How Long Does It Take Gabapentin To Get Out Of Your System


I was taking 300 mg neurontin. 1 in am, 1 at noon and 2 at bedtime. I was prescribed the med in May of 2013. Increased later when not helping with foot numbness. It has been almost 2 weeks since i tapered myself off of the drug and i still feel nausea in the am which affects my eating. Please advise how long it will take this med to be out of my system? Thank you.

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Hi Cindy,

Sorry to hear about the nausea you've been experiencing lately.

From what I've been researching, in most cases it usually ends up being around 2 to 5 days for this type of medication to clear your system. However because you've been taking it for about a year, I'd imagine your body could still probably use some time to get accustomed to not having it on a regular basis.

One study I found mentioned that after 2 days time you can expect to get over most symptoms caused by fluctuating amounts of Gabapentin in your bloodstream. On the other hand, everyone does react and respond to these medications differently, so it's hard to estimate exactly how long something like this might take to leave your body without having your levels checked periodically; but that might be worth looking into as well if the symptoms persist.

I hope this helps!

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Hello my name is Jaleel i was prescribed Gabapentin for my sciatic nerve pain by my doctor and all has been well for a month of taking it, but now i have been having depression, mood swings, frequent bathroom trips and anxiety, i have stopped taking it about two days ago and the effects are subsiding but not fast enough, how long until it officially leaves my system? i had taken it for a month three times a day, its 300mg white capsule.

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One post said if you've been on gabapenton for one year plus, you should have your levels checked. What levels are they talking about? Do you need to have blood tests done periodically? If so, what are they looking for?

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I was wondering if anyone else experienced high blood calcium levels while on gabapentin. I recently went for routine blood work and had a high blood calcium and ionized calcium reading. I have since discontinued the medication and plan on being re-tested before jumping to any other medical reasons. All the other readings were in normal range. Thank you advance for any replies.

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It has taken me almost a year to get the effects out of my system to where i feel normal. i to was taking it for Sciatica nerve pain which it did not help. May help people with Diabetic nerve pain but not Sciatica i will never take that med again.

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Thank you for posting this. I've been off of that demonic drug (Gabapentin) for over a month, and I still feel horrible. It's as though my brain's been scrambled. I feel as though I'll never be the same again. Even if it takes a year, your comment gives me hope that things may one day get back to normal.

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And I will agree with you and call this drug demonic. I have never been on such a horrible medication. I'm a disabled veteran with PTSD that has been controlled with medication for almost 20 years. In July, I herniated all my lower back discs which of course caused the sciatica and I was prescribed Gaba. I got up to 1200mg a day at one point. On that dose, I was pretty much a zombie but I didn't feel a bit of pain! How can you when all you do is SLEEP!??? Needless to say, it's hard to pay the bills when you can't work. With the "drowsiness" (Ha!) came 20 pounds weight gain in less than 3 months along with increased depression that had been under control for years! I had to increase my other meds to help me get through each day without wanting to jump off a cliff! I came to this thread because I did a search wondering how long this stuff will remain in my body. It's only been 3 days since I FINALLY got taken off this med and switched to another. I already feel better if that's really possible! I still feel sort of goofy but I was still feeling some sciatica pain with the Gaba whereas with the new one, I'm not feeling anything and I'm not feeling as drugged. I'm still tired but not as drugged if that even makes sense. Anyway, just the few posts I've read here helped knowing that it shouldn't take too long for this to be GONE! Amen!! And AMEN to the fact that there IS something else out there that seems is going to work for me. I know that's not the case for everyone and I'm sorry for anyone who gets stuck on a medication that has such horrible side effects. :(

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Wow. Sensitivity training might be in order for you, or a simple review of manners. Medications have different effects on different people. Please be more considerate if writing publically. Thank you.

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I thought the same thing, Joan. But then again, I thought, if you're taking 20 of Gabapentin a day, you probably AREN'T feeling anything! ;)

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I have severe restless leg syndrome along with RA. I have no insurance so long story short. . My dad was on gabapentin 800mg 3 times a day but they cut him back to one a day. My mom brings over a bottle and says try this for your restless legs. I took one pill last night at 8pm and it's 11:00am now and I can't function. I can't walk straight or think clearly, I feel like I'm floating and disoriented. I will never in this life take that again. But can someone please tell me how long this will effect me? I feel so horrible I just want to feel normal again. I don't know how anyone can take this on a regular basis and be ok.

