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A steroid is an organic compound with four fused rings (designated A, B, C, and D) arranged in a specific molecular configuration. Steroids have two principal biological functions: as important components of cell membranes that alter membrane fluidity; and as signaling molecules. Examples include the lipid cholesterol, sex hormones estradiol and testosterone,:\u200a10\u201319\u200a anabolic steroids, and the anti-inflammatory corticosteroid drug dexamethasone. Hundreds of steroids are found...

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Round white pill with slanted cursive big "R"

Trying to identify these pills. Round white tablet with a score on one side and an upper case R that is kind of slanted to the right and kind of in cursive. This R sits in a circle that is about 1/16" away from the edge. The pill itself is about 5/16" diameter. Thank you for all and any help.

blue dianabol pill EB engraving

Blue round pill with a stamp of a backwards E connected to a B. Guy said its dbol, but I don't believe people that easy. ## Hi Ryan, Based on your description, the closest ID I'm finding is an round, dark blue pill marked with a capital "EB" on one side (they are connected to each other, and the "E" is facing backwards from what I could tell, so each letter shares the same 'backbone' if you will). On the other side of the pill is an embedded imprint of what looks like a lady lying down. These particular tablets are identified as E, or what some people call 'Molly' (an illicit party drug). Does this sound like a possible match? ## It's a winstrol pill it's a steroid. If the back is bank

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Round blue pill with saturn logo on it

What is a round blue pill with a picture of saturn on one side and a line in the middle on the other? ## you may have a 20mg winstriol. Its a oral steroid body builders use for a cutting cycle. It helps build and keep lean mass when the body builder loses bodyfat before they compete ## Brutus may be right, I really don't know. All I can tell you is that it is definitely not a legal US prescription medication. Is anyone else familiar with this product? ## 10mg dianabol. I'm currently taking it... ## Found some small blue round tabs. Line on one side and what appears to be an imprint of Saturn on the other. Is this dianabol or Winstrol? Or what??? ## I have a round blue pill with ec on and a line in the middle and 50 on the other side ## Yo, was it really dianobol? Bc I have them ...

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Identify small white tablet A over 620 and 5

I am trying to identify a white tablet which is small in size. On one side there is a score line with a capital A above and 620 below it. On the other side there is just a number 5. ## What was the answer to this? Did anyone reply? I have the same question ## I need to know too, did you fond out? A score 620 whitw round tablet, 5 on back ## It’s Prednisolone, 5mg. ## That identification provied by Azulkia is correct, this tablet contains 5mgs of Prednisolone, which is a steroid class medication that is often used to treat swelling, allergic reactions, and immune issues. Its typical side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, acne, insomnia, and fluid retention. Inactive ingredients may include: Lactose monohydrate Pregelatinised starch Sodium starch glycola...

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saturn logo on yellow pill

Yellow round pill with line to break in half on one side, and a picture of saturn on the other. My friend says it's winstrol but I can't find a yellow version of this pill online. Any guesses? ## Hello Spacemonkey, Though I wasn't able to find any credible sources there does seem to be a few suspects with similar pill descriptions that may offer clues as to what yours might be based on the imprint. Hopefully the following list can generate some new leads on further search efforts: "XTC" Hydroxycut (by iovate) Tamoxifen / Nolvadex (by AstraZeneca) Anapolon / Oxymetholone 10mg (by Global Anabolic) I hope this helps! Please post back if you find out anymore information on them. ## Looking for the identity of a bright yellow, round pill, scored on one side & a Saturn...

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Square White Pill With V Inscribed On It

Found a small square white pill with the capital letter V inscribed on one side. What is it? ## Hi Kelly, I'm having some trouble finding an exact match for the pill you're describing. Are you sure it's not a mini altoid- which is a square white pill with a capital A on it? Maybe the imprint got smudged? That's really the only information that has popped up in my searches. My only other guess is that it may be an anabolic steroid of some sort since many of those are square shaped. Is it a small or larger rectangle like square? Please post back so I can further assist you! ## Taste it I found one and it tasted like it meant I think it is a mint breath freshener ## Its an breath mint, an Altoid ## Small square. Sorry it is a mint altoid or something. I just looked again an...

Blue pill with bd on one side

Can anyone tell me what this pill is its blue round pill with BD only on one side ## Is there a number on the other side, or just the BD on the one? There is an anabolic steroid that is often ordered illegally that uses the BD marking, but it usually has a number designating the dosage on the opposite side. Does anyone else recognize this tablet? ## I have a Blue round small pill I forget why I was taking it Small Round blue pill with only BD ON one side blank on the other?

Winstrol Pill 50 Mlg

i have a 50 miligram pill yellow round no markings is this winstrol ## It could b but depends where u got them from. Nosha biz or NASHA biz IS FOR REal little pricey but u can u a card and you will get in 7 days 100 yes of win is 79 or go to napsgear cheapest ever but takes 21 to a month. I have gotten from both naps u can get 100 tens 4 24 send me a pic ill let u know ## Without any markings, it is difficult to say what the tablets contain. They could be any of a large number of over the counter products, foreign medications, or illicit items. Where were they obtained? ## I got a yellow pill with pp on both sides. Is it winstrol or a different brand? Would like to know. ## I got winstrol filled and I think I have been taken for a ride. I don't think I was given the right product be...

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10mg of Stanozolol per day

I’ve started to take Stanozolol tablets to improve my physique. Im only going to take 1 tablet (10mg) per day. I am relatively fit but have a bit of weight around my stomach that is hard to lose and would like some extra muscle gains in a relatively short amount of time. Will this still yield results (I know it won’t be as good as if I was taking 20mg)? But I’m also conscious about side effects and want to minimise acne and mood swings. Has anyone tried taking just 10mg and can share their experience? Im a male approx 87kg. Also what PCT should I do after this? I think I will take it for about five weeks. Any help and advice would be kindly appreciated.

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omnacortil tapering side effects

I am a patient of sarcoidosis I have been taking Omnacortil for the last one year. now I am being tapered off. Now I am getting spasms, depression, weakness in the muscles. My eyesight is getting weak Please advise is this normal ?? ## Omnacortil contains the active ingredient Prednisolone. The page for Prednisolone Details states that "A lengthy course of prednisolone can cause bloody or black tarry stools; filling or rounding out of the face; muscle cramps or pain; muscle weakness; nausea; pain in back, hips, ribs, arms, shoulders, or legs; reddish-purple lines on arms, face, legs, trunk or groin; thin and shiny skin; unusual bruising; urinating at night; rapid weight gain; and wounds that will not heal." So it does sound like you are experiencing some of the side effects - Of...

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