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Have no insurance. Where can I fill my Suboxone prescription cheap? Paying 320 dollars for a 30 day supply - 8mg

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Suboxone is only available in the US from doctors who have specific training in its usage, you can't just buy it anywhere or have it prescribed by anyone.

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Yes I know. I already had a prescription fiiled but needed to find out if I could buy it cheaper.

Than you.

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yes me too, i have doctor px. no insurance suboxone, they want $8 a pill. i can't afford it. where can i get it cheaper?

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your getting a deal, i pay $700 a month

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how do you get it so cheap? a 8mg tab is $7 each in RI.

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I pay $1 per month for the Dr visit and $3 per month for 90 suboxone pills. If you have a way to not have a job for a while, like asking someone's help, you can get on medicaid. Some Dr's will tell you medicaid will not pay for it, but I found out that is just because they do not want to fill out the Physician's approval right after medicaid turns it down first. It is the best thing that has happened to me because I now don't have to go around wondering how I'm going to come up with the money, where to find opiates, and what I'm going to do when I run out. I hate all that running around. At first I used 3- 8mg tablets a day... which I really didn't need that much but he prescribed it to me and told me to use them all. After months of constant use, I have naturally needed less and less. Suboxone has allowed my body to heal from the plethora of opiate receptors so I don't have to take the hell out of opiates just to feel half way decent. One other thing I noticed when I first started taking it, I thought it was making me high when in reality, it was the first time I felt normal in years, so therefore by comparison only, it was a high. I feel normal now, unless I go without a dose and I start to feel a little sick, but NOTHING compared to the hell of the withdrawals from before. I prayed for me to come across something like this and for me to find a way to have enough time off to get my body, family, life to heal and to find myself again and then this happened. I just want anyone else to have this same opportunity. Don't ever believe you have a disease. It is a self induced mental disorder that we all caused ourselves for mostly recreational purposes and because we thought it took away pain. It really just masks it and I'm sure you don't need some overpaid know it all to tell you what you already know. I went to an expensive rehab that put me on a bus back to my city with no home, having had no real help, and they didn't even tell me I could continue getting suboxone at a doctor or where to find it. They just told me it's one drug being substituted for another and kept me on it for 7 days, as if I wouldn't have withdrawals any longer. Yeah, right. My point is, the help is out there if you can find a way to get it. I had to lose everything before I could gain true help, though it took 2 years after rehab for me to figure it out. Everyone is different, so maybe some do better when they keep themselves busy, but I am the type that needed a break from stress, doing nothing, in order to basically allow my brain to reset. Kind of like restarting a pc after it goes haywire. I'm almost ready to go back to work and face the word again, but I plan to do it slowly, quietly, and thoughtfully. I don't plan to try and make friends, hang out with anyone or attempt to put too much on my shoulders. You may look around and think it's impossible to let go of all the things you see necessary, but remember... the things you own in life end up owning you. The less things you own, the less things you have to worry about. I thought my world was coming to an end, but I realized it was a new beginning. I hope my story helps.

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The cost of Suboxone (buprenorphine) and doctor's fees vary. I agree there is gouging. My thoughts on how much should be charged as well as how you can find a suboxone doctor in your area can be found at


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Im on medicade today is 17 days waiting for the paperwork togo through,im disabled and was prescribed opiates for 16 im struggling to get the process of medicades requests,and my dr. isn't helping.I take 3 8mgs a day at 7.50 per pill the script price is the exact income of my disability.Help me someone ive been sober 7 months&fear the $ is gonna cause relapse.What do I do? I call medicade everyday and ive done everything asked. Who could lead me in the right direction to get the ball rolling? I have faith and pray that they get it done before I relapse...

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I pay 8.00 a sub strip. It saved me in so many ways. I never thought that I could be normal again and always looking for pericots. I stress from day to day wondering how I will pay for them but I find a way. I have no job or insurance and I have tried 9 different places to just help alittle with no luck. I call suboxone my lifesaver because it really did save me.

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My husband and I both have been paying out of pocket for suboxone every 2 weeks for a year now. We paid $300 for the first visit and $75 every two weeks after just for the doctors visits (on top of that now we are getting letters saying we owe almost $3,000 each for testing that isn't covered in what we pay the doctor so now we are going to have that on our credit too). On top of that the prescription is $123 every two weeks each before the suboxone $45 dollar discount. Which brings it evenly to around $85 every two weeks.

I spent all night last night online looking at all the pharmacy help cards, and cheap prescription coverage insurance that might help and I found this card. I honestly didn't ever take the links people posted for these cards seriously because every time I would try one it wasn't a very good discount and it wasn't able to be combined with the $45 discount card so it wasn't a big help.

