Can Suboxone Cause Breathing Problems And Make Anxiety Problems Worse?


Hey everyone my name is Emily I am 22 years old, I take 1 8mg of suboxone a day. I'm fine during the day most of the time besides my severe anxiety. I feel a though my anxiety has taken over my life. But I take my 1 8mg pill if suboxone in the morning and at night time I always have anxiety. I have trouble breathing at the same time every night. My breathing feels very slow but I can feel my heart beating fast. I'm not sure if this is just from my anxiety or the suboxne. I'm terrified that shallow breathing is a sign of overdose or something which also starts up my anxiety even more, and I also have asthma. Could this just be my anxiety causing these breathing problems or is it possible that my suboxone is the cause?

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Hey are you taking any kind of medication for anxiety? How did you abuse drugs before getting on subs, did you insufflate, do you smoke cigs or anything?

My asthma gets worse at night too but if you don't relax through an attack you're just bringing on anxiety even more. Let me know what exactly you take, recreational or otherwise, it can be a number of things. You could have pneumonia, or even a blood clot in your lung, which has s high correlation in women who smoke and use birth control. My suggestion is to go to your doctor or ER asap. If it's your asthma it's obviously not being controlled well and needs treated badly or it's a number of other things ranging from very dangerous to not.


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Hey I made a reply that needs approved apparently but in a nutshell, GO TO THE DOCTOR ASAP PLEASE!

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I agree. That doesn,t sound good at all. You really should talk to a doctor!

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Dear Emily, could b your asthma. Do u use an inhaler? If it were the subs it would happen right away in the morning when u took them. It wouldn't take all day. Are u on anything 4 anxiety? U need 2 speak 2 a doctor right away. Don't wait! Good luck.

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I take 1mg Xanax at night because I am not able to fall asleep on my own due to my anxiety I severe panic attacks all day epecially the moment I lay down to go to bed. I wasn't a H user, I was taking percocets before I went in suboxone. I also use my inhaler(albuteral) as needed for my asthma

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I must agree with the other responses. This needs to be checked out.

What you're describing could also be the symptoms of congestive heart failure and that isn't something you should ignore as it can be very dangerous.

There are chances that it's nothing, but you need to be certain.

Can you post back and let us know how you're doing?

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Hey Emily, thanks for letting us know you're alive still lol. Does your sub doctor know that you use xanax as well? I'm not trying to preach against anything because I know how anxiety is, BUT the combination of xanax and really any opiates can lead to respiratory disorders, distress and even failure. It sounds like there's a correlation since it's happening at night when your taking it.

Tell your doc what's happening, asap. We're not doctors just people sharing our info and experiences. But also I've had severe anxiety, BPD, depression all kinds of whatever and amitriplyn worked (name brand elavil) worked well with my sleeplessness and helped stabilize my moods pretty well. I'm u medicated as of now since I didn't want to chance more breathing complications since I already have asthma and during my sub maintance, I was a heavy opana user. But would you pleaaaase speak to your doctor and check back in with us?!

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Yes I will deffinently speak to my doctor. He does not know that I take 1mg if xanax before I go to bed. I don't want him to get mad or take me off if my suboxone but my anxiety has been so bad that Xanax is the only things that helps me sleep. My breathing problems always occur at night and before I take my Xanax. My Xanax usually helps calm me down and helps my breathing. I'm just always I scared at night wen t time to go I bed. My mind and thought start racing in my head. I've had a really good fried of mine pass away from heart failure in his sleep very suddenly and it has been very hard for me dealing with his passing. Ever since that has happene I have been terrified at night when it is time to go to sleep because my anxiety takes over and I am scared to pass in my sleep like my friend did and every night when I laying in bed I can't top thinking about it whicalesbmy anxiety insane. I just wish this anxiety would go away and never come back it's destroying me.

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If another doctor is prescribing the xanax, he shouldn't be too upset, if at all. It sounds like what maybe going on with you is more psychological than physical.

