Pharmacies That Carry Buprenorphine Made By Mylan Or Roxanne 54 411


I've been taking Buprenorphine 8mg for 3 1/2 years now, all of a sudden every pharmacy in our area (that I know of) has switched the manufacturer they are order from, frustrating to me as I just seem to see a difference all though there shouldn't be. Does anyone know a pharmacy that still carries bup mg with the imprint 54 411?

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Same here. Every store is on backorder for the past 7 days. I'm from mid south Pa.

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Same here!!! I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah, and I've been on it for 8 years now. It started a month ago, when the pharmacies were on back order for 54 411, and now it's EVERY TYPE of generic Buprenorphine from every manufacturer. Last week, I went to fill my script, and people were fighting over ONE BROKEN TABLET!!! I wish pharmacies, manufacturers, and drug companies realized what a negative impact this has on a group of extremely fragile people who are fighting addiction everyday in order to, hopefully, have the life we all long for, and deserve. Thanks for letting me vent.... Meh.

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I usually go to Walmart pharmacy (I live in South central PA) and they all say they are out of them, that they are on back order. My friend went to MD to fill her script, and she got these tiny 8mg subs, with an 8 and an arrow on them. I don't want to take different ones, usually I get the 54 411... I was told all Walmart's are out here in PA. I'd go to another pharmacy if I could get the ones I'm used to, even if they do cost a little more. Reply please, if you find out any info, since we seem to be close...

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This may help you... I had called every pharm in a 50 mile radius from my home, family owned, warehouse, chain stores, ALL OF THEM!!! Every single one had either, the little white one with an arrow, or the even smaller football shaped one. I was totally panicking, and it got to the point where I actually considered giving up 8 years of sobriety. By some miracle, my neighbor mentioned something about picking up her son's meds from the HOSPITAL'S pharmacy... I never thought to check hospital pharmacies!!! They had a ton in stock AND the cost was almost HALF of what I normally pay out of pocket!!! The pharmacist treated me like a REAL person with a REAL problem, she listened why and how this was affecting me and others, and then actually took the time to figure what is happening and when it will end. All the other pharmacies treated me like a dirty junkie needing a fix, instead of understanding those pills keep me from being a junkie, and continue to save my life. Anyway, I hope that helped, and just do your best to hang on. Supposedly, everything SHOULD be back to normal BY the last week of July according to the pharmacist at the hospital. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

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Wow, that is crazy... For the past two months, I've gotten the actual bottle from the pharmacy, the one the subutex come to the pharmacy in, I guess cause I get 30, and there's 30 in each bottle. My friend got her script and got tiny ones, and now I'm terrified of getting something different. She says they made her feel "f****d up" (the little ones with an arrow and an 8). The pharmacy treats me the same way, like I'm some drug addict and it pisses me off because they aren't my Dr they don't know what's best for me... But anyway, where did you hear it would be back to normal? I'm considering taking my bottle with me to fill my script on the 11th, and asking the pharmacy for those exact kind, but I don't know how that'll go over. I'll definitely try the hospital or the pharmacy connected to my kid's Dr office, they are different than regular pharmacies. I was told by one Walmart that I could bring my script in a few days early and they'd order it, but they told my friend they had no idea when they were getting more...

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The Walgreens in Chicago no longer have Roxanne listed as an available manufacturer for them to order in the generic subutex (buprenorphine). Only Actavis.

I was looking forward to feeling like me again today after a very difficult month on the Actavis generic subutex. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen.

I had my script at Walgreens since Saturday since they were ordering in the usual Roxanne brand for me. It was supposed to be in on Monday, but I never got the call. I stopped in yesterday and they said they ordered it, but they were shipped two more Actavis bottles instead.

So they said we could try again for the next day (today). They have been really nice and helpful, but when I stopped in to check the status on my way home they said it had not come in.

They started to look into it further and discovered that Roxanne wasn't even listed as an available manufacturer anymore so they couldn't even order it in.

I again confirmed that I just could not, by any means, fill it with the Actavis brand and go another month feeling the way I have been. I just can't, and it's depressing to realize that it's not well understood just how drastic of a difference there truly is between two generics with the same active ingredient.

I just truly can not endure another 30 days of depression, ongoing headaches, irritability, complete lack of motivation and desire to do anything I've always loved, and also the difficulty with urination.

Even after 30 days it's still amazing to me how different I feel - and it's even more difficult to hear from loved ones and those around you saying: "what's wrong? Are you okay? You've seemed really down lately and just not yourself...".

