dismisses it as if they never made mistakes at all.

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Take Ritalins instead. They might not last as long unless u get the NVR Ritalins or the focalins. There the same. I've done all generic Ritalins and they always work.

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Crime of the century -- 100% bogus ripoff. I'm so tired -- very sick from it all. -sigh-

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Yes, I agree with every poster on this thread. I will be brief as I can. I have been on Brand Dexedrine Spansules 15 mg. by (SKB) later GSK (1994 to 2010) + a afternoon "instant release booster" by the same mfg, (Dexedrine 5 mg "E-19" hearts also during those same years, BUT, GSK discontinued the production of the pink Dex 5 mg E-19's in mid year 2009, *which were the ONLY RATED ADD med in the Orange Book as a AA class for the superior quality, REF: REDBOOK Pharmacy's Fundamental Reference along with DextroStat (Shire/Richwood) for A.D.D!

The Dexedrine Spansule embossed 3515 and 15mg /SKB were also sold to both another USA pharmaceutical company, and also sold to a different pharma firm in Canada, not sure of who has the license in Canada now but it still is available in Canada, beginning in 2011 and onward with Paladin Pharma & for the USA (extremely expensive) by originally Amedra, in 2011. I have not seen any pharmacies in the USA who even stock them, IMO due to the extremely brand name high cost. They are available.

But, IMO would take a independent pharmacy & a written RX + a large up front deposit to even have a non chain USA pharmacy to order the Dexedrine Spansules *1/2 brown 1/2 clear with the historical pink & white little granules/pellets .... embossed "3514" & IMO no USA insurance company will pay one cent for them!

I have still take a very necessary med for my A.D.D. but I have gone thru extreme frustration with both the poor bioequivalence and the very poor non FDA bioavailability. since both the shortages thart began in the USA from late 2011, thru 2014, and, the radical AWP price increase, and, IMO none of the generic mfg, are nearly as effective as both Brand original Smith Kline French labs Phil PA who held the original patent!

One exception was for a brief time, when Shire US made the brand DEXTROSTAT 5 mg in the 90's. The quality was almost as good IMHO as the SKF E-19's 5 mg by SKB/GSK. Even when Barr Labs made the generic before and after the Barr merger in Dec 2008, with parent TEVA of Israel, especially the Barr 1/2 Brown & 1/2 White dextroamphetamine (granules/pellets) ER 15 mg embossed "956" from 2007 to at least 2015/2016, had a Orange Book rating, of "AB" like the Dexedrine Brand Spansules (of SKF/SKB/GSK) Ref: REDBOOK, but due to the massive shortages (remember 2012 to 2014 ?) & the "large price hikes", IMHO, ir has especially been all downhill, IMO for all A.D.D patients and for Narcolepsy patients ! DextroStat (with its equal FDA Orange book rating of AA, has long been gone, discontinued by both Shire US, a decade ago, and as many say on this Meds Chat forum, there are a lot of intelligent people who have seen the sad demise of both the quality, the availability, & the come & go many poor bioavailability generics for Dexedrine (both in I/R version & in ER & SR versions. Ranbaxy, Core, & KVK Tech, Aerobindo were the worst IMO, & there are others, as we all sadly know.

The only exceptions were the once outstanding but brief generic version of Ethex 5mg & 10 mg, & the HTF Mallinckrodt generics for the DextroStat I/R versions, & their HTF generic versions of the Dexedrine Spansule, which IDK if they even have a rating, or not, ref: Orange Book. IMO the latter are not as good as the now deleted versions above, but, they were the only "acceptable" so-so versions I could locate (2016, 2017), I agree with my interpretation that, I still use the Teva.Barr instant release pink embossed b side one 10 scoreline 952 side two. (if you can even find them) as we know the market also has changed with the government regulators to limit the production of the chemicals necessary for all once popular C-II meds like Generic Dextroamphetamine and the Amphet/Dex Salts. TEVA (I choose to not comment on their issues), but, if one does there research, the news has not been good, Ref: Good luck everyone!

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It's with all the generics..! I take Adderall and I went on in 2011. Then I took 20mg ir or any brand and was wired all day. I went off in 2014 untill 2017 and when I got my first script it was mylan and it was garbage. I've gone through all the generics and I need to take 120mg or more to even feel the medication. I switched to Adderall xr name brand and those are ok but expensive. I'm also on Subutex generics and they have all gone to crap as well. I need to try to have CVS order a certain brand or I get stuck with garbage. It's gotten really bad!!