Looking around I got through 30 pages on the google search before I got to this card and looked up how much it would cost, at first I was getting the same $123 but on the 3rd page of pharmacies I see $7.50 for a box of Suboxone 2mg 0.5mg Film (30 count). I go no way this can't be right. I go to the next page and there is another pharmacy this time a Walgreens that says $8.50. I go ok lets go try this. I called the smaller pharmacies that it said they were $7.50 at but they didn't have any and would have to order it but we needed it today so I go well its a dollar and really I'm still saving a ton so I went to Walgreens and just said I had new insurance and they put it in, and go ok your total is going to be $8.50. I had printed out the price quote and everything incase I had to say something but I didn't it just went through. So seriously get this card free and check how much you can save on price quote page : :: I promise I am not making it up and I honestly hated having to go to the doctor every two weeks and us spending our entire pay checks. So please try this and let me know if it helps you out at all. I am in New York if it makes any difference, although since it's a Walgreens I am sure it will be the same everywhere they have them.

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If you're still able to get the Suboxone for $8.50 I'd stock up as soon and as much as you're able. I entered my info and the best price it returned was $354/month for two sublingual strips (8mg/2mg) per day. The Suboxone has truly been the miracle drug they make it out to be for me - no more cravings, running all over the state searching for the pain pills, going through the hell of withdrawls, etc. If anyone has any other advice for finding less expensive monthly supplies I'd appreciate the info! Best of luck to everyone.

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i take 2 8mg suboxone a day and the best price i can find is almost $500. where are you getting yours at that price?

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A close friend of mine ran out of her subs today due to a screw up in her insurance. Watching her fear and anxiety was unbearable for me, as well as worrying that without the insurance or money to pay 600 dollars for the retail cost her chances of a relapse are dangerously close. I googled around the web and got here. We checked the discount page and called her regular pharmacy (Walgreens) and had the pharmacist run a dummy 'script using the discount card. For 60 8mlg-2mlg films he was excited and shocked to tell us the price would be $8.50. We hunted down a printer, went to the pharmacy and after attempting to run the card in her name as well as his the cost was $450. Understanding the danger of her situation he called the nelp line and was still unable to find a soloution or explanation for how the price had changed...
The price of this medication is outrageous. Breaking free of heroin or opiate addiction has the ability to save lives that are miserable. I am disgusted with the greed of pharmacutical companies and the difficulty one must face to obtain help with addiction.
I know its probably wrong but am honestly considering going through the needed motions of requesting treatment on a handful of vicodin to use my insurance as a decoy to keep her safe until her coverage is back in place.
In the mean time we are both searching the web and calling pharmacies in hope of an immediate solution.
If anything remotley affordable appears I will repost and hope that all the people in her same position keep safe and find a way to obtain their prescriptions.

Has anyone checked Canada? I know that despite some of the lower costing generics now available a lot of Americans cross the border for affordable meds...

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You need to get on the generic form of divided...not the name brand suboxone. It's called videophone and It's just the base medication without the nalaxone. With all the free drug prescription discount cards out there that you can print on the internet there is a company that you pay $4.95 a month and I went from paying $280 for 60 8mg generic divided to paying $190 for the month. Doctors are afraid to prescribe this because of the fear of people shooting it up. Tell the doc you will sign a waiver and call Roxanne pharmacy and see what they can do also. I don't have the savings card on me right now but if you need the info I can give it to you. And I am sure you would get a huge discount on the windows too. And again, it's only$5 a month for this discount card.

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Sorry about the typos on the post but the drug is subutex in the generic form...called buprenorphine. And the discount card..I have a direct number to a lady named Diane and she will set you up. I can direct you to the website but there is nothing better than going straight to the source and she will direct you to the site herself so you can print the card that would be a temp or just get the pharmacy prescription codes from her and you can start using it right away. It was a money and lifesaver because for a measly $5, you can get like 50% off.

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Rxdrugcard by NPS. PROCESSING

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The previous post is misleading - the is a discount program for $4.95/month that may or may not be less than what you're paying now through the pharmacy cash price or in-house discount program. For example my monthly supply of Suboxone (60 of the 8/2mg sublingual strips is $421 through the program and only $390 through Walgreen's own in-house discount program, plus you're out the $4.95/month membership fee. Their website has the ability to check their prices so it never hurts to check every source before filling expensive prescriptions.

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Once you get the discount card that is temporary until they send you 2 actually cards..give the pharmacies the numbers on the card and tell them to check the pricing. A lot of pharmacies do a price match and look for pharmacies that are giving out gift cards with a new it transferred script and then get them to price match and you're on tour way to saving hundreds and getting some groceries too or ask them if they can apply that gift card too the script. If they can't do it then they will do it on tour next script of you don't spend the card. Even if no one is offering those gift cards call around and CVS has given me the biggest discounts out of everyone with that rxdrugcard by NPSprocessing. The # and info is on a previous post and I am just trying to help people here and not mislead anyone! My Med were cheaper at walgreens with the discount card than they were with the w card. But I stopped going to walgreens and started going back and forth between CVS and jewel/osco pharmacies and they so want your business so call and get pricing with the discount card pin #s andtell them your situation and if you find it cheaper further away tell the pharmacist closest to you that you found it cheaper at so and so...will you price match. Tell them it says they price match in their websites and see what they say. Its a little game but they are trying to make as much profit as they can so do your homework, you will save a ton of money!

