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Bipolar disorder, previously known as manic depression, is a mental disorder characterized by periods of depression and periods of abnormally elevated mood that each last from days to weeks. If the elevated mood is severe or associated with psychosis, it is called mania; if it is less severe and does not significantly affect functioning, it is called hypomania. During mania, an individual behaves or feels abnormally energetic, happy or irritable, and they often make impulsive decisions with l...

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Bipolar and Vitamin D3 Supplements

Can people with bipolar illness take vitamin D supplements safely without becoming depressed or manic? I have bipolar illness and I can’t bring myself to take vitamin D because of the stories that I heard. ## Can a Vitamin D3 Supplement cause mania in a person with bipolar illness? Especially if the D3 Supplement is fish oil based? I was supposed to take this supplement about two years ago. I have anxiety amongst other things and I can’t bring myself to do it. I feel that I’m paying the price. Thank You

Urbanol overdose with alcohol

Hi, my sister has recently been diagnosed with bipolar, this was very unexpected since she has never seen a phycologist. She made an appointment with a psychiatrist and after two visits she was diagnosed with bipolar and urbanol was prescribed to her. Tonight she has been out drinking, came home & took 8 urbanol tablets. I want to know what the symptoms of urbanol overdose with alcohol are? And is there a possibility that she could have been wrongly diagnosed with bipolar? ## Why did she take 8 of them? That's very risky, especially combined with alcohol. It can cause depression of the central nervous system, so she could experience shallow breathing, dizziness, drowsiness, and it could actually result in coma, which may be fatal, according to NIH reports. How is she doing, now?...


anti psychotic ## this is a made up drug from the film The Exorcism Of Emily Rose. It does not exist ## The original post was made over 2 years ago, so I doubt this person will read it now. However, this information is great to have on here for anyone in the future who might hear this drug name mentioned and look for more information. Maura is correct, this drug DOES NOT EXIST! It was totally invented for the movie. It does sound like it may be a real drug, because the writers of the script did follow FDA guidelines for naming drugs when they created it, but once again, IT IS NOT REAL!!! ## Gambutrol is a derivative of the word 'game' or 'gaming' - a direct reference to the fictionalized (though more or less accurate) depiction in the film 'The Game'. The filmmak...

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T 109

T109 one side break line other side round white pill ## This is generic Carbamazapine or name brand Tegretol. It is typically used for controlling seizure disorders, but has been used for things such as behavior issues, migraines and out of control anxiety. Tegretol can affect you just like a heavy sedative or sleeping pill. Do not drive with it. ## Generic Tegretol ( Carbamazepine) Hello. Been on Generics for over a year and no serious problems. Now developed symptoms that indicate pharmaceutical problem. Upon further testing, Carbamazepine level was 50% higher than normal. Best reason is that change in the generic manufacturer has occurred. New manufacturer has T 109 markings. Now I take 4 tablets a day instead of the 6 I have been taking, and normal state has returned. Upon reading t...

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Lithium & Metformin interactions

What are the side effects when Lithium and Metformin are taken together? ## I checked both WebMD and MedScape and there were no interactions found between these 2 drugs. However, you should still confirm everything with your doctor since they are familiar with your medical history.

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Taking a half dose of Carbamazepine

I have recently been prescribed Carbamazepine 100mg and have been told to take 2 x 100mg/day for the first 2 weeks, and then to double the dosage to 4 tablets a day for 6 months. Has anyone tried halving it to just 1 per day for 2 weeks and then 2 per day for the 6 months? ## Why has it been prescribed? If your doctor prescribed it to prevent seizures, then it would be best to follow their dosing instructions for your own well being. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and mood changes. Ref: Carbamazepine Information Why do you want to lower the dose? Are you on any other medications?

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i want to see if it will effect my thyroid

I WANT TO SEE IF THIS WILL EFFECT MY THYROID I HAVE HYPOTHROIDISM ## Hey No it will not affect your thyroid i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when i was 16 and i have been on lithium since i was 17 so no it will not affect it at all ## Yes Lithium will effect your Thyroids, it has been known to cause goyters (Lumps, Growths) on the Thyroid glands. in some patients who have been on Lithium for more than a year. They put me on Lithium about 4 years ago, and I was on it for about a year and a half. then I got off of it, cause of lack of energy, not being able to laugh at funny things, and an overall down mood that never changed. 2 years ago after being off of it for 6 mnths I got lumps on neck, keep growing. ## Chris's post is correct, Lithium has been known to cause thyroid issues a...

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Carbamazepine 200mg / Teva NDC 00093-0109-01

I take this medicine for years and my life savor for years. No other alternative medication works for me. Absolutely no other! All of of a sudden this medicine is disappeared/discontinued by the manufacturer. I cannot get it from any place. Where I can get a ndc '109' medicine..? Any other manufacturer? My normal life depends on it. Please let me know. ## I have been on carbamazepine 200mg tabs since it was first introduced. I went to pick up a new refill only to find a different drug in its place. The pharmacist said Teva has discontinued making carbamazepine. I am very just dont "futz" seizure medication. Will call Teva for verification. ## @Linda, When I run a standard search online, there aren't any official announcements pertaining to the disconti...

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t 100 pill scored round

its purple grayish, has a T with line under it, and 100 below the line. Nothing on the back. no other markings. I found it in the driveway and was told it maybe a pill for chemo. If so I would like to know if one of my family members has cancer. Thank you. ## The only pill in the databases that matches this is actually T 109, though it is commonly misread, due to the size of the marking. It contains 200mgs of Carbamazepine, a mood stabilizer used to treat Epilepsy and BiPolar Disorder. There is a cancer treatment drug that has a T100 marking, but it is not gray and does not have the line/score mark under the T. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## This may be Temaril, a drug used for canines to relieve itching or as a cough suppressant. ## A circular white tablet (exactly the ...

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CHRONIC BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS, COULD IT BE THE TEGRETOL? I HAVE TRIED SO MANY RX MEDS NO CURE AND I DON'T SLEEP AROUND. I AM MARRIED AND OTHERWISE HEALTHY. I HAVE DONE ALL THE NESSESARY THINGD TO GET RID OF THIS INFECTION INC... SEEN AN INFECTIOUS DISEASE DR. DOES THIS DRUG INTERFER WITH THE VAGINAS ABILITY TO STAY HEALTHY? PLEASE E MAIL ONLY! ## I didn't find it listed as a side effect of Tegretol, according to the FDA reports, they typically include nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, and mood changes. Has your husband also been checked? Sometimes, they can also be infected, and engaging in intercourse can reinfect you. He may need to be examined by a urologist. Are you on any other medications?

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