Metformin Withdrawal Symptoms


My dr stopped my metformin abruptly cause it made me sick now I having symptoms
Muscle cramps headaches foggy vomiting blood etc test normal for feet swelling help is it withdrawal does it get better type 2

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I have read that you can have withdrawals from Metforman. I just sopped it abruptly and now have chronic muscle pain in my feet, arms, neck as well as carpal tunnel pain. I think we're supposed to wean off of it not just cold turkey it. Sorry you've been in pain...hope your feeling better!

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It's my bf that havin am he will recover won't he me I been in benzo with cold turkey slowly getting better still on goin 5 years 6 mths me and nd having a bad time of it how long down ur last

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I had last one 2 was ago. I read that it will take at least 1 month to get rid of it. Other diabetes meds cause the same symptoms too so who knows if it's other drugs along with it.

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He had it for ages it's slow healing like me to with benzodiazepines it's a total nitemare

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The symptoms your left with horrific he achy all over that repair stage.mine benzo I horrific head mucus hidious every day draining fluid.Will my friend blood sugar go down

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All meds have side effects. If this benzo is not good for you, try a different one...ask your doctor. Be careful of anxiety meds though, they have many side effects.
Your friend should also ask his doc about high sugars & maybe a new med...there are many to choose from. I am on insulin as well and it works for me after so many years of high sugars.
Wish you both's not easy trying to stay healthy!

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He on new med gliterzide me I don't want Benzo ever again this my second cold turkey Never again u should read Benzo withdrawal u be shocked mine protacted one

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I'm glad you are off the benzo. My friend just passed away from liver failure due to being on Xanax which is the same type of drug! You cannot have a drink with those meds not even social drink!
So be glad you're not taking them anymore....they're addictive also!
As for your friend, the glipizide should be ok, if not maybe take that and another med...they have many and sometimes you can take two types together to keep the sugar in check.

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Sorry about ur friend. Mine were bromazepam, valium, xanax only small amount of xanax. What stage of withdrawal did she die? My Dr rings me every Wednesday morning. She monitors my condition regularly. I had all tests still going stiff and nasal sleeping fairly good. Appetite good, right through itchy prickly and back last week. Getting there then weight comes off. Yeah my friend got the shakes, his Dr checks him too. His Dr said it settles down. What are metformin side effects did it leave u with?

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Yeah he soon be on insulin to be going diabetic clinic tomoz he still not well sorry late reply set up new phone can u live Norma lly with out being sick every day

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My friend died from the side effects she didn't try to quit it. I'm glad to hear your doctor is watching out for you....And that's why she is getting you off the med. Your friend will do ok on insulin...better sugar control. My side effects with Metforman were joint pain, muscle aches, nausea,feeling cold all the time....never feeling rested, always tired.

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Same as fluffy my bf he at diabetic clinic today he always tired any more I need to know

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Lots of symptoms from diabetes. depression, lethargy, dizziness, thirsty, and lots's not a pretty disease!

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How can he enjoy life we both marry soon

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Will he still live normal after withdrawal symptoms we new future etc

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He'll be fine on insulin. Keep his sugars in check and he'll have minimal effects from diabetes. And you'll have a happy life together.... Congratulations on getting married soon!

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His muscls painful and stomach same bleeding from bowel thy kant find anything is it met withdrawal twisty muscle in legs did u have this does it go

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Glipizide causes bleeding in bowel and cramps or muscle aches...his doctor should know this is the side effects. Bleeding from the bowel is VERY scary and you should take him to another doctor if this doctor cannot help heal it!
Now I am worried for your friend!

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Will he getting better he worried he never be free from this withdrawal symptoms

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Me to worried sick in side upset to I fear many thanks I will report this to him wen he in work what about muscles to thanks for it advise

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I know it's not benzodiazepines cause am in near end of withdrawal of's my friend who having withdrawal of metformin still having issues muscle and head aches does it settle down

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Why a lawyer I am a lawyer by trade .But not a law one

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Fluffy if I were you I would get a lawyer!

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I no it's not benzodiazepines I in the near end of withdrawal. Ie my bf was made ill by metformin his Dr stopped it cold turkey its withdrawal symptoms others had it . Cause ur a dr u don't know it all my dr didnt know about stuff til I told her I was right. Drs useless not that clever. This my second benzodiazepines withdrawal with this one no choice

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Metformki is NOT a benzodiazepine, It's an oral hypoglycemic (blood sugar lowering agent). I take it and when I realize by blood glucose was getting too low, I called my Endocrinologist as decreased the dose from 1g BID to 500mg BID. o withdrawal symptoms, BUT this might be because I'm on a baseline 24 hours insulin, Lantus. I've never heard of a withdrawal syndrome with Metformin, but I'm a shrink. Call your Endocrinologist.

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Metformin (Glucophage) is not a benzodiazepine; it's an oral hypoglycemic agent used to treat Diabetes Mellitus. The question of withdrawal has a lot to do with what the pt's blood glucose is at the time of cessation.

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His is high he at clinic check today think still from metformin I think he on sitagliptin now is adverse mean after stopping metformin

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My muscle pains are better, thanks......I am doing stretch exercises which help. I don't know why your friend has dizziness & headaches except that his sugar might actuality be going too low. I know I get headaches and very dizzy, weak & shAmy when my sugar is very low. That's the only thing I can think of.

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Are ur muscle pains getting better my friend dizzy n headaches are these temporary from metformin my Dr quitting it making me ill

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We're learning that almost every SYSTEMIC-ACTING drug (which is to say almost EVERY drug, except for antibiotics and topics) that puts take for prolonged periods needs a tapering-off period I take Metformin 1.0g BID myself in fact. WE need to do more research on — oh, I'm not sure what to call this syndrome without making it sound like the whole world is addicted Controlled Substances — CEASING DRUGS AFTER LONG TERM THERAPY. We learned by trial and error with the antidepressants. I ran a couple of studies and the bare-bones conclusions were: TAPER! That's what I teach my Residents (along with "God help you if you don't follow protocol – because he's the only one who can!). I'm, a shrink, but I taper ALL Ads, all benzodiazepines or similar sedatives; all hypnotics and even all ADD/ADHD drugs, The last is a little controversial, I'm told, but parents have said it's wonderful. It's always, "The last doc told Ricky to put him on Vynase 70mg for six weeks and then just stopped the medication." (Viennese 70mg is a heavy duty form of dextraoamphetamine that convinces parents and some doc that because of some molecular incest, its REALLY not d-amhetamine, but a PRO-DRUG that becomes d-amhpetamine within the body. That's a good thing if your patients are likely to check up or abuse the drug (I don't think that's possible, given its dosage form), but I don't see a lot of that in 11-13 year old kids in MY neighborhood and I'll bet very fews prescribers of ADD/ADHD meds who are suitably QUALIFIED to write for them, where the neighborhood, don't see much of it either. It so happens, Ricky was the son of one of my neighbors.

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