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I've recently been put on a COPD puffer called Trimbow. Has anyone been on this med? ## Hi. I have COPD and recently after a stay in the hospital for a lung infection, the meds I was taking were changed. I am now on Trimbow 100/6/10. Has anyone heard of any side effects from this med? It's a corticosteroid and I've noticed swelling on my left ankle which seems to have caused a lack of movement within the left ankle. I'm 70 yrs old. Maybe the swelling is just an aging thing? Any info is appreciated. ## Has anybody else been on the Trimbow inhaler 2x a day? I'm not sure if it works for me. ## Same here was prescribed it on Thursday. Taken 2 puffs in morning and 2 at night. Iam still wheezing. Ask doctor if my copd was getting worse all he said was yes .mmm ## Hi keep t...

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first time ko lang mgte-take ng mosegor vita cap .. dito sa watson ay 40.50 ang isa . bumili ako ng dalawa . alam ko pong ndi agad eeffect .. pero ang question ko ok lng ba pa isa isa ang bili ko at pa iba iba ang araw ng pg inom ko . mahal pla eto pero pursigido akong tumaba .. ## payat po aq,matagal nang gusto q tumaba,pampataba po ba ang mosegor vita tablet?tnx po ## pareho tayo..tataba kayo tayo sa mosegor? ## Tumaba ba kau ? It's been 1 year ? ## Ako po ay 73 yrs old na,male at may sakit na COPD (emphysema) palaging pagod at hingalin na.rinesetahan ako ng doctor ko ng mosegor vita cap.ano po ba maaring benepisyo sa aking kalusugan at maaring di magandang epekto sa akin ang nasabing gamot?pls bigyan nyo ako ng feedback. ## Does Mosegor Tablet work for breast and hips enlargement...

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I have been on Daliresp for one month. I have noticed significant improvement in my lungs. By that I mean the mucus is gone, wheezing is gone. My lungs seem to be getting clear and do not feel as heavy as they did before I started taking it. I have had my bouts of depression, I am never hungry, which is a problem because I am underweight as it is. Just wondering if anyone else has had success with this drug. I was hoping to get off oxygen at some point. Don't know if I can achieve that or not. ## I don't have a lot of information on this medication, since it is very new to the U.S. market and we haven't had a lot of posts about it, either, for the same reason. Have you tried discussing this with your doctor? They may have some ideas on how to safely increase your appetite an...

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I have COPD and am also on strong pain medication. I just turned 70. Are these body jerks and twitches part of getting old? Every time I mention it to my Dr he basically ignores the question. I'm forever dropping cups of coffee, ect., which usually happens at night and they seem to be getting worse. Any info is appreciated. ## My husband's oncologist claimed it was a side effect from extended use of morphine for pain. She switched him to oxycodone and it stopped. However, it was then listed on his chart as an allergy and try as we might to get it removed, no luck. When he was in hospice the only liquid oral pain killer available was morphine and the hospice doctor wouldn't prescribe it because he could have a reaction and die! Can you imagine!? So I had to crush oxy tablets ...

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Are COPD and asthma medications known for causing Edema or puffy feet? I've also had Astrazeneca vaccine 2 weeks ago. Weather is starting to warm up here in Australia. Thanks ## Many medications can cause edema as a side effect, but I can't be more specific, without knowing which medications you are using, since there are quite a few available. Can you please post back with more details? There are also cases where edema can be caused by some other health issue, such as high blood pressure. You can learn more about Edema here, from Medline Plus. Have you ever had blood pressure problems? ## Hi, I'm in Australia. Very hot type of year especially with COPD asthma. Wife and I went through the floods here way back in March, still waiting for the insurance company to repair our h...

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I was given a prescription for brovana and budesonide to use in my nebulizer. I used my albuterol 6 hours ago in the nebulizer. Is it safe to use brovana and budesonide? Is it ok to use now? ## Is there anybody that uses Brovana and Budesonide in nebulizer twice a day? Is there any side effects I need to know about? Thanks in advance ## The FDA lists the typical side effects of these medications as possibly including dry mouth, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, and elevated heart rate. Ref: Brovana Information Budesonide Information As to when to use it, usually the new medication would just replace your old one for the next dose on your regular schedule, unless your doctor, or pharmacist has instructed you otherwise. Are you on any other medications?