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I sent you a reply to another comment you posted... My experience with poor/questionable quality and inconsistent therapeutic outcomes is like yours, however, I have much less experience with different manufacturers. I hope you get my other comment because there were a few questions that I think you are uniquely qualified to answer. I will say that based on your post about Mallinckrodt, which I surprisingly received today from my CVS who has always carried the Barr 10mgs, I did quite a bit of research in the orange book and in the NBA and even downloaded Mallinckrodt generic PDF and they are rated AA and is bar. MYLAN is AB. According to the FDA anything that starts with an A should not have issues but of course they do not consider the binders, and as anybody knows depending upon one's gastric pH people have been known to poop certain vitamins in their original form! Some of the oldest generics we're literally like sublinguals and they dissolved almost instantly in your mouth, while corepharma and Wilshire are like swallowing pebbles. Binders are a huge issue with bioavailability and additives including colors are known to cause allergic reactions which are often expressed as a rapid heartbeat even though most people would think it's the medication causing that as opposed to the filler. I'm with everybody on here it's been a really challenging journey just to get the meds let alone consistently say with one generic only to find out that the generic that you've been counting on is questionably compliant with quality control laws.

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This is NOT just a problem with Dextroamphetamine, Amphetamine salts or any other stimulant in this drug family. It's any and every narcotic dispensed in America from all synthetic opiates, benzodiazepines, diazepine, barbiturates, muscle relaxants or basically anything the alphabet government agencies have deemed that WE the American people can get 'high' on and or abuse...

This started in 2013-2014 with Obama doing this, but Trump hasn't done anything to correct this nightmare so he too has his fingers in the pie! This was Obama and his government agencies mandating to big pharma to reformulate everyone of these drugs so no one can abuse these drugs! Sheer lunacy at its worst! Was there some type of replacement drug? Nope, enjoy your unmedicated medical condition sheeple! We know what's best for you!

So basically any and every legitimate patient that these drugs were created and intended for a certain diagnosed medical condition no longer mattered to the federal government! We can't have people abusing these life-saving medications, so the people that they were intended for will just have to suffer and we the federal government could care less because we're the federal government and we know what's best for YOU...

This was done behind our backs, the patients, but doctors and pharmacies were well aware of what the government had done! So those pharmacists that got in your face or doctor and treated you like a drug seeker because you're saying a certain drug is basically worthless or very inferior and told you they're still the same is a bald face LIAR!

How can any of us actually be surprised that the federal government could/would pull off such a heinous act on legitimate patients of all different types of medical diagnoses who will suffer without these drugs in their past formulations??? Simply put, THEY COULD CARE LESS!!!

Doctors are too stupid to know what's right for their patients so WE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT must step in and save these people from their doctors, big pharma and most importantly from themselves!

This is exactly the state of America today! We The People must vote out any and all of the politicians who think like this and have them remove the people in the government alphabet agencies who helped create this insanity to begin with! This was just another government FAKE HOAX WITCH HUNT based on lies and manipulated falsified data by people within the alphabet agencies yet once again! Like this is anything new...

It's just more on the FAKE war on drugs to create bigger government alphabet agency budgets, to create more government bureaucracy and grow the size of the government and its control over We The People!

Please feel free to explore all over "Medschat" about every narcotic medication that big pharma makes and see everybody is saying the same thing about these worthless/inferior pills of all types...

This is an all time low even for the federal government! Now you know they've played us all for stupid, but we're not stupid! They are stupid for thinking no one would figure out what they did! We're real patients with a real medical diagnosis and these medications were created to gives us a quality of life that we couldn't have without them, but the federal government could care less... The government will go after any doctor who's not on board with their lunacy upon legitimate patients and destroy their lives! It's way past time to take our country back from the FAKE HOAXERS and bring common sense back to this country! It seems everytime We The People let them get away with telling us they know best! We The People just continue to suffer more and more! Now they've destroyed our medications that gave us a quality of life we thought not possible and played us for stupid while we suffer! The federal government has become nothing less than lawless lying thugs who want to RULE us, not help us...

Bless all of you who are forced to take basically worthless or very inferior medications and immensely suffer because of this out of control lying power hungry government!!! I'm pointing my finger at ALL politicians who idley sit by and allow this to happen to a single person who's suffering, but it's tens of millions... This is an over reaching government beyond belief and it's both Democrats and Republicans who are to blame along with the power hungry lawless goon squads within the alphabet agencies...

I'm a severe pain patient for 30+ years. I was on the same amount of medication for 15 years and then in early 2014 I went to the pharmacy to get my medication... A day later when I started taking this reformulated junk I ended up in the emergency room with my pain out of control! I thought something went horrible wrong with my current medical condition, but I was horrible mistaken... They checked my 'Oxytocin' levels (excreated by the pituitary gland) and they were extremely low for the amount medication I was taking. They said, Mark did you not take your medication today? I said, I take it like clock work! That's when a nurse told me that pharmaceutical companies were doing reformulations of all narcotics as a deterrent to stop abuse and my NEW medications were evidently the new reformulated medications! Since then my life went from a fair amount of activity to a life now of alot of staying in bed, couch, recliner because I'm not tolerating the pain whatsoever! I went from medicated pain levels of 3 to 4 and currently pain levels of 8 to 10 on these junk pills of today! Can't go to the emergency room any longer or I'm treated like a drug addict! I'll die before I ever goto an emergency room again and be treated like I'm some kind of loser...

