Found A Baggie In My Suitcase With Very Small White Round Pills It And Was Scored On One Side Had Single 1 The Other


found pills, very small white, round, scored on one side and a single 1 on the other. Could this be my Xanax the Dr gave me when I travel? I have had severe panic attacks since the 70's and even worse when I travel. Please help.

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Hi Margie,

From what I could gather, there are three possible matches to your pill. The first of which is a brand of Clonazepam, used to treat a variety of conditions such as, anxiety; bipolar disorder; panic disorder; seizure prevention; and periodic limb movement disorder.

The only thing is that I can't view a photo of the backside of the pill where the score line should be. However, for verification, the manufacturer of the pill is Roche Laboratories and the National Drug Code (NDC) is: 00004-0282

The second pill that could be a match is also used in the treatment of anxiety, and is known as Equanil (meprobamate) 400 mg. With this pill, the number 1 is on the same side as the score line (sitting right above it).

The last possible match I located is Nitrogard 1 mg. Which is used in the treatment of angina; heart failure; heart attack; angina pectoris prophylaxis; high blood pressure; and other heart related conditions. With this pill I can only locate a description and not an image though.

Do any of these sound like a possibility?

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I'm not finding a listing for any type of Benzodiazepine that just has the numeral 1 on it and no other markings.


Is that the way you usually carry your medications with you, when you travel?

If so, you really should start using their original containers, for your own safety, plus so they are properly identified and the prescriptions for them can be seen and proven, if you'd be questioned about them.

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I think it may be Metoprol tartate 25 mg. Please checkout this link:

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I am a 45 yr old women. I found out that i am bipolar and scissophnic. My mental health doctor gave me FANAPT 6mg and REMERON 30mgs. I was on 10mgs of methadone and did not tell her well she found out and got a hold of my primary doctor and now he has taken me off my Xannax 2mgs and gave me Ativan 1mg, i also have Anxiety/Insomnia, with Depression really bad. The Alprazolam/Xanax 2mg was helping me out so much, they just don't get it sometimes i feel like ending it all. My mental health doc took all my meds away Now i have nothing...please help. I need help. I need a Doctor who understands me and not judge me. Thank you.

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I almost died during a Xanax to Ativan switch over despite plenty of time to taper off of Xanax. I hated Ativan so much I stopped taking it, and within days almost died. Spent a Week in our local Hospital. Get to the ER if you continue to feel this way!

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I have heart issues..just looked at my metro thats whats on mine.

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My very best friend also has at least 2 of the same diagnosis you described. Go to a therapist. Be prepared, take any medical records you can gather concerning all your issues, is: prescriptions, mental diagnosis, anything. Have a list of your doctors and numbers..the therapist can get information you may not be able to. A therapist can be a phycologist or psychiatrist. In fact, a psychiatrist would probably be the best choice. They can provide prescriptions useful to all your issues and they tend to actually listen, not just write out a script, charge you for the session and send you on your merry way. If you had a doctor that you trust ask for a referral or find a support group and ask the person in charge for any suggestions concerning a psychiatrist, even ask a few people attending. You don't actually need to attend if it makes you uncomfortable. There may even be flyers or a card on a bulletin board you may find useful. Good luck!!

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A Psychologist (PHD) is an excellent way to go but they are not a medical doctor and can't prescribe controlled medicine or any medicine with a few exceptions

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Re: SADLY ME (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Xanax and methadone are a deadly combo, be glad they took you off. That s*** could kill you, quick!

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Re: EDDY (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

That is not true they can do pain management too so saying they can not prescribe Xanax is not true that is the Best route for someone with her mental health issues to see

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I have the same problem. Anxiety/panic attacks. I was on Xanax 0.5mg, but when I traveled I was given Lorazepam 0.5 which is lower than a Xanax, I believe. Lorazepam is white, round pills. A Xanax 1mg is usually a small oblong pill, green in color. Without more information, I can’t help anymore. I have anxiety problems, bipolar, adhd, and depression. I see a psychologist now, within last 6 months. I have pain management for my back and my psychologist gave me Xanax 1 within the last month for my crippling anxiety.

