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Angina, also known as angina pectoris, is chest pain or pressure, usually caused by insufficient blood flow to the heart muscle (myocardium). It is most commonly a symptom of coronary artery disease.Angina is typically the result of partial obstruction or spasm of the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle. The main mechanism of coronary artery obstruction is atherosclerosis as part of coronary artery disease. Other causes of angina include abnormal heart rhythms, heart failure and, l...

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Is Nikoran 5mg available in Dubai/UAE?

I am unable to find Nikoran 5mg medicine in Dubai. Kindly suggest where I can get it in the UAE. Or suggest a substitute of Nikoran 5mg (salt name is nicorandle). ## I'm sorry, but we are based in the U.S., so this site does not have any information on where this is available in other countries. Nicorandil is a vasodilator that is commonly used to treat angina. Have you tried asking your doctor or a pharmacist what alternatives would be available to you? ## Where can I find Nikoran 5mg in UAE hospitals?

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Nifedipine and dreams

I am taking 60mg of nifedipine and I am having unpleasant dreams every night. Is there an alternative which does not have this side effect? ## Hello, Mick! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you're experiencing. That is possible with most medications. How long have you been taking it? Most side effects tend to go away, once your body gets used to a medication, which generally takes about 4 to 5 weeks. The FDA lists other typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination and hypotension. There are other medications available, so if it's still happening and it's been longer than 5 weeks, it will most likely just be a matter of trial and error to find one that doesn't cause you such an issue. ## I've been taking nifedi...

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Difference Between Auroflam and Flamar MX

Does Auroflam have the same ingredients as Flamar MX?

Stopping Diltiazem ER Capsules

I had my thyroid and one parathyroid removed in December 2014 due to a multinodular goiter. It was diagnosed by a cardiologist as I had hyperthyroidism with a constant resting heart rate of over 90 bpm, and I have remained on it after surgery, being put on 75mg of levothyroxine. The side effects have been getting so bad that I went off Diltiazem a few days ago, and after the second day, my energy level and overall well-being started to come back. So, I know I need the dosage adjusted downward. However, I can't adjust it until I see the doctor. Is it safe to stop taking Diltiazem abruptly? ## Hello, Kate! How are you? You shouldn't stop such a medication abruptly, as the FDA reports that it may cause a rebound effect, which could include elevated heart rate and blood pressure and...

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Weaning off of Diltiazem

I was prescribed Diltiazem for controlling a-fib and I've had no events for 7 months. Could I wean myself off of Diltiazem? ## No, please do not stop taking it, unless your doctor approves. Stopping could cause rebound symptoms, which may include more severe A-fib than you had, before, and there is a risk of it becoming dangerous, additionally, it may be the only thing keeping you from having more A-fib events. Ref: Diltiazem The FDA does want that Diltiazem may cause side effects, including nausea, dizziness, low blood pressure, and increased urination. Are you on any other medications?

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isosorbide mononitrate 10 mg terrible pain in my jaw mostly

I only started taking these under a week ago, the headaches I can deal with, but the pain in my jaw, ear and cheek I cannot, the pain is worse than trigeminal neuralgia i get occasionally It only does that on the morning tablet and I really dont think I can take anymore of them, this pain is driving me mad to the point of wanting to scream with the pain and discomfort. ## Please can anyone tell me this is normal? as it lasts about an hour or so, I have even taken paracetamols to try and ease it which I think it is helping. ## It was coming on the afternoon tablet aswell and couldnt handle the terrible pain in my jaw so I have stopped it, had a few angina pains because of stopping it quickly but The jaw pain has practically ended now thank god. I really cant take this medicine I too will...

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cut isosorbide mononitrate into 1/4 tab

Can I cut isosorbide mononitrate 30mg tabs, made by Torrent, in 1/4's? 1/2 tab dropped my blood pressure to 105/54 which I didn't like. ## It would be best to speak to your doctor, before lowering your dosage further. Are you on any other medications? What condition is being treated? The FDA lists the typical side effects of this medication as possibly including nausea, dizziness, and headache. Did you experience any symptoms when it was that low? ## can somebody please tell me if certain vegitables aggrivate DURIDE after popping tablet any spicy foods or vegitables like capsicums chili etc ## I researched the same question, because the dosage I was taking , though effective, was too intense and left me with a headache. The isosorbide mononitrate 30mg ER pill manufacturer by Tor...

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Quitting Isosorbide Mono ER

How can I quit taking isosorbide mononitrate er (imdur)? ## Hello, Jim! How are you? Why do you want to stop taking it? These types of medications can potentially cause rebound effects, if you've been taking them for a long period of time and then stop suddenly, so you have to be careful, or it could put your life in danger. Have you consulted your doctor about stopping it? ## Just increased iso mono dosage from 60 to 90 for 3 days -its working for my chest pain but it bothers my stomach big time all day and I'm up all night because I cant sleep and it's very disruptive all day. Pepto bismol doesn't help - Any suggestions 4 help? ## my doctor took me off iso mono because it kept lowering my BP below 110 & at times below 100 sometimes as low as 90 i was on it for 6 mo...

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side effects of trolic 5mg

Hi, my name is Daylan. My doctor prescribed me Trolic 5mg and it's giving me terrible pains in and around my heart! Is this normal or should I be concerned? ## Hello, Daylan! How are you doing? Any time you get new chest pain, please seek medical attention and have it checked out. Even at a young age, there is a risk that there could be something serious going on that isn't due to the medication. And if it is due to the medication, your doctor needs to do something about it and prescribe something else. How long have you been taking it? ## My son was very ill he had a high fever n droping cough we took him to the doc n the doctor said he has signositie n frm signosities he got brokities n frm brokities he got astma the doc gve him trolic 5mg also a subscribition we had to go fet...

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Switching manufacturers of Diltiazem

I am taking 120 mg Diltiazem CD 24 hour. Just switched from CVS Pharmacy to Optum mail order. The new pills are clearly from a different manufacturer because they’re a different color. Is that big a deal when you switch manufacturers? ## No, you should be fine. The FDA warns that Diltiazem may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, increased urination, and hypotension. Ref: Diltiazem Information Is there anything else I can help with?

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