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Harvard Medical recently discovered a new treatment regime for AK. This new four-day Harvard Medical protocol is going to save us all from the Efudex & Fluorouracil nightmare: Adding calcipotriene to 5-FU dramatically reduced AKs I used this 4-day treatment for AK in Dec '18 and it works!! Save yourself from the 3 week fluorouracil nightmare and do this 4-day treatment instead. I made this Youtube video of my experience with this protocol: The treatment resolves actinic keratosis in only 4 days. No longer is the pain and discomfort of the commonly prescribed 3 week Flouracil necessary to clear your skin of these pre-cancerous lesions. Mix 5% Fluoroucil and Calcipotriene 50/50 and apply twice per day for four days. Both of these creams can be purchased through prescription. Your ...

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I am using this to treat my lips. My Dr told me to apply to the perimeter of my lips and not directly on them. How is Efudex going to treat my lips if it is applied to the perimeter and not directly on my lips? Please help. I am supposed to start this treatment in three days and want to make sure I am applying the cream properly.

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How and when should I apply Efudex to my face? ## This is a drug used to treat certain types of cancer. How often and how much to apply, depends on exactly where on your face (lips, nose, chin, etc) and what stage your lesions are in. Only you and your doctor can determine this. ## I am totally horrified to read efudix is being applied to the lips! It turned my forehead green and crusty and none of us should use this without first checking if we are allergic to its contents. I was told to put it all over my forehead for pre-cancerous skin and the reaction was truly horrific. I went to pharmacist about it and he said to stop it immediately. I dont think medics realize how we suffer and that this chemotherapy cream can do more harm than good. I used it about 8 years ago and today still ha...

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Do you have any financial assistance programs for persons on Medicare? I am on a fixed income of approximately 1200 monthly and need assistance with my pharmaceutical co-Pays for hydrcodon neurotiin volume and allouprinol. Please direct me to a financial assistance web site. ## I am a senior citizen diagnosed with CML in 2015. I have recently had my medication changed to Gleevec, 400mg by NorthStar. I have medicare D coverage which takes care of a good portion of the high cost of this drug, however, there is a $400.00 difference which I CANNOT cover....Can you help me by recommending a financial source that will help me? This worry is causing me so much anxiety, sleepless nights and overall depression. Do I just NOT take the medicine and die??? Please help... ## Yes, there are some assi...

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Is there any way to get hair to grow back faster (like shampoos or oils or lotions) from chemo and radiation therapy for glioblastoma? Any suggestions? ## Wanting to know if there is any remedies for hair growth after cancer to make come back any faster? ## Unfortunately, your hair growth is something that is set genetically, and while you can make sure you stay healthy to optimize it, you can't really speed it up. Are you able to take any vitamins, and supplements? That's one way to ensure you optimize your health to get the most out of your hair growth. You can learn more about hair growth here. Are you still on Chemo, or are you done?

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Has anyone used Efudex on their head? I'm interested in any side effects on hair deterioration or loss. ## Hello Hoody, Reportedly this will be determined by the amount of efudex that you need to apply. If applied topically then the medicine will not be absorbed into the bloodstream and thus will not cause hair loss like other forms of chemotherapy treatment. If it is necessary to apply enough cream that it will absorb into the blood stream then you will start to experience typical symptoms associated with chemotherapy such as nasuea, vomiting, hair loss etc. Below is a link to the source of my information. [1] Efudex Treatment I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you would like to know anything else regarding this medication. ## Thanks so much Kevin. Will be a 14 light...

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This is my 5th week on Zejula 200mg daily. As suggested by the pharmacy nurse I take it at night to help with possible side effects. The first 2 weeks I felt good. Slightly nauseous and shaky in the morning but was able to function well. The 3rd week I felt nauseous and shaky but it lasted longer. I also had more good days than bad. The 4th week the nausea, shakiness and fatigue lasted most the day. I did have 2 fairly good days that week. This week so far I have felt lousy most of the day. I have had my blood work checked every week. Platelets down to 100. Rest of my CBC low normal range. I see my oncologist in 4 days. I understand the reason to take this drug but I want to feel better. I have taken the nausea med as needed, many other forms of nausea relief methods and have taken naps...

