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I started Suboxone four days ago. I am taking a whole 8 mg Suboxone twice a day. I also take 45 mg of Adderall a day for ADD and I need the Adderall because I am a college student. Is it harmful to take them together? The Suboxone has done excellent for me, and has kept the Oxycontin out of my mind. I got addicted to tabs when I was playing college baseball in order to play through two broken fingers and bum shoulder. So instead of doing a gut check time dealing with the pain through an ice bucket or taking some time off to heal up, because I was just a freshman and I was battling it out for starting spot with a all-conference senior. I became immune to the tabs, so a player introduced me to Oxycontin. I was taking 80 mg a day. This continued into the fall season of my sophomore year until I tore the ligaments of my throwing hand and had to have surgery. It was a career ending injury and rehab was nine months, during which I received Perocets. I began to stack them with Oxycontin and Adderall. This addiction almost destroyed my life.It almost cost me everything and put my parents through hell, not only physically but also financially cause I used the money they sent me for living expenses to support my habit. They continued to be my rock and never gave up on me. The Suboxone made me feel like life did before Oxy. I am now a junior and with the help of the Good Lord I am getting my life back. I would like to know if the 45 mg of Adderall is safe with the Suboxone? I am having to buy the Suboxone, is there a clinic I can go to that is not rehab to get prescribed or a doctor? What are my options? I went dry for a week but quickly relapsed,but this time I don't care how hard it is. So please any help with my options would be appreciated.

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You really need to be working with a doctor while on these drugs. In almost every community there is at least one physician certified to prescribe Suboxone. Here's a link to a search function for this:

As far a getting off Adderall, it can be done but should be done very slowly. There's a Yahoo Group that helps people do this with little to no disruption to their lives. It's called Withdrawal_and_Recovery.

Adderall addiction is a real and dangerous. This is a vastly overused drug that is rarely truly needed. Millions of people made it through college without it or another psych drugs. We live in a time now where the pharmaceutical industry has convinced everyone that any struggle we have is a mental illness and needs to be treated. The longer you take this drug the more difficult it becomes to get off it.

A study, published in June 2009 in the American Journal of Psychiatry, confirms that stimulants used to treat children for so-called ADHD can cause sudden cardiac arrest and death. As an athlete you are even more vulnerable to this. There is also evidence from studies of stimulant addicts and case reports that stimulant drugs can cause heart disease, including inflammation and scarring. When drugs like Ritalin and Adderall are prescribed in routine pediatric doses, they commonly cause hypertension, which can lead to an enlarged heart. Suboxone also increases blood pressure so your risk is even higher.

It's really important for you to have some medical oversight. Good luck. Remember to check out the Yahoo Group.

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There are no warnings listed against using them together, but you really need to consult a medical professional to be certain.

As was posted above, this really needs to be used under a doctor's supervision and only one specially trained in the use of Suboxone to treat addiction is allowed to prescribe it for this in the U.S.

You can check out that link to see if there is one in your area.

Your other possible choice is to see if there is a Methadone treatment clinic in your area, it is a lot cheaper, but a very rough medication to take.


Have you consulted a doctor about this at all?

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I also became addicted to oxycontin when i was seventeen, I used to take 30mg of adderall a day my freshman year but it made me so socially anxious so i went off that and onto paxil, which i believe is a placebo. In HS i hated smoking pot and wasn't a big drinker so junior year i took a pill that made me feel on top of the world...oxys, and xanax. So now ive been off and on suboxone for like four years now and something is still missing i still was getting depressed and wanted to use xanax. Then my buddy offers me an adderall and i said why not? So i took 8mg of suboxone that day and 30mg of adderall and im telling you i felt great. I am much more talkative and outgoing and more aware of things, and the best part is i am going with more girls then before. I do believe that way too many people are on medications but if your like me and you have hard core anxiety problems and opiate addictions and have hard times just making it through the day then i suggest talking to a certified psychiatrist. Its the best thing to do. But just to let you know suboxone, in my opinion, is just as hard as getting off of oxycontin because it is in a class of opiates. But if you feel like you cant get off opiates yourself just go to and find a doctor. I hope some people find this comment useful

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I'm telling you these things help. You also may want to get a testosterone booster because once again oxycontin killed all yours!! Because you don't want to cry and be all depressed. Deal with it.

1. Get a testosterone booster containing only tribulus terrestris as the main ingredient. NO Pro-hormone just booster Vitrix made by Nutrex. Good stuff.

2. A good milk thistle is good as well help flush your liver out.

I could go on and on. They help but they are not gonna relieve all your problems.

