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My daughter runs out of her script for suboxen tommorow. She has private insurance. I need a referral of a clinic that can get her in within 48 hours for at least a consultation on her options.

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Hello, James! Sorry for the dilemma that your daughter is in.

However, Suboxone treatment can only be provided by a doctor that's been specially trained in its use, there are no general clinics per se that can treat with it. And the doctors that have the waiver to treat with it can only accept a very limited number of patients.

You can check for other doctors in your area via the website,, but I don't think there's a very high chance of one getting her in within 2 days.

Learn more Suboxone details here.

What happened with the doctor that was currently treating her?

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Go to

Dr Larcena (Slidell)
Dr Rodriguez (Kenner)
Dr Prasad (mandeville)
ACER Slidell takes medicaid

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East Jefferson Medical
Walk In clinic
Williams Blvd
Kenner, LA
Costs 140$ no insurance accepted

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Hi, I have painful RA, fibromyalgia an am a diabetic. Subutex helps my pain but I can't find a dr to take medicaid. I would love to find a medicaid dr who can get me off these crazy pain aids. They make me so tired. Thank you so much. I live in Kenner, La.

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Doctor's Peter Cabiran and Dr. Glenn Hedgpeth are excepting new patients. Their website is: They just opened a new office together this year and are both really great doctors!

Good luck!

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MARC Clinic in Metairie is now accepting patients at $195/visit. 504-535-4200.

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