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Need all information about this medication please. ## I have been told to apply Efudex to my lower lip, isn't this crazy? ## Not really. It is listed in the drug monograph that it can be used topically to treat certain cancerous or possibly cancerous conditions. ## Has anyone used it on their lips? Won't it just keep bleeding non-stop? ## Heidi- I've used it on my lips three times. Each time it was an application morning and at bedtime. Though about the second week it gets very sensitive and blister-like lesions appear that means it's working. I applied a product called Acquafor (like Vaseline Jelly) to seal it and protect). The healing takes some time but the outcome is worth it. ## I just used Efudex for 2 weeks on lower lip. from day 7 blistered and ulcerated and wept...

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Creme ## I have been taking applying 5% Efudex cream for two days to my lip per my Dr. Orders. So far, I have had no swelling or any sign of side effects. Does this mean the spot on my lip is non-cancerous? I was under the impression I was to have swelling and pain, and that this cream kills everything allowing the good cells to regrow. ## have to start the efudex 5% cream once a day on upper and lower lips. I am extremely worried about the pain. Is there anything besides aquafor or Vaseline to he help with pain? ## It contains the active ingredient fluorouracil, which is used to treat areas of skin that have been heavily exposed to the sun, or those that have been tested to have Basal Cell Carcinoma. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including skin redness, irritation,...

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How long can Methotrexate keep your liver enzymes elevated? ## My doctor monitors my liver enzymes carefully. If we see a rise, we cut back on the methotrexate. I would rather have some pain, etc. from an autoimmune disease, than have problems with my liver. Liver damage is irreversible. ## While Methotrexate has been known to cause elevated liver enzymes, it has also been known to cause permanent liver damage in some people that take it, including fatty liver, fibrosis, and cirrhosis. Ref: Methotrexate Information What has your doctor advised? How high were they? Are you on any other medications?

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I have Polycythemia Vera which is a bone cancer. I am 76 years old and have been taking Prolia for a few years. I have had breast cancer twice. Waiting for insurance to okay a valve replacement for my heart. The co pay for Prolia still is climbing. The oncologist said he could try me on Reclast to see if that would be cheaper since it is only once a year instead of twice for Prolia. I'm afraid the Reclast will mess with my kidney. Not sure if I should bite the bullet with Prolia, since I know what to expect. Any suggestions?

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I'm elderly and have been taking megestrol, but would like to come off most of my meds... Is there an adjustment period or can you come off of megestrol fast? ## Hi Jerry, May I ask how long you've been taking Megestrol for? Often times, if someone has taken a medication long enough, there can be physical or psychological adjustment periods simply because the body is being cut off a chemical that it was used to having, even when the substance is benign in nature or non-habit-forming. However, if it's been a short while (say a few months or so), then in my opinion I don't see any reason why someone wouldn't be able to stop taking this medication cold turkey. On the other hand, because everyone reacts/responds differently (due to various underlying factors), the only w...

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I have just stated using methotrexate injections for RA after using tablets which gave me mouth ulcers and nausea. Have also used Arava and other RA meds without success . I am also on occasional predisalone as I gain too much weight and am a type 1 diabetic and blood sugars go up considerably. I also take 300mg of plaquenil each day for my arthritis. I would like to know how others are coping with the methotrexate, results and side effects??? ## We are all different, so Methotrexate works great for some people, but not for all, thus, the only way to see if it will help you is by actually trying it according to your doctor's instructions. The FDA warns that it may cause side effects, such as dizziness, headache, chills/fever, hair loss, and light sensitivity. Ref: Methotrexate Infor...

