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prescribed 3 mg twice a day. Taken with 250 mg divalproex twice daily and chloral hydrate, 20 ml. chloral hydrate daily. Uncertain what this combination of drugs is treating bipolar? schizophrenia? ???

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med given to a 6 year old. taken for 3mo. mom takes off med. kid can bearly keep his eye's open. it was given for a mild form of turetts. he had this clavicle movement with grunting sounds. . ihe was in my care while parents were away. i feel really bad. this is my grandson.

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This is a really strong antipsychotic medication. In my opinion, much too strong for a 6 year old. I would suggest talking to the child's doctor, or getting his mother to do so, to discuss other options.

My husband is a very large, strong man, over 6foot tall, over 250lbs and they gave him this when he was hospitalized for depression. They had him on 4mgs a day when he first came home and it was awful.

The usual dosage for most people is 0.25mgs, and they had him taking 4 full mgs a day. He couldn't wake up for anything, either, not even to get up and go to the bathroom. It was awful and he had to stop taking it.

He now only takes it if he has high anxiety and can't sleep and then only at night when he has some nice long hours to sleep and rest.

I have also talked to and emailed many, many other people who had the same problems with this drug.

I am very sorry to hear of your Grandson's problems and I hope the doctor can help you find a solution.

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sue. the doc that gave a 6yr old that. should be burned. thats for crazy folks.

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