How Long After Taking A 1/4 Suboxone Can You Take A Percocet?


I took a 1/4 of a suboxone a friend had given me around 6:00 pm today. How long do I have to wait until I can take a Percocet for pain and not get it and have it work?

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1/4 of a suboxone isn't a very detailed description how many MG's was the strip?(i know this is an old comment but whatever)

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I know this topic is a few weeks old, but I do agree with josh (post #1) in that the answer to the original thread question would largely depend on how many milligrams of Suboxone you're taking.

Based on some other cases I've seen, I'd take a shot in the dark and say it may be up to a week before it's out of your body. Although several personal factors such as age, weight, diet, etc, could also influence the excretion rate.

I hope this info helps! Please post back if you get a moment to see these responses.

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I have been on 2 mgs of suboxone for about a year now, clean for a little over 4 :-) unfortunately, I have a horrible menstraul cycle, and for this reason I am allowed to take just 5 mgs of percocet, but only at LEAST 7 hours after I've taken my 2 mg suboxen. I try to make it 8 when I do have to take them.

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I took a 8mg sub for the first time today at around 5:30pm. Can i take oxycodone 30mg by midnight tonight and b ok? Ty

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Yes you'll be fine. But don't do it. Go get a dr. And counseling and save your life. I've been there, did the same thing, now I'm on subs only and the difference is unremarkable.

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Did waiting the 7 hours work? Did it help the extra period pain? I'm in a very similar situation. I know this is old but if you could lmk that'd be great!

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Hello, ive been on opiate pain killers for 11 years. I broke my back and thats when they found out i have spinal stenosis. For the last year i have been taking 6-10 30mg oxycodone. I get UA'd for my doctor and prob. but my drug panels have been clean for the last 6 months! How the hell does that happen? So, 2 months ago my dr kicks me off my meds all together, no warning, no decrease, nothing, because she didnt believe me that i take them. I thought the withdrawals would kill me, so i started getting my meds via other means. They're so expensive and i cant work right now due to my health but i hate my life. I would love to get to work, be social and actually live my life. I tried a suboxone today and its wonderful for the withdrawals but unfortunately im still in a lot of pain. I dont know what to do, but everyday i wake up wishing i hadn't. I need help, advice, something. I know there has to be people out there that have been in a similar situation and overcame it. I need to know what to do.

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similar situation on 1/4 of suboxen for 3 three day from the 8mg package i waited like81/2 hours before I took a 5 percoet I feel ok not sick like I was worried about there are so many stories out there this just happens to b mine. I do other people who take higher regular doses and suggest waiting 24-72 hours after last subpeolpehave gotten sick doing opiates too soon I guess its how much you do I hope this helped

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I took half of an 8 mg sub at 11am, first time I've ever taken suboxone. How long do I wait to take a hydrocodone and be able to feel it? The wd feeling I had from not having any hydrocodone (which is why I took the sub this morning) is already back.

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Ive been on suboxne for about two days 2mg a day. How long before i can take my oxy 20mg.

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I have been on Suboxone for 4 months. I took a 8mg this morning. I am having a really bad tooth ache. Would it hurt me to take a 10mg percocet for the pain?

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I took 2mg twice a day for 4 days. I had my last sub yesterday at 2 pm. Its now 5 am the next day and it worked well. I took 40 mg percocet. Hope this helps.

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You got this man!

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Hi, I've been taking 30mg percocet for 4yrs now. Not everyday, I would take perks everyday for about a week then switch to subs. Sometimes I would take a half of a suboxene strip then take a percocet and not get sick and would feel the percocet. My husband on the other hand would get sick, he has to go a half a day clean before taking a percocet to feel it. It is supposed to be an opiate blocker. So, I guess it all depends on the person. The only thing you can do is try and see what happens. I think if you have a problem you should see a suboxene doctor and get put on the program. It will really save your life and the suboxene will give you the same energy feeling. Being an addict is no life and you will never get ahead in life, most people lose everything before they realize it's a problem and by then it's too late. I wouldn't wish opiate addiction upon anyone. I went thru it and now have to build my life back up. Hope this helped, good luck

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Stay the course!! I've back-stepped quite a few times and KNOW that staying on the subs is the answer. If whatever you're doing cannot be maintained, stay away. You know it will work it's way back into your life and you will plummet!! Be strong. It may seem to suck but the alternatives suck more. Also, if folks don't have detailed, helpful info, stay off the site! We're all fighting fit our lives, so don't be careless and flippant!!

