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Any feedback on side effects from taking Norvasc?

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I want to know if anyone has bad leg cramps from this rxs.or any other side effectts.

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My daughter just started taking it and didn't complain of leg cramps, but she did have increased urination

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Just started taking it yesterday, and noticed that my head was hot and cheeks were flush. Had massive headache too. No leg cramps yet.

Have you noticed if these side effects go away with prolonged use?

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These are common side-effects when someone first starts using Norvasc:

Headache, stomach pain or gas, nausea, vomiting, facial flushing, drowsiness or dizziness, unusual weakness or tiredness .

Most side effect do go away after your body adjust to the med, it can vary from person to person, but it usually takes approximately 2 weeks.

Here is the full monograph listing:

Norvasc Info Click Here

As to the leg cramps, that is not listed in what I am reading as a side effect, but as I said above, these things can vary from person to person. If they occur and are bothersome, please speak to your doctor or pharmacist, to make sure you are not experiencing a dangerous side effect.

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My doctor added 10 mg Norvasc to by current beta blocker + thiazide diuretic. I felt like a horse kicked me in the chest with every heartbeat. I quit taking it after 4 days.

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I just started the medication 4 days ago and I have had a massive headache and nausea since then. Is there a better medication with less side effects?

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Well you should really try it for a few weeks before you give up on it, many of these side effects are only caused by your body adjusting to the new med and depending on how fast it takes you to adjust to it, they will wear off in between 2 to 4 weeks.

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You should never stop any med like this without speaking to your doctor first.

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Back in 08-26-2006, I called my Dr. on 08-28 and he took me off Norvasc put me on a generic called Lisinopril.

I haven't had any side effects w/ the generic Lisinopril. It's what another family member takes with no side effects, so my Dr. thought it might also be O.K. for me to take, which it has.

I understand the forum moderator's and Verwon's advice, but I'm not willing to miss work and not be able to lead a normal life for two weeks, just to see if a medication is going to adjust to my body. There are too many other medicines the Dr. can try.

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the only thing i am having is tiredness all the time and swelling in my legs and i have been on it about a year

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My wife's feet and ankles swelled
out of sight taking Novac

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My feed and legs were also swelling when I was taking Novasc. I also had heaches and dizziness at midday everyday. My Dc put me on Adco-Retic one in the morning and Triplein Forte in the evening.This is my second month on Triplein forte.I also feel tired, headaches and I run to the toilet more than 6 times day and night.

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I don't believe that a person has to go through the hell of the side effects of Norvacs or lisiniprol. I was so sick from those drugs and had to get off of them. Did you also know that norvasc causes psychosis. People need to be persistent with there doctors as I was. Doctors are not educated with side effect. Now I am so scared to take any medications at all. I am now off of both medications cause it gave me flu like symthams coughing was so darn tired could not do anything not even house work. I am now on a low dose of diuretic. I will see how that works. Please you have to be persistent with your doctors and demand to be taken of these meds. There are other meds out there with less side effects.

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I just started taking Norvasc and felt like Jean Moore described but this all went away 4-5 days later. Now I feel much better and my blood pressure is much better. Just like others have been saying let your body adjust to the meds before giving up.

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started taking amlodipine 12/5. 10 mg.tremor, lightheadness, dry mouth. no edema yet. a mild case
of the jitters.

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When I started taking NORVASC 5mg, I noticed swelling on both feet. I went to Doctor complaining about the swelling, He recommended the following: Use LO salt and stop taking the MATRIEIX SR and try swimming at least half an hour a day. I have done whatever the doctor recommended, the swelling is not gone had my kidney, liver and lung tested, and found nothing wrong with them. I am also Diabetic type 2. It is controlled by some tablets. Could you advise me what to do next?.

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how long the psycosis side effect left after you stop taking Novascs

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how long the psycosis side effect left after you stop taking Novascs? please somebody can answer this

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Did you ever get the answer to how long it lasted after stopping?

