Antipsychotic Medication Risks And Suicidal Tendencies


I am going to be forced into taking a medication that causes suicidal side effects. What are the chances of getting suicidal side effects from Atypical or Antipsychotic medication? Has anyone ever gotten them? Unfortunately the other medications won’t help me and my mental health will be in jeopardy. Are there people out there that were able to take medication that had side effects that cause suicidal problems and are ok? I’m scared out of my trees. I won’t take it for this reason. Are there any good mood stabilizing medications for Bipolar Illness other than antipsychotics? Do they work just as well without the suicidal side effects? Thank you.

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Hi my 69 year old mom died because she was forced to take Risperdal injections and she got terrible suicidal ideation from it. She went to the hospital, the doctor giving her the injections saw her there and told her she wasn’t actually suicidal, that she was just delusional, so they discharged her and she died two days later. Please be careful. Unless you’re already a danger to yourself I don’t see how these medications are worth the risk. And the thing is, it wasn’t helping her problems so it’s not like there was a reason to keep giving her this medication. It was bizarre that they kept giving her this medication considering all the terrible side effects she had from it. The summer heat is what helped do her in I think. The medication made her unable to regulate her body temperature she kept insisting to me that her air conditioner was broken but I would go to her apartment and it was freezing cold in there because the air conditioner was cranked right up, but she was still so hot. She was a diabetic and it was messing with her blood sugar, she was having terrible constipation so she stopped eating. For about six months she had been falling, the first time she smashed her face into the coffee table . She’s lucky she didn’t break anything. The second time she fell her glasses broke and cut her face and she had 20 stitches in her face because of it.
Still they kept giving her this medication. As a matter of fact, before discharging her from the hospital where she went because her ideation was terrifying her, he gave her an extra dose, a higher dose, a few days early even.
The board of medicine determined he did not do anything wrong which is actually insane in itself.
Please BE CAREFUL with these meds.

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You are very brave to put that message out there about your mother. I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am. I was my mother’s caregiver for eleven years. I scrutinized her medication. It’s especially hard to watch your mother until the end. Those doctors sounded like a bunch of bullies, I’m not sure if it’s too late to bring them to justice. You didn’t have to tell me that unimaginable story but thank you for doing so. My doctor wants to give me an antipsychotic (mood stabilizer.) I’m bioplar and I have kidney disease from taking lithium. If my creatinine levels get higher then they want to lower my lithium and and an antipsychotic. They said that the antipsychotic will keep my mood stabilized without causing mania. They claim that the antipsychotic is one of the only medications that will help achieve this. I’m scared to death to take it due to its suicidal side effects. Not only that but I have PTSD, a pill phobia, and anxiety. Once again I want to thank you for your help. I’m glad you were there for your mother. I’m sad that you both had to go through that experience because of someone else’s negligence. Keep the faith. Thank You. Russ

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Unfortunately, suicidal ideation is a risk, primarily for young people, but there is no way of knowing how any given medication will affect you, until you actually try it. Other side effects to antipsychotics that the FDA warns about may include nausea, dizziness, headache, weight changes, and mood changes.

You can learn more here.

Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor? Not everyone experiences such severe side effects, my ex husband took most of them, including Risperidone, without any major issues, though I can't say if he still takes them.

Can anyone else with experience chime in?

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Thank you for responding. You were very open and insightful. Your right about not knowing the side effects until you take the medication. I’ve built up such a wall to medications due to past side effects. I can’t even take Vitamin D because I’m afraid it will make me manic. My levels are extremely low. I’m Bipolar and I’m afraid of becoming manic. When I found out that Vitamin D was made from lanolin and fish oil I couldn’t take it because I was afraid it could cause mania. I couldn’t take the plant base for different reasons. My Vitamin D levels are extremely low and I’m suffering. I do this with all medications because of my past trauma. Anyway thank you for the information, you were very helpful.

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Thank you for your kind words, if you have to take this medication and they at least give you a pill form with a short half-life know if it is awful you aren’t stuck feeling that way for a long time?

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Omg!! I am so sorry u even have to take these medicine . I know it easy for me to say look for alternative. But honestly look for natural herbs. In other countries that is how they treat themselves. Because they know how costly these poisons are . ?? herbs are something to start researching in.

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