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Harvard Medical recently discovered a new treatment regime for AK. This new four-day Harvard Medical protocol is going to save us all from the Efudex & Fluorouracil nightmare: Adding calcipotriene to 5-FU dramatically reduced AKs I used this 4-day treatment for AK in Dec '18 and it works!! Save yourself from the 3 week fluorouracil nightmare and do this 4-day treatment instead. I made this Youtube video of my experience with this protocol: The treatment resolves actinic keratosis in only 4 days. No longer is the pain and discomfort of the commonly prescribed 3 week Flouracil necessary to clear your skin of these pre-cancerous lesions. Mix 5% Fluoroucil and Calcipotriene 50/50 and apply twice per day for four days. Both of these creams can be purchased through prescription. Your ...

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How and when should I apply Efudex to my face? ## This is a drug used to treat certain types of cancer. How often and how much to apply, depends on exactly where on your face (lips, nose, chin, etc) and what stage your lesions are in. Only you and your doctor can determine this. ## I am totally horrified to read efudix is being applied to the lips! It turned my forehead green and crusty and none of us should use this without first checking if we are allergic to its contents. I was told to put it all over my forehead for pre-cancerous skin and the reaction was truly horrific. I went to pharmacist about it and he said to stop it immediately. I dont think medics realize how we suffer and that this chemotherapy cream can do more harm than good. I used it about 8 years ago and today still ha...

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I am using this to treat my lips. My Dr told me to apply to the perimeter of my lips and not directly on them. How is Efudex going to treat my lips if it is applied to the perimeter and not directly on my lips? Please help. I am supposed to start this treatment in three days and want to make sure I am applying the cream properly.


Has anyone used Efudex on their head? I'm interested in any side effects on hair deterioration or loss. ## Hello Hoody, Reportedly this will be determined by the amount of efudex that you need to apply. If applied topically then the medicine will not be absorbed into the bloodstream and thus will not cause hair loss like other forms of chemotherapy treatment. If it is necessary to apply enough cream that it will absorb into the blood stream then you will start to experience typical symptoms associated with chemotherapy such as nasuea, vomiting, hair loss etc. Below is a link to the source of my information. [1] Efudex Treatment I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you would like to know anything else regarding this medication. ## Thanks so much Kevin. Will be a 14 light...

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Need all information about this medication please. ## I have been told to apply Efudex to my lower lip, isn't this crazy? ## Not really. It is listed in the drug monograph that it can be used topically to treat certain cancerous or possibly cancerous conditions. ## Has anyone used it on their lips? Won't it just keep bleeding non-stop? ## Heidi- I've used it on my lips three times. Each time it was an application morning and at bedtime. Though about the second week it gets very sensitive and blister-like lesions appear that means it's working. I applied a product called Acquafor (like Vaseline Jelly) to seal it and protect). The healing takes some time but the outcome is worth it. ## I just used Efudex for 2 weeks on lower lip. from day 7 blistered and ulcerated and wept...

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Creme ## I have been taking applying 5% Efudex cream for two days to my lip per my Dr. Orders. So far, I have had no swelling or any sign of side effects. Does this mean the spot on my lip is non-cancerous? I was under the impression I was to have swelling and pain, and that this cream kills everything allowing the good cells to regrow. ## have to start the efudex 5% cream once a day on upper and lower lips. I am extremely worried about the pain. Is there anything besides aquafor or Vaseline to he help with pain? ## It contains the active ingredient fluorouracil, which is used to treat areas of skin that have been heavily exposed to the sun, or those that have been tested to have Basal Cell Carcinoma. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including skin redness, irritation,...

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Hi, I have been using the combined cream for 4 days twice a day and totally feel nauseous and a little dizzy. Did anyone else feel this? ## The FDA does list nausea, and dizziness as being among the possible side effects of Efudex, along with administration site reaction, fever, chills, pain, and itching. Ref: Efudex Information Has there been any change?