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I've talked about this problem before concerning the side effects from Spiriva. The only side effect I've experienced was a sudden, and seemingly permanent weight gain. In spite of efforts to lose the weight I've had no success whatsoever. I've gained weight from other medications in the past only to lose it when the medication was discontinued. Not so with Spiriva. It has been almost three years since I've used the inhaler but yet the added weight persists. I should mention that all of the added weight has been on the midsection and nowhere else! To make matters worse has been a disended abdomen to go along with it. I contacted the drug company right after it happened and, naturally, they acted as if it was new to them! I'm not the only one this has happened to....

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Recently bought Oxymetazoline nasal spray. I have COPD emphysema. I spent the whole night coughing with no sleep. Has anyone heard of this happening? Thank you ## Yes, it has been known to cause that, and a product warning instructs you to consult your doctor if this occurs, and the nasal spray doesn't alleviate your symptoms. Other side effects of Oxymetazoline may include funny taste, runny nose, burning nose. Are you on any other medications? Did you try sleeping with your head slightly elevated?

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Has anyone had an itchy facial rash that got puffy and turned really red, and felt pretty hot? Anoro Ellipta is the only new prescription that I recently started on... That's why I'm thinking it could be the Anoro Ellipta... ## The FDA does list it as being known as causing itching and a rash as side effects. However, it would be best to have this checked out, in case you are allergic to it. Other side effects are listed as possibly including belching, dry mouth, constipation, headache, and vertigo. Has there been any change? What other medications are you taking? ## Has anyone gained weight after taking Anoro Ellipta? I have not yet started it yet, but am concerned that it will make me gain weight and I am already weighing 202 lbs. at 5'4. ## I have been taking Anoro for 3 ...

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I have been taking Daliresp for a year now. I'm having terrible headaches, tremendous, bad back pain and more.. I'm going to try to get of this medications to see if this is whats causing all. How long will it take for Daliresp to be out of my system.. ## Not sure if you got my post I'm taking dalliresp and my hair is coming out and can't sleep very well was wondering if this is a problem with others ## Daliresp has been known to cause headaches, diarrhea, nausea, insomnia, back pain, and muscle spasms as side effects. How are you doing, now? Has there been any change? Are you still taking the Daliresp? Are you on any other medications?

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please when a person has been taking this(*Spiriva) medication for a period of time you know if you are getting meds or not. I have not taken a count and I can do so if necessary but it is approx. every 5th capsule that doesn't give out any powder....The above lady is correct the capsules are very brittle so it is possible that the capsules are cracking and the meds escapes. This is not very good , why would I pay for meds that I do not get. ## I have been taking Spiriva for about 9 months now. I encounter at least 3 empty capsules per month. On the first inhale if there is no rattling, I just discard the capsule and take a different one. I use the same process every day so I don't buy the company's statement that there is powder in the capsules and it is user failure. If th...

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can anyone pls help me identify what this capsule may be? ## please tell me what this agua blue capsule tablet is it has no numbers or markings on it plain capsule.oblong,med to big in ## Hello, Monique! How are you? The capsule with the logo and TI 01 marking is a 18mcg Spiriva capsule, it is used to treat asthma. NDC: 00597-0075 These are meant to be used in an inhaler. Asther, unfortunately, if there are no markings, it is not really possible to definitively identify it. Where was it found?

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I have only been on daliresp for 3 days, but I'm worried about the side effects. I'm a little anxious and depressed, wheezy, headache and back ache, but mostly I'm concerned about the insomnia. Does anyone have experience in how long these side effects last? Also, I finished a round of predisone about 2 weeks ago so the lack of sleeping may still be the predisone. ## The side effects of most medications usually peak at around 4 to 6 weeks of use, when they reach their maximum effectiveness in the body and they should taper off in severity, after that. And they can take several weeks to wear off, so yes, it could be due to this medication or from lingering effects of the Prednisone you took, it is hard to say. If it gets worse or doesn't start to improve, then please make...