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All of these comment are great. I used Suboxone for a little over two years under supervision of a certified doctor and a private therapist. Also it's recommended to attend group sessions. I did all of these and slowly tapered off of 16 mg/day down to 0. It was easy and painless. I now have my life back and am so thankful to my family for helping me through my 15 year addiction to Heroin and Crack.

Also a bit on Adderall. I too took 30mg per day with my Suboxone to "get more work done" and realized that it was turning into yet another addiction. I started getting lower doses and quit in one week. I realized that I would be addicted to it and not be able to get out of bed in the morning without it! So please get out of that situation while you still can.

Doctor locator links:

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Pressingtheissue- I think that is awesome that you completed sub treatment successfully and had no problems getting off the medication. I just started about 5 weeks ago. I would love to hear more about your story and your successful suboxone taper. Do you have it posted on any suboxone forums? Would you mind emailing me and letting me know? If not..... No worries.. Just nervous since I'm new on subs.

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Correction. A side effect of suboxone is that it can cause decreased blood pressure or HYPOtension. Only cases of high bp are when it is given too soon to the last use of a opiod. In this case it creates a precipitated withdrawal and can create a DT like effect. Other than that it will lower pressure just like most narcotics/opiod analgesics. Example. A hospice patient receiving morphine. This drops their pressure sometimes allowing the body to pass away sooner.

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Hey everyone, I have been taking suboxone for about 6 months now and I started at around 4 mg and have tried tapering myself down and now I am at 1 mg. This drug is very useful for treating people who were addicted to opiates and cannot stop doing them as I'm sure you all know. Suboxone has been great but I'm ready to get off of it. Does anyone have any good tips? I know I can't just jump off at 1 mg because I'm in nursing school and cannot afford to lay in bed or not study. So from everything I've read people have recommended tapering down and going down .25 every four days. This is what I'm trying to do but I feel like I am stuck at 1mg. Now, I have recently found out that I have ADD and have just been prescribed 10mg of adderall by my doctor. I also take celexa (antidepressant) and xanax. It sucks that I have gotten myself into this predicament but seeing how everyone says adderall is highly addictive I coulf opt to just not take it. But, I feel like the reason I began seaking out drugs in college was so that I could study and complete homework-which is often a sign of ADD. My psychiatrist doesn't know I'm taking the suboxone that I get from a friend but she felt comfortable enough to prescribe it to me while on xanax. Can someone give me some advice as to maybe some good helpful advice about what I should do to kick this sub habit that would be great. Also any other comments or advice about what I'm taking is welcomed. Like I said, I am a nursing student and I don't have time to lay in bed and withdrawal...I've got to be on top of my game everyday. Only three semesters left but this is where things are getting hairy. Please help!

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I wouldn't get off the subs while u have all that school work going on unless u can afford to be sick a few days. U could always try skipping every other day for a week then skip every 2 days etc till u don't need the subs at all. That's what I did. My doc wouldn't prescribe me adderall for my adhd while I was on subs. Now I lost my insurance due to a layoff at work and can't go to the doc to get a new script. Sucks having to be on meds cuz ur more out of tune when u don't have them then what u would be if u never even started using them from the get go ! Do u live in pa?

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Your story seems very similar to mine. I have been going to the same psychatrist for almost 10 years, where I was prescribed adderall and xanax. However, for the last 3 or 4 years I had been buying roxys and doing those as well. At first just at night, then all day, until I almost lost everything. I lost my girlfriend of 8 years, spent every penny to my name, have debt now that I am never going to get out of, and I almost lost my job. (I'm a teacher) Luckily, I still have it and I am doing well with suboxone. I went to a couple of re-hab places, but they all wanted to take me off everything. They told me that if I told my psych. that he would drop me. So, I continued to use and see my psych every month. Until, I realized there was nothing else to lose, and I just needed to be honest with him. Man, I wish I would have done it years ago. He gave me suboxone and continued all my other medications. Sometimes, honesty is the best policy for sure.