I understand how different everyone is and how we all react differently to medications in some way. So I truly do hope and pray that others who are having to refill with the Actavis brand don't have the same devastating experience as I have had.

I've been on Roxanne for years and everything has been going so well for me. Never have had any issues with relapse, cravings, nor running out early. I actually felt "normal" with my dose of 1mg a day.

Maybe Actavis just does not work well at all at low doses. Or maybe they chose profits over quality and efficacy. I don't know. Either way, I am really hoping and praying that I do not have to do another month on Actavis. I just really can't feel like this anymore. I can't stand it and it's negatively impacted so much in my life this past month, as crazy as that might sound.

Please Actavis, please continue your research as the clinical studies I read in your published reports do not represent the full "market".

I have never been a complainer in life. This month changed that, likely because my whole "self" changed when switching to Actavis.

People will say it's the same medication, but after 30 days I've become a big believer in that generic's can significantly differ from one another in very severe, and unfortunate ways.

I will try the hospital pharmacy tomorrow. I've never done that before so I'm hoping I have success. Otherwise, CVS can order in the brand Mylan, which I've never had before.

As long as the Mylan is not anything like Actavis, I'll end up with that for a month. Just truly wish research had advanced further by now so that it would be well-known that saying one generic is "essentially the same thing" as the others is not accurate.

I also filed a complaint with Medwatch, which is also something I never, ever imagined ever doing for something. That is how significant of an impact this Actavis brand has had on me.

Finally we're entering a new era in medicine: Precision Medicine. Finally all medical professionals, pharmacy technicians, and patients themselves will become more aware of how different a medication can impact people --even though the "active ingredients" variation might be within the governments legal limits.

Truth is, we as a society still understand very little about this area of medication. Fortunately more research and more focus on genomics, exome sequencing, and other areas of genetics will soon help out people who end up suffering from the standard belief that "one medication is the same as another with the same active ingredients, so anything a patient might experience or say is most likely in their head."

Man I can't wait for further advancements in this area. So many people are going to be helped and saved from being trapped on medications that absolutely cause more harm than good even though they are "legally the same".

Sorry for the long ramble. Just very disappointed in having to think about the likelihood of feeling so depressed, fatigued, headache, no emotion, etc. for another month.

Hopefully Mylan is not a similar experience if I have to take that.

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Just posted here, but just discovered something that might help others -- including the Walgreens technicians.

I called Walmart, which is where I used to get my prescription filled until the one near me closed. I asked about the manufacturer's and they said they only had the generic subutex by "Westward".

I thought that was odd cause I never came across that brand while looking on the internet this month.

Walgreens technician thought it was odd that Roxanne was no longer even an option to me anymore from any Walgreens. It is a change that happened within the last 2 days.

So I just discovered that Westward owns Roxanne - and even the picture of their generic buprenorphine on the Westward website is the same as the Roxanne one.

So it could be that announcements to pharmacies about the name change just haven't happened?

I don't know. Either way I'm going to Walmart to fill my script for the Westward brand and am praying that it is the same thing as Roxanne.

Really praying....

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"Please no more Actavis" - I wish I could have read your comment and replied sooner. But by now I'm guessing you've gotten the new ones. :( I would have told you to definitely take the Mylan, as they are the next best thing to Roxanne and the most similar in effectiveness compared to all the other brands I've tried, in my opinion. Roxanne has been discontinued due to being bought out for 2.1 billion dollars, by another pharmaceutical company. They will no longer be available. I too, have the new ones that the Roxannes have been replaced with, and they are awful. They burn while dissolving, I've read comments in other threads from people who've gotten ulcers in their mouths from this, as well upset stomach, headaches, loss of appetite, lack of energy, and cravings. I've had muscle cramps in my legs the last few days. I hope your experience was different and maybe you didn't have these issues. But if you did, try and get the Mylan next time. I hope this helps.

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It is the same. I filled with westward and it's exactly like Roxanne. It is the same exact pill with the same exact numbers. I been on it for 6 years and I couldn't feel a difference

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I have been taking the Roxanne 54 411 imprinted buprenorphine tablets for some time now. Since Roxanne has recently been bought out by another pharmaceutical company and the 54 411 tablets discontinued as a result, I am now searching for a pharmacy chain that carries the Mylan M924 imprinted buprenorphine. (I am not interested in debating the discontinuation of the 54 411, I am 100% sure they will no longer be available so please, no comments on that) I am specifically seeking information on the Mylan tablets. I know that patients are weary about sharing pharmacy information with others, as they think it will lessen the likeliness of them being able to get their preferred brand of medication. But I am not asking for a specific location, I would just really appreciate if someone could offer some info on a CHAIN pharmacy, if nothing else. It would help me out tremendously, as the new ones I have been given are not nearly as effective as the previous ones I'd been taking up until this point and I find the Mylan ones to be the next best thing. Thank you so much to anyone who is kind enough to be of any help with this information.

