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This is my 4th month on Mounjaro and my 1st month on the 7.5 mg. My A1C is 5.7, down from 10. It is working great but the side effects from the 7.5 mg are rough. Extreme nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. My doctor wants me to increase to 10 mg but I can barely handle the 7.5 mg. Has anyone else experienced these side effects and do they eventually go away?

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I am just ending the 7.5mg injections as well and the side effects (nausea, vomiting, and extreme diarrhea) have me basically incapacitated! I’m down only 14 lbs (thought I would have been down more by now). I don’t think I can continue with a higher dosage.

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This is my first month (2nd week) taking 5mg of Mounjaro. Still nauseous on day 4, but better than days 1-3. My main concern is some itching in my mouth. No swelling, just slight itchiness in my mouth, that started soon after the injection. Should I be worried it will increase with dosage increases?

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Re: Teri (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

7.5 was the worst for me. The 10mg was better. Just started 12.5 and the nausea is back but no where near as bad as the 7.5. I barely have an appetite.

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Typically, once you are on a steady dose of a medication, the side effects hit their peak after about 4 to 5 weeks of taking it, once your body gets used to the medication, and dosage, then they begin to taper off in severity, before going away. If yours are severe, or do not go away, you should consult your doctor as the medication, or dosage may not be right for you.

The FDA does list Mounjaro as being known to cause the side effects that you've all described, along with headaches, loss of appetite, and dizziness.

Ref: Mounjaro Information

How are you doing, now?

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I've been on Mounjaro for 3 months. I started with 5 mg and am now at 12.5 mg when I started getting a rash, severe itching and now bruising at the injection site.

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My very first dose of Mounjaro 2.5, I experienced awful neck pain and was extremely tired. I thought maybe the neck pain was just a coincidence. The second injection of 2.5 was fine. It just made me very constipated. I waited 12 days for my 3rd injection because I was still feeling very full and constipated. On my 3rd injection, I developed swelling at the base of my neck on both sides. The swelling is about the size of half a baseball on both sides. I now have pain in my jaw line, down my neck into my chest and back of my neck. The swelling is still there after 7 days. I did go to the ER, they checked my thyroid and lymph nodes and my blood work. All came back normal. They have no explanation as to why this is happening. Has anyone else had any similar symptoms?

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Im on 12.5 and am having the same reactions...never happened with other doses

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One day after my second dosage of Mounjaro at 2.5mg I am experiencing extreme sleepiness along with excessive burping and gas. Is this normal, and will it pass?

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I am experiencing the same thing. Ive been on 2.5 mg for 2 days and the belching is extreme. Mainly starts in the evening thru the night.

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Interesting that side effects would present after 4-5 weeks; my doctor predicted that they would surface after an increase in dosage. I handled 2.5 and 5 mg. well. Vomiting and diarrhea hit after the 4th dose of 7.5 mg. Ugh! Rough stuff. After three weeks, I stopped it. I'm taking a month long break now and plan to start over with 2.5 mg.

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I've been taking Mounjaro since December and I haven't had any side effects. I have had great results with my A1C going from 6.2 to 5.0 and I have lost 34 pounds. I have very little appetite which is a good thing for me.

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I've been on Mounjaro for 6 months and am down 35 pounds. However, over the last two weeks my lower back has been awful when I stand up and I have never had back problems prior to this. Has anybody else had a similar experience while taking Mounjaro?

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I started Mounjaro 2.5 this past Sunday. Have experienced horrible abdominal pain, vomiting, & diarrhea. Have been eating small bites of fruit in the late morning and avocado sandwiches to maintain eating and not experience any side effects. I ate a half a salad Tuesday night and immediately within 2 hours the abdominal pains, diarrhea and vomiting kicked in. Also experienced hypoglycemia immediately. Have you'll been prescribed anything to overcome these side effects besides OTC meds, Pepto, Imodium, Tylenol or Pepcid? Thinking of giving up as Sunday is my second injection.

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I am on my third week of Mounjaro 7.5 mg and have the worse stomach cramping, belching and nausea. My doctor recommended taking a probiotic but it hasn’t helped with the side effects. I really am considering quitting the medication even though it is helping my A1C numbers, down to 5.6 after being 6.7. I have lost 20lbs but is it worth this constant burping, gas and stomach pain?

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Anyone have problems when stopping Mounjaro? Stomach, digestive, bladder or kidneys?

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I'm on my 2nd month of Mounjaro and am ready to start the 5mg dose, but am anxious about side effects. Wasn't too bad at the 2.5mg dose, just queasy and constipated. Type 2 diabetic just trying to lower my A1C. Will a 5mg dose increase the risk of side effects?

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My doctor and pharmacist both say that with an increased dose, there’s a risk of unpleasant side effects which usually subside. All the best to you!

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Try incorporating protein and a little healthy fat (like the avacado you mention) and skip the other carbs. Carbs will contribute to hypoglycemia.

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1 have had three 2.5mg Mounjaro injections. I felt nothing, but a slight constipation on the 2nd or 3rd day after. My first injection only did I feel a little not hungry. My appetite was fully back within 2 days. No weight loss, no change in glucose. The 4th week I am unsure if a flu or reaction, but day 2 this time I had very loose stool and watery diarrhea for 3 1/2 days now, as well as headaches and some chest burning. (I do have GERD, etc.) I have had a terrible experience with Ozempic so I am scared of the 5th injection on Friday. My 1st question is, when do most people get their side effects after the injection - as in minutes or hours or days? 2nd question: How long do most side effects last, as in how many hours or days? 3rd question: Is there any safe OTC option to prevent these side effects? Also, as a note: Ginger chews and mints are usually my go to other than my prescriptions. My gastrologist switched me to Metamucil rather than Benefiber since I told him about the stool combination, however I do not know if these last couple days are due to a flu or the 4th 2.5 injection.