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I have a question for whoever may have the answer.
I have been addicted to pain pills for 5 years on & off, mostly on; oxys, hydrocodone & then eventually led to heroin use. I kicked the heroin addiction, thank his.. but only to go back to pain pills! About a week ago, I found out I have chronic liver damaged cause by years & years of abuse putting those pills on my body, because everything you put in your body is processed through the liver! Maybe that can be some helpful advice to some of you who are still using, it not only can but WILL lead to larger & harder drugs & eventually you will find yourself almost helpless to stop because your mind has this addiction & it can make you do somethings you never thought you'd do.
Anyway, 3 days ago I stopped taking everything & by the second day, I was literally going nuts.. trying to be strong I decided to go get suboxone off the street, which i dont recommend.. i got 5 strips! I got them in order to slowly bring myself down.. keep in mind, i had already been going through withdrawl for almost a full 2 days so i let myself go through it a little! The night i got them, which was lastnight, i took about 3 quarters, maybe a little less, then today at about 5, took half of a quarter & i feel okay, not great but thats expected. So if someone could please help me if you know how i should do the rest of this so when im out, i wont be sick!

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Your story sounds alot like sorry to hear your terriable news about your liver but it actually scared the hell out of me.i was on suboxin from a doct for a while but i didnt get the option to get weened off.i can say i was sicker from the withdrawl from sub than any other thing.sounds to me like your doin the right thing by weenin down but im just not so sure u have enough to not still b sick when they r gone.n if u are at all like me..u prob try to find a few more..enough to not b sick..but before it gets out of hand maybe u should go to your doct or a clinic so they can give u exactly what you need..n help u get off them too!

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You posted this a long time ago so you may not see this, but hopefully this will help anyone else that is going through this sort of thing.. if you go to and you can enter your location and it'll show you doctors near you that prescribe suboxone. Hope that helps! Good luck!

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All of the posts have been helpful. And similar stories.
Something to note: If you have been on any strong opiates for years or longer, IF you are able to get off by using sub., you can expect to have attention problems, slowness, etc. Because opiates over time mess with your neurotransmitters in your brain. Take a 'Brain quicz' google it. See which chemical in your brain (out of 4) you are most deficient in. Then take supplements.
I was on Fentanyl for 5 years. A lot of it. I had had 6 shoulder reconstructions which kept failing and not fixing my chronic pain, thus the patch usage for the pain. Now, they found nerve tumors and repaired them, my pain is mostly gone. Now, I have to deal with a slow brain. My thoughts are excessive, I over analyze everything, thoughts all seem new, experiences new. I still take suboxone, but only 1 8mg a day. I WAS taking 4 x 8mg strips A DAY!, but have been able to decrease to 1 a day w/ Np. However, I cant get anything done. Lost my job, bc I cant complete a task. I start one, get side tracked, cant finish. Im a mental mess and its b/c of the opioids over long 5 year period. I just got prescribed Adderrall to help me focus. Something's got to help b/c I need to be productive in my career.
Seek faith for help. Actually try seeking God, what do you have to lose? He helped me.

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I think the adderall will help u Matt. I abused opiates for 13 years. My story is like many others. It started out with pills & then eventually lead to herion. I was also on methadone for 2 years. I have been clean & sober from opiates for 3 years thanks to suboxone. I started out at 16mgs a day & I have tapered myself down to 4mgs a day & that's the dose that I am on now. I do believe that I have done some damage to my brain from abusing the opiates. My way of thinking is definitely different than what is was before the opiate abuse. My thoughts are excessive & over analyze things as well. I am very very forgetful too. I cannot stay on or complete a task. I feel as though I am in a "fog". A couple of months ago I took a adderall for the first time. The "fog" was lifted & I did not feel like a scatterbrain for the first time in 3 years. I am able to stay on & complete tasks & I just feel all around mentally better when I take adderall. I have been getting the adderall of the streets & taking 40-60mgs a day along with my 4mgs of suboxone. I told my therapist about the adderall & how I feel when I take it with the hope of getting my own script for it. He said he has had other patients that have had this experience & he agreed that I would greatly benfit from taking it. So when I went to my dr for my monthly script of suboxone I brought up the adderall with him. I was gonna be honest with him about taking it but before I could even do so he told me that I could not take suboxone & adderall together & reminded me that adderall is very addictive. I left his office that day very very disappointed. When I saw my therapist again he was surprised that the dr did not give me a script for them. He seems to think that if I tell the dr that I have been taking them & I can think & function more clearly when taking them that he will listen to me & give me a script for them. My life has taken a complete 360 since I started taking the adderall. I have taken care of some things that I have put on the back burner because I did not want to deal & have even started to make plans to go back to school next year and start a new career. I am slowly starting now to get my life back finally. I have been looking for anything that says you can or cannot take these two drugs together. Yes I do get it that adderall is addictive & I am a addict so therefore should not take it but dam if it helps me & I am not abusing it (which I am NOT speed was NEVER my thing I like the downers) & it is helping me get my life back I see no problem in taking it. I have not found anything that says these two should NOT be taken together. I see my dr again in a few weeks & I am very nervous about approaching him about this subject again. I do not want to keep having to buy my adderall off of the streets because I do not want to get into any legal trouble & I am sure there is going to be a time when I am not going to be able to find any. I am so torn about what to do. Are you getting your adderall & suboxone from the same dr.?? Has anyone ever told you that these 2 should not be mixed together?? Any input, thoughts, or suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello to all posters. I stumbled upon this board,looking for some answers myself, but will gladly share any info or knowledge I have on these two drugs. First off I'd like to say that I'm a recovering opiate addict(percs were my drug of choice, and lots of them at that).I would also like to add that I've only been clean for less than a week, so you may want to take my advice with a grain of I started a Suboxone program this past week and I can honestly say my life has been dramatically changed already in more ways than I could have possibly dreamed. My sub doctor prescribed me 8mg. Once a day(I'm proud to say,I've only been taking 4mg. A day though, BC I'd like to be off this Med in 6mo. Or less) My only regret is that I didn't get help sooner. I truly feel like my old self again.I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face and it feels AMAZING! God has blessed me in so many ways already. With that being said I've been prescribed adderall for my ADD by my family doctor for the past year.(10 mg. 3x daily) When I went to the sub clinic,my doctor there told me it was absolutely fine to take these two medications together. Although I don't feel like I'm addicted to the adderall in any way,I wanted to stop taking it for the first week or so on subs.I felt absolutely fine and am not even sure if I want to continue taking the adderall. I almost feel like all the problems I previously had focusing may have been due to all the opiates I was putting into my system. I start back to work in a few days and I wanted to try taking the adderall while on Suboxone before I went back,just to make sure I wasn't going to have any weird side affects.I was just fine. Not really any better or worse. Hope this helps someone. God bless,and Merry Christmas!

