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replacement for Visine LR ## PLEASE IF THERE IS A REPLACEMENT FOR VLR, LET US KNOW ALL THE DETAILS OF THE EYE DROPS ASAP!!!! ## From what I can discover, it seems it has been discontinued, however, on their website, they list the active ingredient as being Oxymetazoline. Ironically, it is not used in any of their other products. I am not finding a lot of over the counter products that contain it, however, Claritin Eye Allergy Relief Drops have it and so does Ocuclear. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hey, I just found Visine LR at my local Walgreens today! Perhaps they've resumed production. ## Not all Walgreens carry the visine LR, which means that they are just selling what stock they have left. Not sure why visine stopped making this brand. I don't like anything els...

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Recently bought Oxymetazoline nasal spray. I have COPD emphysema. I spent the whole night coughing with no sleep. Has anyone heard of this happening? Thank you ## Yes, it has been known to cause that, and a product warning instructs you to consult your doctor if this occurs, and the nasal spray doesn't alleviate your symptoms. Other side effects of Oxymetazoline may include funny taste, runny nose, burning nose. Are you on any other medications? Did you try sleeping with your head slightly elevated?

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I think they are selling Visine LR on the internet, but it is very expensive. It is the only gtts that work for me. Have been searching for it for two months. Some of the blogs here have helped with suggestions. ## Hi Neil, Thanks for the heads up. I've also heard about some remaining stocks of Visine LR being available online, but are being sold for much more than most individuals are willing to pay. In light of that, a couple related discussion threads on here have offered a number of alternatives that you or other visitors may be interested in reading more about: 1). Discuss/Visine-LR-Discontinued-200960_p26.htm 2). Discuss/eye-drops-with-oxymetazoline-204670.htm 3). Discuss/OcuClear-187476.htm I'm not sure if you've already seen these, however, it seems there are certain...

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