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I'm a 58 yr old male, suffering from COPD, living in Calcutta in India. My city is highly polluted. I have been suffering from Asthma for 25 yrs. It is in the family. I have a nebuliser at home, as advised by my doctor. I use inhalers. Once in 45 days, the suffering worsened and then i was put on Predmet 16 (tapering off way). My regular exercise is a 45 min walk in a park. I am non smoker, but do have alcohol. Will the use of Predmet every 45 days (ave) put me in a high risk zone? ## Hello, Sambuddha! How are you doing? Well, you shouldn't take it, unless your doctor instructs you to do so. But, sometimes with these breathing issues, it is needed rather frequently. My mother-in-law has a standing order for Prednisone, due to her asthma and how often it acts up. The U.S. FDA lis...

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please answer me bout haveing copd and hep-c an will it hurt me i am worried and would like to know if taking this medication will do me and my insides any damage ## Just read your message ,i am in same situation i cant find out much info,i also get body jerks when relaxing sometimes im 65 geno 3 copd seems more of a pain then hep. Hope your ok.any info or anything cont me. ## I am sorry, but this was not posted in any particular mediation forum, or discussion. Can you please post back and clarify what medication you are asking about? PubMed has a research article available looking into the combination of suffering from both of these conditions.

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I have COPD and would like to know if it can be cured permanently? I am also looking for a substitute for Doxofylline. My age is 67 yrs. I stay in Mumbai, India. ## Does anyone know about the availability of Doxosafe (Doxofylline) 400mg tablets and its substitute medicine?

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Does anybody know what meds should not be taken with Trelegy Ellipta? I take Toprol-XL, Norvasc, Protonix, Xarelto, Proair inhaler, Ipratr Albuterol in Nebulizer, Flonase spray, Levothyroxine, and Vitamin D-2. ## Hello Beverly, I hope you are having a pleasant day. Using the UCLA health organization's drug interaction checker I did not find any reactions between the Trelegy ellipta and any of the other medications you listed. I have provided a link below to the drug interaction checker tool in case you would like to look up any of the other drugs/vitamins you listed. I have found this tool to be extremely useful as it shows you interactions with foods as well as other drugs which sometimes people may overlook. [1] UCLA Health Drug Interaction Checker I hope this was helpful. Please ...

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I take Breo, Spiriva, Respimat, Ventolin, Albuterol, Ipratropium Bromide, Prednisone, Loradine, & Montelukast. Can any of these or a combination of them cause a positive urinalysis? ## I recently asked this question, Can these drugs cause a UA to be positive. I take Breo, Spiriva Respimat, Ventolin, Albuterol, Ipratropium, Prednisone, Montelukast. I will be in big trouble if I don't find out why I could test positive on a UA. I wasn't taking any other drugs, Legal or illegal so what's the deal. Someone out there can relate to this I know. Help the people need to know the truth ? ## I've posted this question before with no reply, I recently was pulled over by police, the officer said I seemed nervous, said my heart rate was high, Ask for UA, anyway It came back positi...

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I'd like to ask a question. I've had emphysema for about 15yrs and it's been particularly bad the last 5yrs. I can *feel* it get worse every year. It also takes longer and longer to go away to a level to where I can walk around my home, get dressed, or stand-up to cook! Most of the time getting to the bathroom is exhausting. Recently, my GP gave a course of steroid pills and said I could take them for 3-5days but no longer; "cos they're really bad for you". I asked in what way & she said my bones. This makes no sense to me cos I've had osteo-arthritis since I was 20yrs old; and both knees are bone-on-bone - no cartilidge left. So, since that already exists, what else is wrong with them? I got to tell you, after 2 days I felt as if my illness reversed by 4...

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Hi, I have COPD and my bloodpressure is normal, but I get swollen hands and feet. I went too the dr. And they perscribe hypace 5ml and raidac 12,5 ml. Raidac to be taken once a day and hypace half in morning and half in evening. My question is if I don't have hypertension, why did they perscribe me with these tablets and won't it make my BP drop. The swelling is caused through the COPD and they say I am not getting enough oxzygen too my heart. Please help me too understand why I have too use these meds. Too scared too take them. ## Hello, Edward! How are you? Many medications have multiple uses, so these ones are often prescribed to help with heart function, so your heart works more efficiently. The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness,...

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