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Re: Tina (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

When I have side effects, they appear 2-4 days later and last about 4 hours (vomiting and diarrhea). I stopped 7.5 for a month and have since started over with 2.5. So far, no bad side effects but no appetite suppression, either. I’m going to try 5 mg. this weekend.

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Re: JMD (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Late reply but for me I was also taking Adderall at the same time and both together amplify the appetite suppression of the other.

I first stopped Adderall due to damage and down-regulation from tripling my Adderall dose trying to overcome Mounjaro blocking its effects and eventually was unable to work any more (some people actually have a positive effect making their psychoactive meds work better, in the worst case some people who are bi-polar were hospitalized after starting Mounjaro to rebalance their neurotransmitters. You will not find any incidence rates for positive negative or neutral interaction with psychoactive meds as industry does not even acknowledge the effects exist. But all the self reporting and discussions on reddit do). Then I stopped Mounjaro 4 months later and went back on Adderall and added a few other drugs to offset my Adderall to a lower dose when forced back to work. Problem is even though my Adderall couldn't work while on Mounjaro, the high dose was actually damaging my brain the same as if I was not on Mounjaro so was all banged up even after stopping both drugs. Back to work on a combination of meds just continued the down-regulation and damage for 3 more months till I was unable to work anymore on combination therapy which was more effective than just Adderall or Adderall with Strattera.

Either Adderall or Mounjaro without the other obviously had less appetite control than both together. But when I had stopped both Mounjaro and Adderall, my appetite came back with a vengeance. Even when I was full I still craved food. Gained back 25 lbs before gong back on Mounjaro.

I won't get into details now, but I added Guanfacine and that mounjaro/guanfacien combo counteracts the psychoactive negative effects and is not just neutral, but also is positive and provides more benefit than any one of my other drugs alone (armodafinil (sometimes modafinil), adderall, strattera, caffeine, and a ton of supplements that have cognitive benefits. In fact guanfacine and mounjaro with out the other were both negative for me and my other meds do not even work without the mounjaro/guanfacine combo. Which also helps when I don't take those other drugs while healing my brain. You won't find research on that online. It doesn't exist yet. But you can ask your doctor to try guanfacine if it would not be harmful and see if it helps you if you are one of those negatively effected in the mental health area by Mounjaro. Be careful if a person with positive mental health side effects as Guanfacine may possibly enhance psychoactive drugs even more and be too strong at current doses. Many people have reported Mounjaro allowed them to reduce medication doses and in some cases, were able to stop comorbid drugs for things like anxiety or depression. But have yet to see someone with positive side effects report adding guanfacine after the fact so only have theory to go on.

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Re: Tina (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

You may want to see if your doctor could write you a prescription for Zofram. I have had stomach surgery and get nauseated quiet a bit. It works fast as it is put under the tongue so it quickly gets into your bloodstream. Hope this helps at least a little bit! Huggs XOXO also try peppermints!

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Re: Fairy (# 27) Expand Referenced Message

I too have experience being cold. I'm always hot. Since I started the Mounjaro 5 mg I have cold feet and hands. Is anyone else having this problem.

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I have been on Mounjaro for 8 months and have had itching and numbness in the armpits. Not sure if its a side effect or from the 50 lb weight loss.

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Re: Nick (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Your body has to get used to it when I first started on the 2.5 I had some nausea by the second injection. I had more nausea when I started the five I had such severe nausea I had to go to the ER to get some IV anti-nausea medication, but I kept with it and I’m now on the 7.5 I’ve been on at 5 1/2 months and I’ve lost 71 pounds as of today so if you can stick with that side effects which I know can be severe believe me, I know it’s worth it in the end .

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Re: Fran (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Switched from Ozempic to Mounjaro. 24 hours in after my first dose, I had extreme tenderness in my neck, back, face and armpits. I found on Reddit that there are a lot of people that have also had similar symptoms. I'll be calling my doc in the morning.

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I took Mounjaro .25 for 8 weeks and now in my 5th week of .5. I’ve experienced a great deal of nausea along with many of the issues that others mention. I’ve lost 25 lbs. That’s why I’m still trying for 3 more weeks. My question is about being cold. I’m usually the hottest person in the room and have been my whole life. Now I have to bundle up at night and sometimes have to put on a long sleeve shirt in the day. Wondering if anyone else experienced this?

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Re: JMD (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I was treated for a kidney infection but turns out I had no infection. I’m hoping it was just a stone and nothing else? Do you have any kidney issues while on this medication?

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Re: Wiff (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I took my 2nd 7.5 dosage last week and had gotten severe nausea and back pain. I think it turned into a kidney stone. I’m going to the doctor this week but the fatigue and nausea I’m experiencing is like no other. Also blurry vision sometimes and forgetfulness. Anyone else?

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I started the 2.5mg dosage of Mounjaro on Sunday 7/16/23. Day 1: Some slight nausea. Night 1 or Night 2 started the extreme insomnia that lasted every night. The first night by 6:30 am I hadn't slept a single minute (and I take a sleep med). Day 2: The constipation started which led to Day 3 diarrhea and continued sleeplessness. Day 4 led to throwing up hard enough it made my nose bleed. Finally, Friday I feel better. My second dose is scheduled for Sunday. When do you know to throw in the towel on a med? Are these side effects that get better or am I on the wrong path?

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