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Polynerve 500 green tablet contains Thiamine, Pyrridoxine and Cyanocobalamin. Is it good for breast cancer? ## I take 1 polynerv 500 daily without doctors prescription... i thought it was a common vit... i just want to gain weight and muscle development.. do i still continue taking? almost a month doing d routine.... im 36 years old... Please advice... thank you ## Is it ok to take polynerve 500 green label as daily vitamins during pregnancy? ## Does polynerve ever look like a small oblong/oval dark green non-scored tablet? Is it sold in Israel? ## Can anyone tell me what polynerve tablets look like, the color, shape, scored or not scored? ## same situation with you. I also want to gain weight and this is i think good.

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I took Prolia and I have severe discomfort in my mouth. I am afraid that Reclast will do as much harm as Prolia. The doctor wants me on Reclast but I am very afraid of the jaw problem and the pain in my mouth is horrible. My tongue and my lips have given me some kind of reaction allergic and feels swollen. I am also afraid of losing some teeth. ## Hello, Lala! How are you? It is a different type of drug, but to be honest, there have also been a lot of issues reported by those that have tried it. The best suggestion I can make is to go in and sit down with your doctor and have a heart to heart covering your fears and concerns. Have them give you the full side effect information, so they can help you make a fully informed decision. And remember, no matter what your doctor 'wants' ...

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My annual infusion is due this month. I need shoulder surgery. How long do I need to wait after the infusion to have it done? I am scheduled to have two dental implants at the end of June. May I presume that is far enough into the future? I am in my mid-70s and have had two infusions in 2015 and 2016. ## Had reclast infusion July 11, 2023 . Now need surgery for trigger finger. How long should I wait to schedule surgery.

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What is Zyflamend used for? It's a natural medicine. ## Zyflamend is an herbal supplement, so it is important to be aware that it is actually not proven to treat, or cure anything. If you have a medical condition that requires support, and treatment, you should always follow your doctor's instructions. It is listed as containing holy basil, turmeric, rosemary, hu zhang, Chinese goldthread, barberry, skullcap, and oregano. Some preliminary studies have shown that it helps with prostate cancer, and inflammation, but more studies are needed to see if it is really effective. Ref: Zyflamend Information It should not be taken if you are already on chemotherapy, or on other prescription medications. ## I'm looking for a natural substance to lower psa levels.

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Hi, I have been using the combined cream for 4 days twice a day and totally feel nauseous and a little dizzy. Did anyone else feel this? ## The FDA does list nausea, and dizziness as being among the possible side effects of Efudex, along with administration site reaction, fever, chills, pain, and itching. Ref: Efudex Information Has there been any change?

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For the first time I took a tablet called letrozole which is generic for Femara 2.5 mg. It is yellowish in color and I called the manufacturer before taking since i have a pretty serious reaction to yellow dye #5 and they assured me the color was from ferrous oxide not yellow dye. An hour after taking the tablet, I had lip swelling and rash across shoulders and back. Took a benadryl and went to bed. Some difficulty in swallowing for the next few days and a rash that didn't clear for 4 days. Lips still peeling and raw. Because I need to take this tablet to prevent recurrence of breast cancer, I am concerned and ready to try another tab without the yellow color. Wondering if this would be a safe idea. ## Glad the pharmacy and the Oncologist have ordered a new generic for Femera. Hopin...

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I was given Megestrol Acetate for endometrial hyperplasia. The doctor said it would thin the uterine lining, but I haven't started a period since being on it. How does it thin the lining if i don't bleed? Or should I be bleeding? ## I was wondering the same thing. They told me that I shouldn't have a period and I haven't I spotted a little that's all. But I rarely had periods before I started megestrol. I have thicken endometium was 2.5cm after a month of taking the meds I'm at 3.5 so back to the doc I go. Wondering if anyone has had megestrol not work ? ## Megestrol contains a synthetic form of the hormone Progesterone, which is vital to a woman's healthy menstrual cycle. Each month, a woman will typically experience a large bolus of progesterone being relea...

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