Diazepam Ip Pepson 10mg Tablets Blue Coating And White Inside


Hi can anyone please tell if pepson diazepam tablets i.p are a good brand? They are small blue in colour and under the coating they are white. Anyone please help determine if these are a good brand? Thanks in advance too.

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Did you try them? I am just got them in my latest prescription refill and was wanting to know before I tried them.

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We are just getting them filled in Scotland and they seem ok. I took a dose and had a good effect. People seem to like them price vs quality. They are going for the same price as yellow tablets but you get more.

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Hi I just received pepson diazepam today so checking it out on here that they ok ? & looking at comments I think they safe & a good brand??

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Sorry to say I have received these and done my research too and they are Not Diazepam. No way in my opinion... The company do not even make Diazepam and they taste nothing like Diazepam. God only knows what is in them. So I would say we have been ripped off this time.

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I received these from a nationwide well known pharmacy, after checking on here I even had a drug panel from my GP as I'm on a methadone program and it was indeed positive for diazepam. They don't work because you're so worried they are fake; yes they are made in India for arwin pharma. If I'm allowed I will post my response from arwin pharma confirming this.

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Ok, first of all the company is Adwin pharma. . In my case and the ones o got last week, they are not Diazepam for sure. I only had one and made me feel so bad , gave me dry mouth and an awful taste in my mouth for ages , gave me sweats and as the effects worn off I felt worse. I then took a 5mg yellow from my doctor here and it worked straight away. I wouldn't touch them if I was anyone who wanted to stay safe.I've also been reading about several young people who have died recently due to takeing diazepam off the net or the streets. At the end of the day it's better to just get a prescription from your GP if you should need them....

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They were from the doctor and the spelling mistake was my auto correct, so like I stated a doctor's drug panel gave a positive for benzos, I can only speak from experience and have a response from both suppliers and manufacturers.

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Please can you post what Adwin said as a lot of people are scared to use these generics, thinking Adwin don't make them ad they are fake.

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They are fake in my opinion. I took one aver a week ago and I've thrown the other 89 tablets out in the rubbish bin. There's no point everybody trying to convince themselves that they are real. They do have some drug substance in them, but god only knows what it is as it made me feel so bad I nearly called an ambulance, but certainly ain't Diazepam... It's not worth risking your life just to calm down. This is just my opinion and I have taken diazepam in and off for years...

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I usually receive another generic brand that I've always been happy with, and was a bit alarmed when the Pepson 10mg tablets came through.

I contacted the pharmacy and they assured me that they contain the same active ingredient (10mg Diazepam) as the previous tablets.

Some of the pills aren't formed perfectly and they don't have any markings on them what so ever - which I find really weird. I thought all prescription pills had to have a code on them.

I tried one (foolish I know) and they seem to be absolutely fine, had the same effect as the previous pills. Not sure whether to bin or not.

Can anyone share more experiences with the Pepson Diazepam 10mg?

Thanks in advance!

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I've had them, I am addicted and suffered no withdrawal after reading people on here say they were fake. My doctor had me take a drug panel after a forth night of using them. Because I'm on a methadone program a drug panel wasn't unusual and my results were positive for benzos. But I wouldn't worry, a doctor verified mine.

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I've received these pepson from a company I've used before and I've had no problems with. They came with a note stating these were all they had in stock and contain the saw active ingredient. I'm a bit hesitant to take one to be honest the packaging looks okay; blister pack, expiry date active ingredient diazepam 10mg. When I emailed company they emailed back stating these tablets conform to EU standards and are FDA approved. I'm rather scared to take one incase they are poision. Please, if anybody can say if these are okay or not that would really put my mind at rest.

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They're definitely not poison, I've taken two and they were fine. I fell asleep before i had a chance to feel the familiar Diazepam effect, so I'm yet to work out how good they are. But they're not poison.

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Aw thanks for your reply. I was just really worried but it sounds like they're good to go. Thanks for reassuring me xx

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Hi, I also filled my prescription from a pharmacy I've used many times before but they said they didn't have any of the normal diazepam so they filled my prescription with these, plus extra. I'm dubious to be honest after reading up online. The blue dye comes off in your mouth/fingers so I don't feel confident enough to take one yet, until I find out a bit more. I take them for travelling on long haul flights so I want to make sure they are ok before taking one at 35000 feet over the Atlantic. My GP won't give me 10mg tablets for flying. I very much doubt they are real.

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The pepson tablets may not be diazepam but are probably benzodiazepines. They are definitely gabaergic and are safe and effective with no adverse side effects.Iam a pschopharmacologist so I know what I am talking about.

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I just got them too. And not liking them at all. Wtf. I was supposed to get teva and they came. Not a f****n joke anymore. We should be able to get what we need.

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Thnk got the same. Its a joke. Dont kno just know uk brands.

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Ive just recieved these...taken 1...will let you know the outcome.

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Feeling very chilled, seem ok to me. Quite strong actually. Cant comment if it is actually diazepam as I haven't done any proper testing but i feel fine. This is my opinion though. I've got blue pills called pepson 10 mg, blue, blister pack etc. All good here!

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Good advice if you lìstèn to everyone you wouldn't brush your teeth

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Is Pepson Diazepam real? Can anyone please tell me that actually really knows if Pepson Diazepam is completely the real thing?! I've read quite a few people's feedback about Pepson Diazepam but some say they're not real while others say they are. I'm completely confused as you can probably imagine!! So if there is anyone out there that has actually been given Pepson Diazepam from their doctor, can you please let me know your response? Thank you in advance.

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IMHO, the 10mg (pink) diazepam, are also, manufactured & marketed in Mexico, as a generic, by, "IFA" d/b/a "Investigacion Farmaceutica, S.A. de C.V. with Mexico plants in : Calle 13 Este Num, 5 CIVAC, 62500 Jiutepec, Morelos.

Classified in Mexico, as a Grupo II, Psicotropicos, requiring a recta (prescription) on a M.D. pad, or, faxed by the Medical Doctors staff to the appropriate Mexican Pharmacia. The "pink dye colored pill, may be also be marketed in other countries of the modern industrialized world. Source: PLM Edicion 69 (Thomson plm (2019) 6300 pgs).

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script from your gp? haha haha I have a listed mental condition, and i cannot get it. At least not enough. It's like worrying if u have enough, makes u worse.

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To my knowledge UK pharma grade diazepam are white for 2mg yellow for 5mg and blue for 10mg. Only trust UK pharma grade in my opinion. I bought some thinking they were Teva which is another pharma grade or crescent but I'm not sure of the colours as I only get accord or Activis both pharma grade. If pills come without a box I would find that highly suspicious.

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They aren’t made correctly there all marked dust and easily to break them they don’t taste of diazapam that’s the give away.

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Re: Beaver (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

My gp won't give, say they're 'not allowed' which is actually a lie as they give weekly to alcoholics ~ they would rather you commit suicide or take rubbish ~ the gps here are complete uncaring unknowing hypocrites ~ having to see a psychiatrist to get the drug I need.

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I’d agree with the last comment there not sounding like a diazapam but I have to confess I’ve not tried that pharmacy before.

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Do u know if there is anyway I can put the serial number into a database to check for counterfeit pills? Any answers would mean a lot.

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The pepson ones I got were fine an relaxed me too give me a good night's sleep!!...I'd recommend them too anyone nothing wrong with them..

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