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Hi, I've been using Efudex 5% twice a day for three weeks on one cheek due to AK and an IEC. I've had quite a mild reaction - nothing until day 7 and then some slowly reddening AKs some of which now look a bit dried out. The IEC was shave biopsied (and healed) before I started and it also went red over the last two weeks but now my whole cheek appears to be getting slightly less red and the IEC has stopped reacting altogether. Not sure if that means I should just stop now? The Dr wasn't very specific. I've used the cream before but last time (over 10 years ago) the reaction was much more severe. ## How long did your doctor tell you to use it? You should continue for the full directed treatment duration. Efudex may cause side effects, such as skin reddening, burning, crus...

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Just letting everyone know that I just did the newest Efudex treatment protocol which requires mixing 50% Efudex with 50% Dovonex (vitamin D) and it was very fast and easy. Four days of application of the combo "lit up" my face and 7 days later my face and scalp were virtually back to normal. Minimal pain, like a sunburn, and no scabbing, pus, etc. I was really scared to do the longer treatment after reading blogs and looking at pictures, but the new treatment is a piece of cake. Plus, according to related articles, it actually works better. A real win-win! "SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. – A four-day topical combination regimen of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and calcipotriene removed almost 90% of facial actinic keratoses – significantly more than with 5-FU monotherapy, in a rando...

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Applying efudex 5% cream to scalp as thin as possible. Hours later the area is still tacky/sticky. Trying to tap rather than scratch intense itch spots leaves fingers freshly coated with the cream. Which in turn jeopardizes other inadvertently touched areas...self discipline is not foolproof. This is my #1 issue. I can handle the pain, burn, itch, appearance OK, but not having the cream fully absorb like a normal lotion/cream does, leaving a residue, is intolerable. How do handle this?


I am on Day 30 of Efudex treatment on the top of my nose and a small area on my chest. I stopped the cream on Day 28 as the skin was starting to erode. I've had headaches the past two weeks that won't go away with ibuprofen, Goody's headache powders, tylenol... nothing. It's caused me to generally feel like crap. Anyone else have these headaches? ## Headaches are a possible side effect of Effudex, according to FDA reports, other side effects may include skin burning, dizziness, chills, and nasal irritation. How long has it been since you stopped using it, now? Has there been any change? Have you informed your doctor of the problem? ## Headaches are common apparently, as is nausea and other gastric issues. And they can vary a lot between individuals. Serious side-effects ...

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I was prescribed Efudix to treat spots on the back of my hands. I have been applying a thin layer daily for 4 weeks. I have had no side effects, no irritation, burning sensations, blistering or pain. The spots have become slightly redder and that's all. Efudix does not have to a nightmare and every case is different. ## That is correct, we are all different, so not everyone will experience side effects while using it. The typical side effects may include skin redness, burning, sun sensitivity, and swelling. Are you still experiencing good results with it? ## Hi. I will touch base with you again early next week. I am meeting the skin doctor on Monday to get their opinion. Still little or no change after 6 weeks. The Pharmacist has suggested twice daily application but I will be guide...

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I've just completed 10 days of fluorouracil + calcipotriene/calcipotriol treatment - in my case, being in México, branded Efudix + Diavonex rather than Efudex + Dovonex - and one of the most annoying parts of it was that the combo cream is so thick (and greasy). It drags painfully against the affected skin and is the worst part of the procedure in my opinion; the duration and severity of the reaction is way less than using fluorouracil on its own, which is a big advantage, but my question is, is there a "lighter" version of these creams? Or, ideally, a solution/lotion? Actually, I know there is a fluorouracil lotion for scalp use, but you'd need a lotion version of the calcipotriene as well to mix properly I'd guess, and I have not been able to find this. Anyway...