Is this what Americans have been reduced to that have some type of diagnosed medical condition and the treatment is some type of narcotic? Simply put, YES! You are now a disposable person according to our out of control government and the lawless goon squads in their alphabet agencies...

If there was ever a time to vote for politicians that will clean out these crooked lawless government alphabet agencies and reduce their sizes, its NOW! Often referred to as the DC Swamp, people no one ever votes for! There's nothing they won't pull to exert their will and nothing they won't pull to save their taxpayer gravy train jobs... These are the people who led the charge to destroy our medications and lied to the politicians to get their way! Cement greater funding for their agencies and no one holds them accountable because a lot of politicians are scared of them! Businesses are reconstructed to be more effective and efficient, but government alphabet agencies just get bigger and bigger and more crooked and lawless year after year! They have to create some type of crisis to get a bigger budget and get more employees!
Now are you starting to understand the FAKE OPIOID CRISIS and FAKE PHARMACEUTICAL NARCOTIC CRISIS??? It's all about money, power and gravy train taxpayer jobs! The real drug crisis is heroin and illicit fentanyl, but they don't dare tell the truth! Because that's not the enormous lie they want to sell to the American public! That's just more of them not stopping illegal drugs coming into the country with the decades long FAKE WAR ON DRUGS! Their getting billions and billions more taxpayer dollars with the FAKE OPIOID CRISIS!

Now you should have a complete picture of how crooked government agencies exert their BS on Americans and line their pockets off of FAKE HOAXES!

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I could have wrote the exact as you did. I live in IL and I called Walgreens and asked them what is going on with this batch? They actually put me to sleep! I take 5 20's a day, now are from Teva, of course Walgreens don't know anything.
So I waste a whole damn month on these things.

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I just read your post. I also read post #9 (Mark) and post #10 by Juneblond. Just a brief comment, I just read a outstanding book, titled "Bottle of Lies" subtitled The Inside Story of the Generic Boom by Katherine Eban in Hardcover (HarperCollins) 2019. The Author of this 482 page book with 410 references, was recommended by my new Dr (another 70 plus aging Psychiatrist, who replaced by 20 year uninterrupted loyal Psychiatrist, who, retired, in October of 2019).

The Author of this book, loaded with facts, on the corruption with certain US division Pharmceutical firms, and several others, with Int'l foreign hdqtrs outside the USA. Plus facts about the FDA, that imho, many patients who take any products from the Controlled Substances Act in the USA should known about. Katherine Eban, Author, is a Fortune magazine contributor & Andrew Carnegie Fellow & lectures frequently on the topic of pharmaceutical integrity. Educated at Brown University, and Oxford UK (where she was a Rhodes Scholar, and now lives in NYC with her family).

One topic she discusses at great length, is the rise & fall of Ranbaxy of India, with divisions in the USA. Also, to a lesser degree such firms as Mylan, Pfizer, & Woodhardt & Cipla. Extensive research on the USA FDA plus the FDA India Office. Also, not relating to this book, I highly recommend to follow and/or subscribe to this industry newletter imo, who tell the truth, about such things as my choice of words "the rise and fall of TEVA", both in the USA & internationally, due to so many USA lawsuits, from to many USA states to list via the DOJ & each US states Attorney General, for price fixing, and fraud, and/or manipulation, of the historical shortages of ADD/Narcolepsy that harmed the patients from 2011 to around 2017.

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Any experience with WINDER LABORATORIES? Their IR is now hitting the CVS pipeline and I'm skeptical as I should be based on the disparity in quality and efficacy among generics

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Re: Mark (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

How are things going now?

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Re: Mark (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Without credible investigative journalism w/data and sources this is a deranged rant..

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CVS and Rite Aid get the worst meds. They use the same distributors.
Walmart and Wallgreens use the same distributor, but a different one than CVS and Rite Aid. They get a much better quality.

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"I recently received back my script, butt it's a placebo !!!!"

I do believe you!

"It's an unethical and disgusting scam. Am writing every politician, fda, Quality control, anyone who can address the monster of a crime"

thank you!

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GREAT post. Then there's the naive masses, who can't believe that those in power would ever do such a thing! And they overlap plentifully with the under 40 set, who think that every action by the government is automatically correct, and would sooner play 'divide and conquer' with anyone who has a slightly different view. Most refuse to realize that those with a vast amount of money and power can and will do whatever they see fit, regardless of what they say or what the laws are, and will reverse engineer any crisis/spin whatever tale/play fast and loose with statistics/use the media and brain dead "influencers" and "celebrities" to make the average citizen turn against their own interests and denigrate those who aren't fooled.

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Generic drugs are all lower doses and you can thank CDC and DEA they are trying to get people off opiates. Yes, I bitched about it to doctors and pharmacies. They look at me like are you telling me those pills are fake.

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Eurobonds and Teva and torrent generic drugs thank DEA and CDC

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i have been taking brand name DEXEDRINE SPANSULE for 30+ years and have never had a problem like this before. I also get terrible Diarrhea from these weird things.

to make matters worse they ran out of temazepam again!

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