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I have the ward and I no longer use walgreens because the discount card still end up being cheaper at walgreens. In house, spouse..BS! Get the card and go to CVS and Osco or call them up to check the prices with the info they give you from the card. By far the cheapest pharmacies with this card..and see if they have gift cards for new or transferred scripts and if they do ask them if they can take it off the price right there. Just try it out and you will be sending me thank you posts!

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THIS IS A FREE CARD. You can print a temp card and use it right away for any script. The sub will be 53percent off and every pharmacy in the usa will accept it. My sisters husband uses it and I just ordered one for my boyfriend.

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The cheapest place I’ve found was Line Ave pharmacy in Shreveport LA. If u get like 5, it’ll cost u 10$ but, if u get say 30 u get them for $2.15 per tablet. I can't find anyone else that’ll beat them. Anywho, hope that helps.

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Yeah if you can, get it. Up here in Michigan it's hard to get. Walmart refuses to fill my prescription because they don't fill Suboxone. If you ask me, it's a mixed-up situation. First day they put up at about people being hooked on prescription drugs then when you try to get off of them and you need your Suboxone they don't want to fill the prescription. How stupid! I get mine filled every month at a Mom and Pop's Pharmacy and I've been on it now for about 7 months and it works..... This whole thing about opioid addiction and the rules that the DEA are putting on it and our government is making it hard for the people to get their pain medication anyway and it's not the pain medication that people are od'ing off of, it's heroin, and the news in the government have nerve enough to say opioid addiction. Give me a break.

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Wow I am amazed at the stories I’ve read here today, I have not ever thought much about reading up on suboxone despite having my own personal battles. From reading the stories I gather that most are in the US & that as a Canadian our drug plans (despite our own complaints:) are different. I have read about all the different generics & the horrible reactions. I have always managed to get the name brand Suboxone tablets but once I did receive a generic brand & it was horrible. I’m not keen on the flavour of Lemon we have up here and I have never seen the film strip version being prescribed. I have had my life changed by this medication, I am on 10mg per day and have now for the past year been only taking 2mg. I tapered down on my own and have been getting along fine, I’ll have a laugh and say that I started to taper because after hearing how expensive they are if your without coverage I thought “maybe I should get myself lower just in case and save whatever I could to hold me out”. Things worked themselves out though I still save and reading these stories I’m kind of stunned that the prices people were saying and not knowing what to do cause this medication was working for them. It’s good to know there’s info and people not only sharing their stories but giving help as well. Take Care

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Re: nohumboldt (# 302) Expand Referenced Message

Yes it is a benzo, and yes it can be, you are not supposed to take Suboxone with kolonopin, Valium, none of those...

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Re: Tina (# 286) Expand Referenced Message

Isnt klonopin a benzo? I thought that it could be fatal to mix suboxne with benzo's

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Re: Subs (# 284) Expand Referenced Message

Bulls***, just got approved for another 18 months.

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Re: Jesus (# 297) Expand Referenced Message

As usual, people do need this help. You have made me disabled. After many many years of working I pay .16 cents apiece for them. Maybe you can quit vomiting and stick your nose into lowering the price of needed meds! Or better yet take our children out of harms way when people decide they're Jesus. AWW that's right you're just another lunatic...

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Suboxone is high cost anywhere u go to get it filled. You can get it a little cheaper if u have a discount card and with the discount card at Wal-Mart u can get 60 pills filled for $426.62, but if u can find a good reasonable pharmacy u can get a week supply or 2 weeks supply with the discount card and get it even cheaper. That's what I do when I can't afford the month supply cause insurance won't pay for suboxone pills, only the strips, and I think that's pretty s***ty insurance will pay for painkillers but when u need help getting off them they say screw u. Anyway, I hope this helps your question. There aint really a cheap place out there. I've been everywhere. They're $8 to $15 a pill everywhere u go unless u have a discount card.

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Ok here is a secret that is legal here in the U.S. You can get your sub from a compound pharmacy and it's much cheaper. It comes in a wax compound that's easier to take tastes better and it's just as strong as the strips but more gentle on the stomach. The cost is $2.50 per 8mg. One wax square has 32 mg and cost about 10$. Yes, $10. It's FDA approved but you have to order it from a specialty compound pharmacy. Good luck.

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Re: Tina (# 287) Expand Referenced Message

Don't be a scumbag. Teaching people how to scam the system and obtain free medication via mental institutions when they're not in need of psychiatric help is absurd and disgusting. People like you ruin it for the folks who actually need these services. Hold on while I vomit.

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