Diazepam For Anxiety + Adderall For Adhd + Zyprexa For Ptsd/sleep


I get 120 Valium's for anxiety, 90 Adderall 30mg for adhd. And Zyprexa for ptsd and sleep. Does anyone have these same problems and think there is a better combo that you've tried? The Zyprexa helps control the highs and lows but it doesn't work as good. I'm a single mother so I gotta be the best me possible and could use any feedback. I am also 3 years clean off a 13 year opiate addiction. Demons and pain were numbed for so long. I just need a friend and advice.

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Have you ever tried Risperdal, which contains the active ingredient Risperidone?

When my ex-husband didn't get good results with Zyprexa, that's what they switched him to and it worked much better.

The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth and weight changes.

Does anyone else have any ideas or suggestions?

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Unfortunately i take 7.5 zyprexa cant get off it. Totrated small increments but the noghtmares and anxiety is too much! Anyone out there successfully got off zyprexa? Tell me how...please

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Being in recovery myself I'm not real certain of the usefulness or all three of the meds your on the Adderall and valium are two Rx's contraindicated in substance abusers and zyprexa is notorious to wean off there are much better options available.its hard to clear ones mind when chemicals are fighting the natural process and detoxification of the body in early recovery.Most need support but chemical intervention isn't always the best course of treatment and when indicated there are first line Rx's FAR LESS TOXIC on your system. Have you considered seeking a second opinion for a re -evaluation?

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To me personally that seems like a horrible mixture of meds, not gonna lie. That would leave me feeling pretty f***ed up at the end of the day. I'm no doctor but I've experimented with a lot of these prescriptions. For me I would recommend Ativan for the anxiety, Dexedrine or (10mg) adderall for the ADHD and Zopiclone for sleep. Now let me explain why, Ativan is a small pill you dissolve under your tounge. It works very well to calm your nerves and relieve stress but is not so strong that it will make you feel sleepy. It does however veg you out. Second, Dexedrine is an extended dose of adderall, the effects don't last as long therefore could really have an impact on your sleep. Or a weaker form of adderall could help too. Also make sure you're taking the adderall at like 8am if you expect to get any sleep at all. Lastly, the zopiclone is an excellent sleeping pill. It puts me in such a deep sleep, I wake up feeling great. Anyways, these are just my personal opinions and how I prefer to use medication. I used to be an addict as well to amphetamines and opiates so I totally hear where you're coming from. This (combo) has helped keep me clean off (worse things) for the last year and I have been slowly weaning myself off. My only problem is I have PTSD from my previous history with amphetamines.. so I really need the sleep medication but hopefully one day I can get off that too. I hope this post helps. Have a good day, god bless.

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