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Hi Margie. Does it look like this at all? Are there more numbers, letters? 213.
It could be an over the counter medication since all the prescriptions have more than one digit, just FYI

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Re: myst (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Let me make this clearer for you, a Ph.D CAN'T PRESCRIBE XANAX

Hi Sarah!

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If you are only dealing with 1 pharmacy you could get a print out of all medications you have received from scripts then go online and look them up (or look up ones listed in other comments) there is usually pictures in the description ..... you could also take 1 to your pharmacist & ask .... just be ready if you have an encounter with police for an extended interaction & possible arrest (why you should only have 1 one you anxiety meds are red flag if you don't have scripted bottle with you)(having only 1 does not usually come across as intent to distribute) ..... seeing you have had them in your luggage chances are they are yours put be careful taking unknown meds .... if tag is still on suitcase it will give you a bit of a timeline to check with your pharmacy or your dr .... if your dr is on a patient dr portal (website for communication & med records access you could check your script history there ..... be well & don't panic (bad joke) good luck

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Re: SADLY ME (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I completely understand your dilemma but you must understand your doctors dilemma as well. Due to new federal regulations your doctors put themselves at risk when prescribing certain medication together. A blatant attempt or misguided attempt to mislead your doctor by withholding information of your current conditions or prescribed medication can not only be life threatening to yourself but could possibly get your medical provider in serious trouble. They are taking the risk of medical malpractice, being sued, and/or ultimately losing their ability to practice as a doctor. The reason most doctors well should I say well informed caring doctors don’t prescribe Xanax to those taking Methadone is because of the high risk of side effects that can lead to severe adverse reactions and/or untimely death. The combination of Methadone and Xanax can cause drastically slow breathing. Causing the body to forget to breath which in turn can cause death. Your doctor didn’t take you off of Xanax to be mean or because he or she didn’t like you; they did so because they care about your wellbeing. In my opinion; I wish there were more doctors like yours around. I am seeing more and more pill pushers that are in it for the money. A real doctor puts human life before a paycheck. On the other hand I also get that certain individuals have a higher tolerance to certain medications and I think your doctor should have monitored you closely while on the Xanax and Methadone before just stopping you cold turkey. But again; you kept vital information from your doctor that could of put his or her career at risk.

*I am not a doctor and my opinion should not be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical emergency you should dial 911 and seek medical intervention.*

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Re: EDDY (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Yes they can my phd has prescribed me xanax 1mg and half mg forover20 years

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Re: EDDY (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Yes he can mine has for over 20 years I am now 45 i know my pills well!

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Re: Jerry (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Can California Psychologists Prescribe?
California psychologists cannot legally prescribe medication. This prohibition is established in Section 2904 of the California Business and Professions Code.

Often, consumers seeking mental health services are taking medications or suffering from conditions that could be treated very successfully by medications prescribed by a physician. Psychologists are often the first mental health care providers assessing and treating such consumers. Indeed, many psychologists have extensive training and experience in the applications of medications. Psychologists may discuss medications with a patient. A psychologist may suggest to a physician a particular medication to be prescribed by a physician. However, the ultimate decision as to whether a patient should receive medication lies solely with the physician. A psychologist may engage in a collegial discussion with a patient's physician regarding the appropriateness of a medication for the condition being treated. A psychologist has primary responsibility to monitor the patient's progress in psychotherapy which includes assisting in monitoring the changes which may be attributable to the medication in the patient. Psychologists should maintain a close consultative relationship with physician care givers in order to assure appropriate overall treatment of the patient.

There are many psychological conditions which manifest themselves in physical symptoms. There are physical problems which have psychological symptoms as well. The best interests of the patient demand that psychologists work closely with primary care physicians and psychiatrists who are prescribing medications to the patient of the psychologist. While a psychologist's responsibility can include involvement in limited aspects of a patient's medications, the patient's physician is the only person who may lawfully prescribe the medication for the patient.

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Re: EDDY (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

That's California... who said they lived there??

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Re: Jed (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Sure, name the states where the PH.d can prescribe this medicine, just for my understanding?

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SORRY....and VERY SAD to say this but...,YES THEY CAN!

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