I am scheduled to start Efudex Nov. 2 and am apprehensive based on a friend's bad experience and other things I've read. My Dr. said that things have improved dramatically within the last year with a better formula. He said I will use the cream twice daily for 5 days, then he will see me to place a neutralizer on my face, and then I will heal the 2nd week; reducing the experience from a 4 to 2 week timeframe. Has anyone else heard of this or experienced this? ## Hello, Gina! How are you? What type of bad experience did your friend have? As to an improved formula, that might be true, but the active ingredient that could cause any side effects remains the same, so the FDA still lists them as possibly including skin redness, flaking, itching, and peeling. It isn't really a neut...

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I am applying efudex to my face. I usually shave every 2 days. Should I shave everyday so that my facial hairs do not interfere with spreading the cream on my face? ## I shaved once (with hair clippers, just to short stubble) before I started treatment, then 4 days later before I "lit up", figuring that I probably wouldn't be able to do it later on. I don't think the hair is an issue for application as much as trying to shave with a badly irritated face would be! I haven't used a blade shaver for years and would never try that while undergoing this treatment. Ouch! (I'm not a doctor, just a fellow sufferer.) Having said that, after I discovered - here - the fluorouracil/calcipotriol combo treatment, I swapped to that after day 3 of Efudex/Efudix-only. So I won...

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My new dermatologist has prescribed a one-week per month treatment over four months, applying Silkis 3 in the morning and Efudex 5% at bedtime. I have used Efudex before in one spot, with the expected itching and scabs. What happens when I apply these creams all over my face and scalp, which don't have many particular keratosis spots? My job involves working with the public. ## My dermatologist prescribed Efudex and Desonide last week! Beginning tonight... 7 days Efudex and Desonide am and Desonide pm, followed by Desonide twice a day for 3 days, then stop for 3 weeks. Repeat 4 times after that ! ## How did this protocol work for you? Do you react quickly. How soon did the redness go away? I’m using a Efudex and a synthetic D3 derivative gel called Calcipotriol. I mix them 50-...

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I’m in week 4 of a prescribed 5 week treatment on my chest with Efudex . My skin has all the worst symptoms described in blogs. I felt that my skin was too raw to handle the cream twice a day. I have decided to only apply Efudex once a day for the rest of the treatment (12 days). Will this be a problem for my outcome? ## It would be best to speak with your doctor, before making any changes to your usage regimen. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including skin burning, soreness, hyperpigmentation, photosensitivity, and scarring. Which ones are you experiencing? ## All of them. I had to sleep with a cold pack on the treated skin. Now 1 week after my last application (6 weeks total) Less pain and weeping but possibly weeks away to get back to normal. I have learned ...

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I read that you should wash the site before application. Are you to wash your hair everyday, twice a day if you apply Fluorouracil 2 x per day? Is it ok to use your regular shampoo. I understand that use of Fluorouracil cream can spread to areas that may not already show signs of precancerous spots. Has anyone noticed this to happen? How far has it spread, entire scalp? Please share any experience you have had with treating scalp.


I have been using Efudex on my fore arms and the back of my hands for two weeks. Three weeks will be the total time of application. I put the cream on at night and try to sleep. I leave it on overnight and wash it off carefully about noon the next day. How soon after application can I use soap and water on the treated areas? Does it help to wash the Efudex off after an hour? I have been leaving it on for hours. When sleeping should i wear cotton gloves and a long sleeved t shirt? I have done that and now have stopped but I am concerned about accidently getting the cream in my eyes during the night. Thanks for any help with these questions. When I lower my arms, I have a lot of pain, especially when I lower them quickly. Is this normal?


My wound is on my forearm & is about a 1 1/2” square. The skin is eroded and indented. Was told to use Neosphorin, keep covered & change bandages twice daily. Does this sound like good advice? ## This procedure is often advised for some types of wounds, but it depends on the severity, cause of the wound, and etc. Neosporin has been known to cause some skin reddening, rash, and itching, as side effects, in some people that use it. What has your doctor advised you to do?

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