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My friend (38), who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder & borderline personality disorder, was taking Lithium for about a year and it did wonders for her. Her psychiatrist discontinued the medication when she became pregnant. After giving birth, she started back on Lithium. When her dosage reached 10% of what it was before the pregnancy, she became lethargic to the point of not being able to function at the level necessary to care for her baby or herself, so she discontinued Lithium, again. Around the time her psychiatrist put her on Equetro, she started hearing voices and she continues to hear them after discontinuing Equetro. I don't have all the facts, but I know, at some point after the pregnancy, she was prescribed Xanax, Librium, Lamictal and Flexeril. She is currentl...

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I was diagnosed Bipolar over 20 years ago. As many who have this "disease" I have been off and on many different types of meds. Many of those meds stopped working, no longer work, or I have an intolerance to. I have been on Equetro, Serequel, and Klonopen now for quite a while with success. I am "older" now and this years has been the worse year of my life with my bipolar. I am scared that it will overtake me again and so am vigilant with my meds NOW. After a really bad year of trying many different meds and combination of meds, I am finally doing well. However, when I get busy with all my life's responsibilities, I may forget a dose of my meds. This never use to bother me. I would just take the next dose and move on. LATELY though, if I miss even one dose, it is not...

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