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Opioid use disorder (OUD) is a substance use disorder characterized by cravings for opioids, continued use despite physical and/or psychological deterioration, increased tolerance with use, and withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing opioids. Opioid withdrawal symptoms include nausea, muscle aches, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, agitation, and a low mood. Addiction and dependence are important components of opioid use disorder. Risk factors include a history of opioid misuse, current opioid misu...

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Sun Pharma 460's Buprenorphine Hell

I see this group to be for support and information based on experience(s). So I will share mine regarding this horrible medicine with 460 imprinted on a round chalky white tablet. To say I had bad side effects is kind. Aside from the burning under the tongue, subsequent nausea, fatigue, depression, cravings, poor sleep, outbursts, after taste that took forever to go away, I really am a person that seriously likes to give something a chance. And this medicine for me was an actual horror of 28 days until I could get my Westward again. It made me dose off and worst for me was the cravings. I felt so awful all the time on the Sun Bupes I would start thinking about my old methods of feeling better. Not good. Suboxone and Subutex saved my life. After 40 years off and on finally I feel human a...

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Suboxone Chat Room

I have now been on suboxone for a year, I got on it when I found out I was pregnant last January 2013 and I had my beautiful healthy daughter in August 2013 I used to be on subutex during my pregnancy but once I had my daughter I was switched to suboxone. I am on 2 1/2 strips a day and my doctor has been wanting to lower my dose however I have so much going on that I am really nervous to do so. I have lately been dealing with my daughter on my own her father just didn't show me the respect I deserved and he wasn't willing to work to support our daughter so we separated and now I am left on my own with all the finances out daughter and looking for employment which this all just recently happened since the last time I saw my doctor on top of that my daughter has medical issues due...

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Pharmacies that carry Buprenorphine made by Mylan or Roxanne 54 411

I've been taking Buprenorphine 8mg for 3 1/2 years now, all of a sudden every pharmacy in our area (that I know of) has switched the manufacturer they are order from, frustrating to me as I just seem to see a difference all though there shouldn't be. Does anyone know a pharmacy that still carries bup mg with the imprint 54 411? ## Same here. Every store is on backorder for the past 7 days. I'm from mid south Pa. ## Same here!!! I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah, and I've been on it for 8 years now. It started a month ago, when the pharmacies were on back order for 54 411, and now it's EVERY TYPE of generic Buprenorphine from every manufacturer. Last week, I went to fill my script, and people were fighting over ONE BROKEN TABLET!!! I wish pharmacies, manufacturers, an...

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how long after taking a 1/4 suboxone can you take a Percocet?

I took a 1/4 of a suboxone a friend had given me around 6:00 pm today. How long do I have to wait until I can take a Percocet for pain and not get it and have it work? ## 1/4 of a suboxone isn't a very detailed description how many MG's was the strip?(i know this is an old comment but whatever) ## I know this topic is a few weeks old, but I do agree with josh (post #1) in that the answer to the original thread question would largely depend on how many milligrams of Suboxone you're taking. Based on some other cases I've seen, I'd take a shot in the dark and say it may be up to a week before it's out of your body. Although several personal factors such as age, weight, diet, etc, could also influence the excretion rate. I hope this info helps! Please post back if yo...

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Movantik and coffee

I was prescribed Movantik a week ago with the enclosed instructions suggesting that I take 1 tablet in the morning and eat nothing for an hour, which I've haven't done yet because I must have coffee immediately upon waking or otherwise remain nauseous until I do. My question is this: Can I take Movantik after drinking a cup of coffee with cream? Not knowing whether that's ok I've taken the med at bedtime instead for several days now, which A) causes cramps throughout the night + B) was not very effective, i.e. did not produce a BM after I woke up, but I suggesting to me that it likely works better while one is awake and more active after dosing. I'm reluctant to do so however, until I have this question answered. ## Without offering medical advice, all I can say is t...

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Did They Stop Making The Roxane 54 411 Buprenorphine?

I have been getting the generic Subutex Roxane brand 54 411 Buprenorphine tablets for months now from Walmart pharmacy and the past two times I've gotten my prescription filled there, I was given a different generic made by Hi Tech with an 8 and an arrow. I asked them why the change because those little tablets just are not the same and they said the Roxane ones could not be ordered. I called around to other pharmacies I have gotten my prescription filled at before also and was also told that the Mylan M 924s can no longer be ordered either. What's going on with the Roxane and Mylan Buprenorphine tablets? Did they stop making them or is there some kind of shortage? I had the choice of getting the small Hi Tech tablets which seem alot less potent than the Roxane or the Actavis 15...

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White Round Pill Subutex 54 411

I found Subutex in my daughter's room with a needle. Do people really IV this? Why do people take it that dont need it? ## The pill in description is Buprenorphine hydrochloride (subutex) 8 mg. It is a semi-synthetic opioid that is used to treat opioid addiction in higher dosages (>2mg) and to control moderate pain in non-opioid tolerant individuals in lower dosages (~200 mg). Yes, Subutex can be administered intravenously. This is a very addictive drug that gives off a euphoric rush similar to other opioids in addition to a slight "upper"-like effect. ## Hello, administering these intravenously is very dangerous so please take them from her and tell her she is messing with her life, i am only 24 and have never used a needle but have had drug problems all my life since i...

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Subutex 460 vs 54 411

Does the Buprenorphine 8mg 460 work as well as 54 411's? I'm curious as I've seen other imprints, just not 460. Please let me know if they are better or worse. ## BETTER. The only thing is they taste a tad worse. I use 1mg a day and these are slightly smaller and worker slightly better in my opinion. ## Among other influential factors, some people may respond better or worse to the different binders/fillers upon switching from one tablet to the next. That said, the only true way to compare efficacy is to go through trial and error with both versions yourself and not solely based off someone else's feedback. Inactive ingredients in the 460 pill are: Lactose Monohydrate, Mannitol, Povidones, Anhydrous Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Butylated Hydroxyanisole, Magnesium Stearat...

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Find a doctor that prescribes methadone in las vegas

Hi I was wondering if there is a doctor in Las Vegas or.Henderson n.v. that can prescribe methadone on a month to month basis? ## Hi, Krysta! How are you? For addiction treatment, it cannot be prescribed like that. Under the laws for such, it can only be administered in a clinical setting by those that are specially trained in its use for addiction, since it requires regular monitoring and there are strict limitations on take home doses, counseling and etc. Learn more Methadone details here. Any doctor can prescribe it for pain, but most are reluctant to do so, since it can be very habit forming and there are much better and safer options available. Is there anything else I can help with? ## My son has chronic pain and was dismissed by his first pain doc, is there another doc in Las Veg...

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orange subutex 153

I refilled my monthly subutex Tuesday and received orange oblong tablets inscribed 153. My pharmacy has carried 54/111 over three years. Does anyone know if the orange ones are going to permanently replace all other generic Buprenorphine? Also, are any other patients experiencing loss in quality? Thank you ## I have just received the same orange 8 mg 153 Subutex from MFG Actavis Elizabeth...I haven't taken any yet becaus I am not sure what to expect as far as changes, I have been taking the MFG Hi-Tech 8 mg Subutex for a year and a half. Des anyone have any experience taking the new Actavis 8 mg Subutex switching from other brands... ## Hello, Sammy! How are you? I doubt this is a permanent replacement, it's most likely that the distributor your pharmacy orders from was able to ...

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