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I am using betacap 40 mg tablet, i am suffering my left hand is shivering thats why i consult doctor, he prescribed betacap, have any side effects to use this tablet plz tell me, if have any alternative tablet plz tell me, i am using this tablet from 6months

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Betacap contains the active ingredient Betamethasone, it is a corticosteroid that is used to treat many different medical conditions.

Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, weight gain and fluid retention.

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As to an alternative, we can't possibly suggest anything on just the details you've provided.

Did your doctor give you a diagnosis as to what is causing the tremors?

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my doctor told to take beta cap 40 mg in morning as sometime i feel very nevourness when i go out in morning time .pls reply how beta cap will effect me .

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iused to have headache almost everyday and i used totake pain killers like anacin every2nd or 3rd day.sometimes the headache got verysevere and i was given vovron injection .then one day a doctor prescribed me betacap tr 40two times a gavemeagreat relief,i dont have to take painkiller and i had no headaches.i havebeen taking this medicinefor 1.5months,doctor has told to continue,kindly tell me if there is any sideeffect of this medicine

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hi I have similar problem and taking this medicine last 1 month.It has resulted in improved position.Could u pl. share your experience as you are taking same medicine since last so much of time.

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If u want permanent solution, try nutrilite daily & natural B.

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BETACAP 40MG CONTAINS PROPRANLOL PROLONGED RELEASE TAB.It is used to treat high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythm, heart disease, anxiety and uncontrolled shaking (tremors), chest pain and migraine headaches. It is also used to prevent bleeding in the stomach and food pipe in patients with swollen blood vessels due to liver disease.

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I have severe chest pain anxiety Dr has prescribed beta cap 40mg is it safe

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My mom is using beta flu since 8 month for migraine but I am doubtful for this medicine.she is now good but she sometime she feel anxiety and head ach.. please help me to know that this medicine is good for my mom or not

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