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Yikes... I never heard of Gabapentin for RLS but that doesn't mean it's not used for that. I have RLS and what's helped me is taking magnesium and taking a bath using Epsom salts. I've never been one to take baths but I finally gave in as a friend who is also a nurse made me trust her with this. She won't go to bed without one and she sleeps like a baby. I have to admit, it's helped a lot. And I also have another friend and sister who both had RLS bad and it helped then as well. Maybe you've already tried that? I also had my iron checked and it was support low so had to start taking iron. It was my nurse friend who told me to have that checked. Not my doctor. :(. I was told that when I was getting off the gaba, I was able to just switch over to the other med they prescribed without a problem and it took me about a week to feel normal again. I'm still tired with the new stuff but definitely not drugged. That stuff was horrible for me. I had gained over 20 pounds in 2.5 months and since Dec 1 when they switched me, I've lost 20 pounds so far. That was the worst drug I've ever taken in my life. But... God bless those who can take it and not have side effects from it and get relief from their pain! Good luck to you! :)

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Oh my. One pill is all I had. I certainly hope it does not take days to wear off. I still feel unbalanced, shaky, so tired with slurred speech. I normally used requip for RLS which saved me from endless nights of torture. When my mom suggested I try what my dad takes I looked up some information stating that it was sometimes prescribed for RLS , fibro pain, chronic pain, anxiety, but was created for helping with seizures. I thought I would just try it once to see if it helped with the combined restless legs and rheumatoid pain in my hands and feet at night. What a big mistake. I can't imagine feeling this way for a long period of time. Thank you for responding. I tried googling the answer but could not find anything specific just this thread. Blessings to you!

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I've been taking gaba 600 for 12 years for lower back pain, and now I'm trying to come off of it. I've been off of it for a week now and it feels like I'm dying, and I'm having really bad crying spells, sometimes for hours. It feels like I'm never going to be the same again, it's kinda scary. I was taking it three times a day and now I'm taking one pill every other day. Does any one have crying spells while coming off this Medicine? and how long does it take to come off of it. Thanks

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Thank u for taking the words out of my mouth .. Yes sensitivity training is needed for that writer ... It does affect PPP in different ways .. I took garbapantine for bout 2 mths I felt n look like I was high all the time .. N to make it worst I lost most of my hair I have to wear wigs n extensions .. This is a terrible thing for me .. I stopped taking it worst mistake I ever made .. I'm healing myself the natural way n its working ...

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Sorry you are going thru this, but with a lot of time and eating right will help us both.
There is a product called rescue remedy that helps with anxiety and depression, it's helping me a lot. Go online and check it out it really works, it's like it was sent from God. It's all natural made from flowers. Make sure it's Bach rescue remedy. What is ppp?

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What medication did they switch you to after Gabapentin?

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I went of this medication a week ago "cold turkey". I was taking 3-300mg pills at night. I still feel some of the side affects ( tired, confused and anxiety). Should I start taking one at night again and then tapper off or just work through it?

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Everyone's brain chemistry is different dude
And if i were you I'd be pretty embarrassed to say you have taken 20 Gabs in one day. That's certainly not a prescribed amount and has nothing to do with other people's pain. Thanks for listening.

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I've been taking Gaba for Diabetic Neuropathy for about two to three months. My dad took it for awhile and it didn't help him so I didn't have any faith in it really. However, it seems like it may be helping. I haven't had any of the disoriented feelings described from some people. However, I have been having terrible terrible diarrhea. The first possible culprit (Gall Bladder) is fine. I also take Aubagio which can cause diarrhea and hair loss, but I came off of that for several days and I still had the diarrhea. Still not happy about the hair thinning. So, my question is has anyone had diarrhea or hair loss? I know one lady mentioned it. That's what made me ask.

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Oh wow!!!liplease don't give up that drug 300 does nothing for most that drug starts working at 1800mg and can increase to 3600 for nerve pain it's unreal how good it works ask your pharmacist

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Re: Robin (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Sorry to hear of your struggles
I too am withdrawing slowly.
Diluting my dose as the drug is water soluble.
I saw on another form the US military is no longer using Gabapentin ( or limiting its use ) due to its sever side effects.- they know.

