Can I Take My Diazepam The Night Before Starting Suboxone Treatment?


Hello, I have an 11:30 appointment today to start the Suboxone treatment and of course I could not sleep so after trying to call any and every one to see if it would hurt me tomorrow I took my diazepam last night. So my question is will this bring on the precipitated withdrawals I keep reading about or is that just if I was to take an opiate?

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Precipitated withdrawals are only going to be a concern with opiates and suboxone. However my findings from and other drug interaction checkers DO NOT RECOMMEND using diazepam and buprenorphine together, due to an increased risk of central nervous system depression, which can result in serious side effects (including coma or death among other life-threatening symptoms such as difficulty breathing).

In the event that this combination of drugs are required, as they may be in some cases, it's been stated that doctors may allow you take both through frequent monitoring and/or dosage adjustments that minimize these risk factors. But I would absolutely NOT take any chances on your own without a doctor's supervision, just to play it safe.

I hope this helps!

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Hi I've been taken Valium,or Mother's little helpers since my early 20,s and started on a Maintenance program and was started on 80mg daily as I had a extremely high tolerance and a very understanding Dr. I'm now on 23mg daily and have been on Suboxene for opiate abuse and to help with chronic back pain.Neither drugs together have made me feel ill or gone into any withdrawal.

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