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I was taking 100 MG of Prestiq, 300 MG of Seroquel, and 150 MG of Wellbutrin. I slowly whinned myself off of everything, but the Prestiq. I lowered my dose from 100 to 50 mg's, and stayed on that for 2 weeks. I quit taking the 50 mg's of Prestiq on Sunday. I am having withdrawl side effects. The side effects include extreme nausea, headache, throbbing in my head and ears, dizziness, vomiting, irratability, and I snap at the least littlest thing. I feel like I have no control over my emotions. Has anyone went through this before? How long will the side effects last?

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I didn't do it with Pristiq, but yes, I did stop taking 100mgs of Zoloft, cold turkey.

Pristiq is an SSNRI antidepressant, since this affects the chemical balance in your brain, it can be as hard to get off of as a narcotic, because your body isn't used to having to balance and control this anymore, on its own and it now has to readjust.

What you are experiencing is unfortunate, but normal.

For me it the nausea, headache and dizziness only lasted about a week or so, but the fuzzy head feeling took over a month to finally clear up.


The best way to stop these, as doctors normally have you do, is a very slow taper. 50mgs was still a pretty high dose to quit cold turkey.

How are you doing? Any better, yet?

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had to stop taking prestiq b/c i had a serious panic attack/hypervenilation syndrome. i immediately quit cold turkey and i am following up with doctor soon. i have been very nauseas.....

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I just completed tapering off Pristiq over a three month period. I was placed on the medication for moderate depression for three months with little lift in the depression. What are the discontinuation effects that I experienced for three months? Body ache The tingling of hands and feet are similar to the neuropathy of diabetes. The head throbbing and electric zaps are very unpleasant. I suggest that the adaptation of the brain to this med is similar to an opioid and that the discontinuation effect is really withdrawal symptoms. The FDA should reconsider and place withdrawal symptoms in the prescribing information.

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I have been on Prestiq for over 2 years. I am trying to quit. I was on 100 mg. My doctor has me doing 100 one day then 50 the next for two weeks. Then I should be able to stay on 50mg for three months. At that point I return to her for a follow up visit.

I am already noticing headaches. I am feeling some anxiety and am feeling a bit depressed, almost tearful. Is this normal? What do the brain zap feel like? and how often do you have them? Any info would be helpful.

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Pristique XR. That is my plan by recons one week to withdrawal from pristine. Tried three day.....boy did my worlk come crashing down. Had to take 1/2 table today to take the edge off. Couldn't get off the couch. Buzzing ears, head full of fog. Can't move my eyes without my head spinning like a top . Legs very week, generally feeling " what is going to happen next". So I have one more 1/4 table to go before I start the others.
Anyone any advice on efexer HR.

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I have stopped taking my Prestiq as well. Day 3 off of 50mg. I have taken for about 6 months, but decided I can not take the tired feeling anymore. I have been making other lifestyle changes as well that has helped me tremendously (eating better, daily exercise, yoga, journaling)
I have been experiences, as someone else discribed as, "electric shocks", dizzyness and nausea.

I was curious if I could cut my tabs in half to help with the symptoms I am having. Or tough it out for a few more days.
This is not fun at all, but I am still functioning.

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The withdrawal from prestiq is awful. Go to the doctor and get a pill to lessen the effects. If you have been prescribed this drug do not go off it yourself.

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