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i developed bradycardia, pulse 36-42. Dr cut my dosage to 120 xr, i did feel better for a few days, then my engine rebelled, pulse goes down into the 30's then zips up to the 70's, very irregular heartbeat, get light headed at times, nausea at times, and very tired, headaches, and loud ringing in my ears. bp goes up and down, more i am up and around the lower the pulse. i was taking the dilacor for pvc,s i was told that no one over 60 should take this drug as it would encourage heart attacks and never to stop taking the drug. help, i need to get regulated again. my doctor is at a loss. cardio dr says hmmmm. i am 72 ## Hello, Grammahenry! How are you feeling? I'm very sorry about the problems that you've experienced. It could be that this just isn't the right medicati...

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