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I am bipolar 2 or so they say. I have been taking epiec 200 and rispadol. I have lost the will to live without the depression of course and i have become an angry horrible person that no one can be around. I have shakes in the head and tiredness that is so not me. I have started to reducing the meds and is on 50 now. I am feeling much better and the old me is returning. Why do people think epitec is such a wonder drug?

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Epitec contains the active ingredient Lamotrigine.

Risperdal contains the active ingredient Risperidone.

That said, they can both cause the types of effects you experienced and this may have been compounded if you were taking them both at the same time.

Have you spoken to your doctor about this problem?



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My daughter has been on Epitec for months now. She started with a 25mg dosage which has gradually increased to 125mg. It has changed her from being suicidal to being a relatively happy girl most of the time. If the correct dosage is not prescribed it could have the compelte opposite effect. Keep in mind that medications have different results with different patients.I would recommend that you visit your psychiatrist again to investigate the possibility of changing the medication completely.

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I was told to be bipolar at the age of 16, I don't know much about it except that it was the cause of me losing the one person I truly loved but ya, they put me on epitec 75mg and sometimes it seems to work and sometimes it doesn't. If I forget to take it I am a wreck but sometimes even if I take it I can still hear the voices screaming at me and it feels like I'm going crazy. I don't know what to do anymore.

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Im on epitec 250 mg because i got so depressed when I got out of the mental hospital but I take it together with convulex to stabilize my mood. the dr explaained to me that convulex evens out the ups but that means the downs are more severe and the epitec helps to lift that. its been for months now, still a work in progress but im definitely getting better

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I've been on Epitec 300mg since i was diagnosed 3 years ago (of course starting with small dosages working my way up to 300mg). I drink100mg morning, 200mg evening.

Before I was unstable, aggressive, moody, angry, extremely depressed and violent. Eversince I've been drinking Epitec i've been stable, coltrolled and calm, i lead a normal life with very few minor incidents.

Going on Epitec wasn't easy, i vomited the first few weeks, had major head aches etc. etc., I also thought it's not for me with all the side effects I've been having but my doc kept on assuring me that it will work, i just need to give it time to kick in, but once my body adapted to the meds I was a new person...

Guess it depends on each person, it works differently with everyone. What works for one might not work for another but then speak to your doc and maybe ask him to try other meds till you find something that helps for you.

But to me Epitec is great... it works perfectly for me.

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Hi. Yes I have the same......swollen feet etc. I have bipolar and i've been on medication for the last 10 months. Since I started with the medication I gained 20 kg. I've never been so fat in my life. The pills does help and I am feelinf great, I just cant handle the weight. I'm on 20mg Lexamil, 0.5 resparidol, 10mg Urbanol and 100mg Epitec. I just want to know is it really nesecery to use all of this drugs and will I ever loose the weight or will I just keep gaining????

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Can Lexamil 20mg cause epilepsy?

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I also gained weight using Epitec, it's terrible I know, but I started an exercise program and try to eat healthy (not always successful doing this but I try) and I do lose weight, slowly but it's possible to lose weight.

When I asked my doc to please change my meds to something that doesnt affect my weight she said she can't because if something works for my mental state it's a risk to change my medication because that will set me back and might not work as well for me so I have to either take the risk of becoming unstable again trying other meds or accept that Epitec is working for me and then try natural ways to lose the extra weight I've been gaining.
In a way I agree with my doc, I would rather stay stable mentally than to throw it all away and start all over with new meds and risk major set backs.

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Hi I'm on epitec for about 5months now. I am very very emotional. I do not agree with my dr that I have bipolor, I rather feel depressed most of the time and I have no confidense at all. For 10 years my diagnoses was depression, and now I'm bipolar. I am very confused!

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i cane 20kg with epitec and seriquel will i be able to lose the weight?

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hi,i know of somone who has micro episodic blackouts. he has been placed on epitec. he is however using the tabs but as it is used in bipolar people or status epilepticus, this raise consern as he is health,leads a relaxed life,but has 2 or 3 of these episodes per day. he works at the computer all day with breaks inbetween. very calm person not aggressive at all. he is feeling down since on the tab please help

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READ THIS!!!!! I'm bipolar, Epitec 200mg for about 2 years now. Been bipolar for 10 years. The doctors NEVER tested for hypoglycemia, sleep apnea, hypothyroidism or any such things. I recently discovered that I suffer from hypoglycemia and that it is one of the major causes of depression, I changed my diet and I'm a NEW PERSON!!!! I still take my Epitec but once my body has recovered totally of all the damage caused by hypoglycemia I will consider lowering the dosage or stop taking them.

PEOPLE DON'T JUST ACCEPT BIPOLAR! Start digging on Google for possible causes of depression and fix the damn thing at the root!

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I was on 125 mg epitec an 20mg serrapress a day and was told my meds won't affect my weight? Im relieved that im not alone. I have also gained 20 kg's. I recently tried a carb controlled diet where u are guarenteed to lose so much weight and so many did EXCEPT Me. I was 100 percent on this plan and only lost 6 kgs in 10 weeks. I was devastated and just gave up after the struggle. since Ive stopped that I ve literally ballooned. Im relatively stable on my meds, just stay depro about my weight. my meds have now been changed to 150 epitec and 100 faverin a day, because I told my dr I cant cope with my weight any more!so, damned if i do stay on epitec and damned if i dont. any way I know I must keep trying to excercise and beat the cravings. dr suggested weight watchers or weigh less. any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

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Depression is a type of bipolar. I say type because there are a whole range of bipolars on the bipolar spectrum. (Because the underlying cause has more than one gene)
With bipolar you can have periods of depression and suicidality as well as, but not necessarily, periods of mania, where you go out looking for sex, waste money and generally make a fool of yourself. Everyone is different. But the treatment for BP is moodstabilizer. Antidepressants are not necessarily good because they can push you into a manic phase and ultimately cause a psychosis, which you want to avoid because it damages your brain and results in your reduced functioning.