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My situation is very much like your's. I've been on suboxone for years, which my doctor should have never let me be on it for this long. I'm also on Cymbalata, just started that so I don't know how it's gonna affect me.I'm also on xanax for severe anxiety order. I take Adderal every once in awhile. For me, it just speeds me up and I like the combo with the xanax. I'm so scared to get off the subs because I've been on it for so long and I feel like the withdrawals will be way worse. And I have to have my xanax, my anxiety is really bad. I'm right there with you, don't ever think that you're alone out there.

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I have been addicted to pain pills (Roxy Percocet, Tabs, Methadone, my new fav Opana and MANY more) for 11 years.
I weigh 110lbs and I'm 5'3". I can take up to 15•10mg Tabs, 2•8mg Subs,10mg Percs and some others OR 8-10•30mg Roxys, 10mg (the ones that do NOT have gel) Opana, 10mg Dones and a few others.
I NEVER have & NEVER will stick a needle in my arm, ass, leg and some other odd & NASTY other places I've heard they was being stuck now. I do have that much willpower and much more!
ANYWAY....I get on an Adderall binge, then I will get on a Sub binge, then swap again depending on my mood.
I do not do ALL of these in 1 day, I'm dumb for using, but not THAT dumb. I guess I just decide what my drug for the day is going to be. It's pretty sad & pathetic, but I'm about to get back on track. :-)

The point was, I have a VERY strong stomach. Well yesterday I decided to take an 8mg strip & a 30mg Adderall, just ONE of each. Why....? I guess I was feeling "spunky". Lol. I had taken the strip around 10am or 11am then around 3pm-4pm, I took an Adderall.....OH MY! I was fine for the first hour or so and then all of the sudden, BAM, I knew it was about to vomit. I had to run STRAIGHT to the bathroom and vomited. It was PURE orange. I can't b**** though, I done it to myself! I do NOT have a weak stomach after 11 years of using daily. But for MYSELF, everyone is different, I will NEVER mix the 2 again. HELL NO!
•Just to go ahead and put it out there... I do NOT need a hypocrite to comment about how "rehab is needed, blah blah blah". You wouldn't have read any of theses posts if YOU wasn't doing anything. Duces!