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I posted a reply yesterday in response to "Please no more Activas". I just thought of something. Maybe you were able to still get the same ones- the Roxannes, when you went back.. Just with the West-Ward name on the bottle.... All the pharmacies I am aware of, had replaced the Roxanes with the new white, round 460 imprinted tablets. And that is what I spoke of, regarding the terrible side effects etc. The last couple days I've gotten really nauseated a few times. Last night I couldn't even make my daughter's bottle; I had to lay down it was so bad. I thought I would vomit. Today, my energy level has been so, SO low. Like I haven't even had any meds, and I took 8mg already, whereas normally I would have only taken 4mg thus far. This is so depressing, having no choice but to take something that makes you feel bad. I recommend for anyone (all of you patients that got 460s from CVS & other pharmacies) to PLEASE, call CVS's corporate and complain. That is the only chance we have and getting these 460 tablets gone! Also, go to [Sun Pharma Adverse Event] to report efficacy & side effects from the medication!!!!

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All pharmacies in GA.especially Atlanta do not have Roxane 54/11. I hate the replacement 460 8mg they've been bought out from Wentworth. I m going to try Activis one more time. That's the only one left that's even close they wear off though.i even thought about going to suboxone strip's cause the absorption is better and the bup.idk. I'm going crazy.

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I would die for one of those little ones right now

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This is so f ed up. To think of all the lives that company has affected.if I could prove it it's like a conspiracy against us. How many are gonna go bk out?? Die?? Suffering wishing they were dead. Man idk wtf to do. Go to suboxone strip's?????

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I also am experiencing the same issue. I have had extreme migraines and vomiting since starting these hi tech brand buprenorphine this month. Mylan Pharmaceuticals web site states the date of availability will be July 24th! Come the 24th I'm going to my pharmacy and begging them to order my regular medication. I've spent the last 8 days in bed in the dark because of these migraines. The depression I'm experiencing right now is beyond belief. I was placed on buprenorphine for chronic pain due to my back and I'm in a hell of a spot right now because of this back order! If I don't take it I'm in so much pain I can't move, and if I do take it I'm stuck in bed all day with curtains drawn and lights off because my heads pounding. It's absolutely a lose/lose situation. Praying the 24th they can order my medication, because at the rate this depression's going...well let's just say..I can't live like this.. good luck guys!

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Wow that's great to hear that at least mylan will be available. I have no idea what is going on with Roxane/Westward. My pharmacy tried to order them last Monday and said they are back-ordered. I called the company directly and they said they are available and shipping to distributors and that they can't make them order their product? So strange. My pharmacy tried again to order them on Friday and today I will find out if they got them or not. Fingers crossed they did but if not I'm asking them to order the mylans. I've never tried them but they have to be better than the ones by sun labs that I was given last week.

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RESPONSE TO Cxxl9, Just wanted to help you out, you said you had never tried Mylan but haven't been able to have access to your preferred brand, Roxane/WestWard. I can attest that Mylan's are very similar... The efficacy / effect is similar. The taste is similar, just less noticeable... And they are definitely more effective, with less side effects, in comparison to Sun Pharma's tablets.

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Riggsk, thanks for the response. Sorry for such a late reply on here.

I'm coming close to finishing a month on the Hitech brand after going an unbelievably shockingly bad month on Activas.

Without a doubt, Hitech is still not as therapeutic as Roxane. The difference between Hitech and the Roxane I was on for years, consistently, is very noticeable. Less effective in all aspects.

However, for me the Activas brand was by far.... the worst medication I've ever experienced in my life. Yes, it kept the severe withdrawal symptoms at bay, but the side effects were unbelievable. Most depressing, stressfull, and honestly dangerous month I can remember ever experiencing. I am still in disbelief of it.

No question about it I would take Hitech any day of the week over Activas -- even if it costs 3x as much to refill.

But with that said, Hitech is still not the same, by far, as Roxane. However, it didn't have as strong effect on depression and energy, in a negative manner, as Activas does.

So I'm really, really, really, really, really hoping I can at least refill with Westward or the Mylan this month.

People really need to report their experiences with these mediations to the Medwatch program and other centralized programs.