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My psyciatrist diagnosed bipolar depression and I feel I'm not bipolar. Last year he put me on 500mg Epillum and I was a zombi,my personality has changed. I cannot remember the smallest things. In my job I drove everyday far and my work put me off from driving for 3 months. After me and my daughter reduce the dosage to 250mg I can feel a slightly change in my mood. My face also was full of yellow pimples. It was in the winter and i was getting very cold even if it wasn't so cold. I was shivering and put a lot of blankets over me. I go back to the doctor and he take away the epillum. Now I'm taking epitec 200mg and risperidol 1mg at night. In the morning I took epitec 100mg and 75mg Venlor. I"m not going back to that psyciatrist again because he always said I will feel better and from last year June 2010, I was feeling very depressed. I'm afraid to stop the tablets because I know those ones I'm drinking does no good to my system. The pimples on my face does not go away. Can you please help me..please!

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I've been using Epitec 200mg for more than a year now... They say I have a "extreme" case of dipolar. I have the headaches, need to see the physio regularly to get ride of my tensed muscles, sleeping to much then sleeping to little (so i have zolpidem for sleeping and energizers to keep me awake), etc etc. BUT my quality of life has been getting better and better. I think it can get even better... I still have my depression and mania, but they happen very rarely and in shorter periods. I have not consulted my doctors yet, but would like to know if anyone here thinks I should ask for a increased dose.

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This is going to sound terrible but finding out I was bipolar helped me. I cnt remember not being this way and always feeling like a freak for the way I was. Knowing I have a mental illness gives me hope because by knowing I can treat it and not feel everyday that I was just gona have to deal with who I was. the medication part is hard but it is vital that u have a good psychiatrist that will find medication that suits u! I was diagnosed wrongly for a gud while and the medication made me ill but nw I hav the best possible psychiatrist and day by day things are getting better. It hard people! It is neve gona b easy! but then when is anything in life easy! Chins up

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Hi I've been on epitec 50 mg for a while now, but I often forget to take my medication, I have to take it at night as well as first thing in the morning, but when I forget to, I become extremely depressed, violent and angry... That is not me... So you must definetly remember to take your medication.. Drinking doesn't help with your medication either trust me, I once become very suicidal when I was drunk and wanted to jump off my friends apartment window. So be careful xx

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I was rcently diagnosed with bi-polar - i started getting panic attacks and have not been able to sleep without a tablet - i am still getting panic attacks eventhough i am on epitec 25mg and take seroquel 25mg x2 @nite - i don't feel like i am bi-polar - could there be something else wrong - i also am getting an increase in heart rate at nite - is that normal - feel worse rather than better?

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Did you ever get a reply to this? I am convinced it can make seizures appear or get worse.

See the insert:

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Inhave been diagnosed with bipolar type 1 tge phychatrist put me on 400mg of epitec 1tab at night and 1 tab in the morning which made me lazy and not knowing Arther or Marther...I have slowky decreased my intake myself as the phychatrist does not want to decrease it...I eventually told him my sude effects and he acknowkege that epitec can cause me to get headache whichi am experiencing...He decreased it to 350mg..150mg during the day and 200mg at night , gee thats stilll to much . He mudt decrease it more asim still experiencing headaches and mouth ulsors.....I dont see myself as bipolar I know I was emotional when my parents died and followed instructions from peopleclose to me to get rid of my past by burning it....I will never listen to a human being again no matter if they are family...

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Hi How long did it take to get into your system. I have been on it for two weeks and does not feel any better

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I take 1 Epitec 100mg and1 Clift 50mg in morning for the last 5 years and worked for me. But now I have terrible mood swings and unhappy and anxious all the time. Dr put me on a sleeping pill zolnoxs 10mg but no change. Just very sad. Please dr help!!

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Re: GABRIELLA (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

My GP prescribed Epitec to take with Deprimal as the Deprimal kept me awake and gave severe headaches (all side effects of Depramil). Im on 75mg of Epitec and now sleep much better and headaches also much less

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I'm bipolar2, 62 y/o just diagnosed. I'm on Lamictal 50 mg twice a day, it has really helped me, good mood most of time, some trouble with feeling lump in throat, otherwise doing good. If you feel suicidal, please go to E.R. or call your doctor, life is precious on the correct meds and therapist you can talk to for coping skills.

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I committed various assaults due to blackout rage caused by bipolar... I know the feeling

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Hallo ek is bipoler en my spigiater het my op epitec 25mg en is al 4 maande op dit wn ek bly gewig optel.kan dit mens laat gewig optel.

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I've been on Lamictin (Epitec) ever since it got on the market. It feels as if I am living in a haze. Short twrm memory loss which is a complete disaster. Two tabs (200mg) per day. In process to reduce dosage.

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Hi... I have being taking Epitec 100mg for over a year now and my weight has increased drastically. On the side effect list it mentioned weight loss, not weight gain... I'm confused.

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