Try speaking with a counselor to learn coping mechanisms and maybe learn how to deal with the grief you feel over your friends sudden death, and it sounds like you should learn not to personalize his death with your own life. I too have a very confused understanding about death, dying and the idea of just ceasing to exist both scares and awes me. It sounds like there are some very scary deep fears that are manifesting physically, which can be either hard or easy to overcome. It depends on you, you need to try to find someone professional to share these thoughts and feelings with. There's no shame in it, Emily, it's feels hard or embarrassing to ask for it sometimes but you must stop putting yourself through this or it won't matter how you leave this existence for another. It will just stand that you wasted your life worrying about that which you can't control anyways. One day we're all going to go, I've decided to stop dwelling on it and just live and love and enjoy as much as possible then when it's eventually my time, whether sooner or later, I'll be ready for another adventure. I want to post a link if I can, it's nonreligious, I'm categorically an agnostic myself, but it helped to quiet my fears of death and actually almost made me look forward to it. I'm sure that sounds odd but although I'm not involved in religion I do believe there's something after this. Hopefully the admin approves the link. It's worth a read and I hope it helps.

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ThNk you very much ash. I to believe it is also from me rethinking over and over and what happened to my close friend which triggers my severe anxiety at night before bed. My anxiety happens all day long but is always worse at night because of my obsessive thoughts and being scared that what happened toy friend will happen to me. That's why the only way I can get myself to calm down is taking my 1mg Xanax before bed and once in a blue moon one during the day if I'm having a panic attack. I do not ever abuse the Xanax, it's just the only thing that helps with mysevere anxiety. I've tried other medications that just didn't work

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Hey Jolter, how r u? I made it home safe. Had a nice time. It hit 104 degrees. I sent u my e- mail address , but, it needs 2 b reviewed. I've seen a couple of other people do it on here. I hope u get it. It should b up 2 us if we want 2 give it out. Under our choice. Hope 2 hear from u.

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Yes honey I have the same exact problem fast pulse heart rate iv been on it for about 3years headache iv just started having anxiety I think it maybe the naxlone in the medication making these side effects I am going to ask doctor to switch me to the plan subotex I would suggest you do the same I hope this helps

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I am having the same issues as Emily and am also grieving over several losses. I noticed when i lowered my own dose i felt better. I take a low mg of Valium 2 mg 3 times a day. I believe every ones chemistry is different and never be afraid of saying something isn't right for you. Ive been recently diagnosed with copd and emphysema , auto immune hypothyroidism ( hashimoto ) . I know all pain meds effect your breathing. So be careful and you are not alone in the fear factor here :) Stress makes my breathing worse .

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Don't ask people on the Computer none of know what is going on with your breathing.

Go to a Doctor. Not sound rude to anyone. Even if there are 10 doctors who posted the replies. None of us know.

Go to the Hospital. And then speak to your prescribing DR's and then go on the internet.

Best of luck.

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I am going through the same exact thing. I went up to 18mg subutex. I've been to the ER twice this past week feeling like I can't breath. even though I am getting Oxygen, my brain is telling me I'm not getting enough and it comes on at night. I've had a couple day episodes, but I dread night time. I am on 16mg subutex now. I even stopped for two days. I stopped the gabapentin, still not taking it. I have the a/c fan on high and window open. Taking a shower the hot water steam makes me feel like I can't breath. all this started when I started subutex. I go to a clinic so I have to take all mine in the morning. I don't think I need all I am taking at once. So I'm gonna find another Dr. who prescribes a monthly amount. if I can take lower doses throughout the day that may help with my breathing problem. I am use to taking percocet 20s and oxys. I have a large tolerance. I personally think it's the subutex causing my breathing issues. I've had EKG, chest xrays and blood work, nothing saying its my heart. So it has to be the chemicals in subutex. When I was in prison, on two occasions I had to go to the infirmary, because I had the same symptoms I'm having now. It's the chemicals in subutex. I wake up sometime gasping for air. i may have sleep apnea which sucks cause I have ambien but I am afraid to take that till I get a sleep study. Do u have sleep apnea or wake up gasping for air, or someone tell u you snore crazy loud? Well now I know for sure it is the sub's cause you are having the same problem as me. Maybe a lower dose may help of methadone. Please keep in touch, I'm interested in what your solution is. Above all stay clean n sober. {edited for privacy}. Have a Great Day.

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Maybe take it later in the day or break it up. Maybe when it starts to wear off you get anxiety? I take suboxone also and I didn't have that problem. I'm on 2 mg a day at this point..

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I to am having breathing problems. I've been on subs for like 4 years or so. I've been up to 3 strips per day and my breathing was really labored. It's like I had to think about every breath. I'm down to half a strip, working on a quarter. My breathing is still bad but getting better. It's scary. I go to a dr every month. He said to start getting off which I am.

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