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IM also ADD and I have been on suboxin for just over a year. I take 16 mil a day and im on 72 mg of Concerta. WHICH is similar to Adderall .People who ARENT ADD/ADHD..will get that "speedy" feeling and yes addicts will abuse it. I never felt that way on ridilin or adderall and now im on concerta. Being im an addict when I got on Suboxon i inform my Doc that my psychiatrist has me on stimulant due to my illness and she explained to me that people who are ADD or ADHD our brain does not respond to it the way others do. I dont get that speedy talk a mile a min that addicts get on those it quite the opposite it calms my brain down a few notches and I can actually focus on things instead of having 1500 thoughts rushing through my brain and my life is sooo better organize than when im not on my meds...So with that said I never had any problems with taking both. The only side effect I have since taking both is severe constipation but im not sure if its a combo doing that or the suboxin. HAS anyone on suboxin have problems with that?
I would however inform your doctor that you are on suboxin with Aderall. I dont know what laws are in the usa but here in Canada I get u.a's every week and if my doc wasent aware I was on stimulants for ADD I would pee dirty for having stimulants in my excretion and would lose my weekly carries of suboxin. It took me three months of going everyday before I was allowed to get carries to bring home in a lockbox and I only go once a week to pee and pick up my next week of suboxin. Its definitely not a drug to mess around with. I even have a med alert bracelet saying im on suboxin that way if I get in accideny or where I cant talk they will know not to pump me full pain meds which can overdose us by getting our blood to become toxic due to overload of opiates which can cause seizures among other risks. I almost lost a friend due to the fact she never told ER docs that she was on high dose of 24 mg of always keep your med record up to date it could one day save your life

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I was on Suboxone for about 6 months or so. My Sub Doc stitched me over the 8mg Subutex when I told her I was diagnosed with Adult ADD and pas put on Adderall 20mg IR 2x/day. My sub doc said there is just something she doesn't like about her patients being on an amphetamine and taking a drug (whether active or not) with naloxone in it. Bad side effects. That's fine with me Subutex is 2X as good. :)

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Stay on Suboxone it’s a life saver please don’t get on adderrall it’s not good for you there is a adhd drug called Strattera it doesn’t have the amphetamine in it like adderrall the strattera you can get from family Dr also you can look up suboxone clinics online in your hometown

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I'm in Seattle wa does anyone know a doctor that will prescribe adderall and suboxone. Desperate and afraid to get off suboxone it's only been 3 weeks on suboxone and off adderall

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Hey! So I take 24 mg of suboxone a day and 50 mg of adderal a day.. for the past 4 years with exception to my pregnancy where I wasn’t allowed the adderal only the suboxone.. I’ve never had any problems.. I’d just be careful because there is another chance of a crazy addiction within these two things.. but other than that you should be fine!!

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Re: Nicole (# 52) Expand Referenced Message

Wish I could help because I’m on that exact cocktail prescribed by one doctor and it’s helped so much

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Re: WILLIAM (# 74) Expand Referenced Message

Completely agree and on the same combo.

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Hi there! I also had gastric bypass and am taking 24 of subs and just restarted my adderall at 20mg 2 times daily and it works perfect for me. I also have klonopin if in dire need.

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My brothers do not fool yourselves. Yes it feels good, but you got absolutely no clue about suboxone. It's not like heroin or methadone. It is a man-made chemical. I have tried now for years and I can't seem to get down past 8 mg because I have to work everyday, and when you try to drop too quickly you cannot perform.

I've been on it for over 20 years and my brain shut down and does not make its own natural painkillers anymore. If you took away my Suboxone at 56 years old I would go into cardiac arrest even though I workout everyday. I take Suboxone and Adderal with Klonopin. They prescribed me Klonopin because I was getting anxious. I asked for Adderall due to fatigue. No question, they wrote me a script. I've got 15 or so years of documents of all the medications I was prescribed by all the doctors not once ever telling me it's time to wind down. I believe the protocol on Suboxone is after 6 months.

People don't realize once they start Suboxone, if they don't get off in 6 months you're going to spend many many many years. Do yourself a favor and get off this Suboxone. Go easy with your Adderall and get off everything. When you hit 50 you'll realize "I've been doing this since I was mid to late thirties and now I'm pushing 57 I can't get off it". But knowing or no doctor ever told me I think year after year after year after year. Suboxone and Klonopin are downers while Adderal is legal speed balls. God help me find a lawyer to compensate me because I don't know how much strength I'll have left. I cannot live without it or I will die. Now who's going to pay for keeping me on this? Yes I went to the doctor, but they should know better. Goodness gracious.

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If you're buying it illegally then you are technically abusing it.

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Re: ParknSons (# 63) Expand Referenced Message

Such a great answer & on point, too!! You are either well educated on this topic or you've done your research!

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I do not advise you to take Suboxone and Emma’ I do not advise you to take Suboxone and Adderall’s together it makes you dizzy give you a headache and it makes you want to vomit all over very disgusting don’t do it if I were you I tried it and it was no good

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