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It seems to me that the ez test kits are not very good for testing for diazepam. I tested 3 products with the ez kit and they all come back showing no results.

(1) crescent 5mg --- no result ---clear
(2) diazepam prodes 10 mg ---clear (spanish)
(3) galenika bensedin 10 mg ---clear (serbia)

I was thinking that the tablets did not have anything in them, but that would be strange that all 3 products should show no results.

I then tested the same 3 products with a Zimmermann Reagent for benzodiazepine.

The result of all 3 products showed results for benzodiazepine, all 3 turned the purple color I was looking for. Has anyone else had trouble with the ez test kits? I have spent a small fortune on them thinking that I was sold out of date test kits, but where every I got them from they were all the same.

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I have now tested Actavis and got the same results, NOTHING. Are these people selling us dud test kits? It is bad enough trying to dodge the fake pills, now we have EZ kits that are fake. 4 items now, they all can not be fake pills.

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i got a ez kit and it worked great turned purple the 1 i got was the real deal cost me 5 pounds

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Just cloudy white colour for Galenika Bensedin

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