The government, doctors, and pharmacists in general still are not aware of how significant of an impact changing from one generic to another for this medication truly can be on us. It's not their fault, it's just a matter of there not being enough data, both quantitative and qualitative, yet for there to be new policies that help patients from going through *very dangerous* experiences with a different manufacturer.

With the opioid epidemic I feel that there is a lot of leniency on manufacturers to just get medications out, but not enough attention placed on the potential negative effects that happen when *generics are 100% not equal in this category of medication* - not even close in my opinion.


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I have never posted on one of these forums before but am honestly shocked here. I had the same problem with the Actavis pills...5 years on Roxanne's and have been doing amazing, went from being homeless with no one in my life to pulling in six figures with a beautiful family and house, it gave me the platform to change my life in every way imaginable!! I recently went on a trip to Maryland and had to get my script filled and lucked out because the CVS in Salisbury, MD had the Roxanne which is going to last me through the month and then I will try Mylans for the time being.

HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART GUYS!!!! My bottle says "MFG: ROXANNE/WEST-WAR" so if they got bought out, the CVS in Salisbury has received their new shipment as before it only listed "MFG: ROXANNE", I see this as a good sign for everyone. I spoke with a CVS pharmacist I am friends with and she stated that all the orders at their pharmacies come from corporate. If a chain pharmacy was having CONSISTENT back orders, they likely temporarily switched. Being in sales myself, they will likely get switched back once orders are ready to fill (which I read in a recent post above that they are filling orders again...) if a company gets bought out, often times the change of power can create panic in the workplace and production often goes down, there are layoffs, etc. it's not that the pharmacies or distributors or even manufacturers are trying to screw us over, they are trying to make a quick buck, but why would you put out a subpar product when there is a clear favorite on the market? We are addicts, we will go to whatever is best and strongest (Roxanne) - it won't be going anywhere anytime soon unless they come under suspicion for other reasons.

Please try not to panic and please don't replace, you can get through it! Talk to your doctor too!! My doctor totally understood and said he would call me in extra if I needed them during the transition (never had to but the actavis was so depressing I did take extra about every 3rd or 4th day). You and I are people too, just be reasonable and rational and we will all get through this together!!

By the way, f*** yes to a petition against actavis!

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The 54 411 too me are the best and really their the off brand once activist is name brand organe ones rp 8 are better then

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Re: Lala08 (# 462) Expand Referenced Message

where are you located in Va? i’ve been having a terrible time trying to fill my subutex script and I hate the Activas they keep giving me

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I was with Walmart also. I have changed to Walgreens. Have not had a problem yet. I am in New Mexico. Not sure if that matters, but throwing it out there.

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Does anyone have any updates on their experience with their subutex? I was on the High-Tech 8mg little white ones with the arrow, which IMO were the best ones ever made. Wish I could find some now. Since their recent bankruptcy and recall, I haven't been able to find anything as good. The 54/411's are the next best thing, which I get mine from Costco. Does anyone have a similar experience?

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Re: Trish (# 465) Expand Referenced Message

Do you still have those tiny ones from Purdue? The ones with the arrow on them? I have been looking for those for over a year now. Those were my favorite, hopefully they bring them back. I have the Rhodes 54/411's now. They aren't as good, but the best ones that are out at the moment IMO.

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Re: Ruth Ann (# 460) Expand Referenced Message

Shoot, the RP are one of the best.. Try them funky Sun Pharmas…you will really be sick.

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Re: Argent (# 469) Expand Referenced Message

It’s getting really every where I go they want to give me those nasty Sun Pharmas…the absolute bottom of the barrel. I’m going to have to switch from subutex back to the suboxone strips…I can’t deal with them things. Every pharmacy is getting super cheap about the brands they order…I’m pretty mad about it!

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Re: Lala08 (# 462) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, this is true. The small private pharmacies will usually order them for you if they don't already stock them. (Forget chain pharmacies as far as their going the extra mile for customers.)

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Re: Echoes39 (# 466) Expand Referenced Message

Sun Pharma are the absolute worst. I got them one month from Kroger Pharmacy and never again. They are bottom of the barrel cheap, burn tongue and mouth, and do not hold you at all!!! They need to stop making them. I get the hilkma or however they are spelled and they are one of the best. I get them at Rite Aid. I used to get the super tiny Rhodes ones at Walgreens but they won’t crack my script anymore..I’m in michigan. Good luck everyone!

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Re: Echoes39 (# 466) Expand Referenced Message

So CVS does carry those?

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