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I have had serious night leg cramps and sometimes a little daytime tightening . I realized that my doctor added Amlodipine,only 5mg.,to my pressure meds. I've seen 3 doctors and none can figure out why my spasms are so severe. I wake up from 1 to sometimes 3 x . I actually need my husband at times to assist me getting up to massage the calf cramp area. It's happens mostly to my rt. leg,but sometimes the left. No one,except my husband understands my pain and sleeplessness when this happens. I'm wondering now if the Amlodipine,even at the low dose, might contribute or be the cause of my cramps. It's been since my doc. added this med. that the common cramps became so painful,severe and nightly.
I'm trying Magnesium now. It seems to have helped a little.

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I tell you norvasc is unsafe. I have been on it for 2 years. My best blood pressure readings were times in between taking the med because side effects suck here is a long list. Fatigue, dizziness, tight chest,nocturia,dry mouth, weird dreams, palpatations, anxiety, and drooling. I swear to you if you exercise and lose 6 to 10 pounds it shaves off 20 points on bp. After 40 some people are prone to put on weight hormonal is most to blame and stress. I was in really good physical shape until 32. After 28 I got diagnosed with gerd. They put me on proton pump inhibitor. I weighed 165 by 32 I was up to 180. I stopped drinking, chewing and my health has just gotten worse. I eat more healthy food now then I did 20 years ago and I am fat. I worked my a off last year I lost 14 pounds got tennis elbow I gave up. I felt like after every work out I got hit by a bus. Exercise and gerd do not go well. Exercise worsened my bouts with gerd. I have been having chest pressure for 4 weeks I am sure it is norvasc and my bp has been up. It doesn't work. If you can just lose a few pounds ot works.

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My husband had a 7 hour psychosis episode on Norvasc. Mania, depression, police had to come do a safety check on him. Scariest day of my life.

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Slow mag is the best thing to use for cramping. Although, because u are on a calcium channel blocker, the calcium in the slow mag is unable to be properly used. Try and talk to your doctor about switching your medication. Lowering the dose did not help my father. The medication had to be switched.

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I was prescribed Norvasc, back in Nov. 2014, at first I felt a change..then I started getting severe headaches..I continued to take..Today marks the day I have been on for 10 months..and I have taken my last pill, with a new refill, I just got on nothing hands, my feet, my ankles all have pitting edema..I have had painful heels and walking has been a painful way to start the morning out. I HAVE SEVERE Muscle cramps, palpitations..tremors, seems to be poorer concentration and flush hands, ankles,legs and even down to my toes, are swollen like that of a nine month pregnancy.I have had a god awful time trying to get to sleep, so I now take Melatonin..I am a very physical person and active to boot..I have been profusely sweating under normal and comfortable situations. GERD is horrible..I have heartburn all the time now..My job is very physical and I feel like passing out from time to time due to being lightheaded..there have been major side effects for me in this is LETHAL!!!. Will call my physician tomorrow and make aware of Stop on the Meds..I will NOT take has decreased my life capacity to do a healthy 46 yr. Old female..I am not an obese individual...but I can stand to lose 20 lbs...this medication actually gives you Anxiety...I am planning to change my diet. Eat more healthy, decrease salt intake..not bad anyway..and beat the high bp I once had which was 160/98.. I know I did not get all of the symptoms but..this is a LETHAL drug...NO MORE!!!!

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I took norvasc for several years. At some point, I started having serious night time leg cramps and numbness in my arms. Changing positions alleviated the numbness. I tried many solutions to the leg cramps. Apple cider vineger, more potassium, more magnesium. Nothing worked. I finally quit taking norvasc and the next day, no cramps. This was a month ago and I have had no more cramps and no more numbness in the arms. For me, vorvasc is a bad drug.

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I had bad night time leg cramps for 2years while taking norvasc. I quit norvasc 3weeks ago and have not had any cramps since. If you have leg cramps and take norvasc, quit now and see what happens

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