A book “De Prescribing Guidelines” Feb 2024 Mark Horowitz. Amazon
Written for Drs and the public for withdrawing safely from many drugs - narcotics, antidepressants Gaba and more.
Got my side effects (a huge number) under control tapering to smaller doses, I have to lower the dose even more as I reduce.
From 600 mg now 423mg . over 3 months.
An evil drug.

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Sever Gabapentin Withdrawals,
I was on 600 mg a day. I dropped to 300 mg a day. No one knew why I had sever side effects and lost 10 lbs due to sever nausea.
A whole istic Dr found the cause, Gabapentin blocks Neuro-transmitters in the brain. Some people have worse withdrawals than others. I had every symptom listed and some. I didnt want to go one at one point.

My GP and pain specialist are uninterested and dismissive re Gabapentin causing this. Unaware !

I am diluting the drug in water (its safely water soluble)
I take a 25mg drop every 3-4 weeks and the side effects are now Ok.

A new book on Amazon Feb 2024
DE PRESCRIBING GUIDELINES - Mark Horowitz. written for Drs and the public give detailed information on how to safely withdraw from many drugs
including narcotics and others

I originally got my dilution advise off another Gabapentin forum.

If you are sensitive to withdrawals; you have to lower the dose even more as you go down in dose, and maybe take longer. I don't know why this is, but have found it it true for me.
Im taking 425mg now with no nausea, and coming off it very slowly.

Pizer who make this drug pushed their profits from 100 of millions to Billions by using it as an 'off labile' use NOT FDA APPROVED! as many as 50 new diagnoses they like to hand it out for now. They have been sued - still worth it for them !

My neuropathic pain is gone, but I would rather have the pain than this horrible drug.
It a battle but I'm determined to come off it now, no matter how long or hard it will be.
Many people are being prescribed it for new un researched uses.
I too have oesto it doesn't help my joint pain, but was effective for nerve pain, which the research backs up.

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Re: Joan (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I 100% agree... You go girl!!!

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if this forum is still working i have only taken one tablet of it

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Re: Robin (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Wow I have sciatica and have been on GABA. And have the same side effects scrambled brain, sleepy all the time, depression and one more you didn’t mention sugar craving..I’m going to stop taking it now that I know it’s not all in my head thanks for the insight..oh and the sciatica hasn’t been helped at all..guess it works for some good for them but not for everyone..

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Re: Bob (# 121) Expand Referenced Message

I was on gabapentin for 2.5 months, low dose, 300mg/day max, then tapered down to 100 within couple weeks then none. Off for 2 months now. I experienced brain fog, no appetite, balance issues, lack of focus, confusion, body feeling heavy etc.. most of the withdrawal symptoms. Bad drug. Taking Vitamin B1, B12. Multivitamin too but I saw post by bookscaoe #99.. mentioned using kids multi vitamins, maybe that is better since we’re supplementing extra vitamins, thoughts? This thing has me stumped. Hanging in.

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Re: The Queen (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Because of headaches and dizziness, my doctor is weaning me off of Gabapentin to determine if this drug is causing what has become serious issue. But the weaning process has been tough. Can anyone share what they might have experienced if they went off the drug? Thanks

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I’m doing well 5 months after my last dose of gabapentin and credit Chinese acupuncture and various supplements for making sudden withdrawal possible. I replaced it with Marinol for pain and immune deficiency related anorexia and went from bedridden in chronic severe pain, to being pain free, depression free and normal energy levels. I was on 5 mg Marinol twice daily for 5 months and quit without tapering when my refills ran out and had zero withdrawal symptoms. It also helped my Parkinson’s symptoms and restless leg symptoms. I feel great. Insurance is touchy about covering Marinol, but Medicaid covered it with my neurologist using an immune deficiency complex and anorexia as codes. Out of pocket at Rite Aid, a month’s supply is $300. Best wishes everyone. It can be done and there is an alternative that doesn’t cause dependence.

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Re: Joan (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

What are you meaning by 'sensitivity' training. He/she is sharing their emotions and results like all the others have here. What's your problem?

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Re: Joan (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I agree with you Joan. It's effects are different for each person . My ENT used it "off label" for chronic cough that I had for months. It was a miracle drug for me.

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