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This is all bull crap. If you do a quarter of a 8mg strip in the morning by 5 or 6 hours later you can start taking your opiates. I do this all day every day. No I'm not proud of it but just telling you. But who knows everyone may be different.

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Good advice & yes, opiate addiction can & will mess up your life. I was blessed with a decent job, a big & beautiful townhouse for my 2 kids & I. Lost EVERYTHING in less than 2years. It was awful. We went to go stay with a relative and I admitted myself at an inpatient hospital to help with my addiction to opiates Percocet was my choice. I had never heard of suboxone & was scared out of my mind because I thought I was gonna be in that place sick as a dog. The doctor gave me a suboxone tablet to put under my tongue and within 15mins, I felt great. It made my time there so much easier & I met some great women in that place who was going through similar issues. They were just like me, had kids & wanted to do right for their sake. If at all possible, stick with just the suboxone.... (the ppl who switch up). I will keep all of u in my thoughts and prayers. I know what opiates are capable of causing. It's equivalent to a man who looks good, great in bed but lies & cheats on u.

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Me too.I go back and forth with subs and other opioids all the time.

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I'm now in the same boat wc neck surgery. Pm and addicted. About to lose everything I'm so pissed off at myself. I started subs and pray. But its too late I'm 53 and screwed. I hope I can get my life back. I don't have relative to stay with. Good luck and God bless.

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There making the opiate crisis worse these drs please go to a hospital social services and tell her what happened ask for a Dr that will give you a clean slate just a heads up you won't be getting what you were getting before

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You can do this it’s gonna be OK addiction is never OK and it’s hard to get back to a good area in our lives even though addiction is not OK that hurts that causes become addiction or addicted is not OK as well. Continue to fight hard to stay sober continue to work at your sobriety And just remind yourself every now and then what is real and what is not what is God and what is the enemy? I had been addicted since I was 12 years old 45 I had forgotten what a tree looked like in the first time I came off of any type of drug or medication the first thing I seen as I walked outside was a tree. I went up to the tree and started crying , I realize at that moment even something plain and simple as a tree is just the most beautiful creation at that moment I realized that I was one of those creations as well. Good luck to you and I pray that everything worked out for you.

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I hope you found some type of treatment or help. You may seek help at the pain management clinic.
For pain I had 3 back procedures and monthly epidurals. It’s hard but you may need to find another type of work. Pain management works

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Noooooo no no just no! This might be an old thread, but long term methadone use is WAY MORE DIFFICULT to come off of than subs. Been there done that. Twice lol

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Thanks for this info. I take about 1-2 mg of suboxone a day. But today I woke up with severe neck pain AMA it’s been since like 7 am that I took my dose and my brother gave me a half of of a norco just now. It’s 7:38 pm so it’s been 10 hours so I should be ok right?

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I took a little less then half of a 12 mg suboxone at noon. Today its almost 10pm can i take n feel a perc 30? I never take subs just did today so i didnt feel sick

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I took a 1/4 sublingual this morning at 8am, it's now 5pm, do u think im.okay to take a percocet now and feel the affect. My back pain is starting to set in now??

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Do u ever go thru withdraw like they say if u take sub and percs that's scary thing

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If I've only been on subs for 2 days. Total of 8mg. And my last dose of 2mg's was 2 hours ago, when can I take norco again??? Quick answer please

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Hey I get the pill form 8mg subs... and I cut them in fours ( 4 quarters) but I had a kidney stone and my Dr gave me a script for 5/325 mg long should I wait?

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I also have severe chronic pain. I ended up with an opiate addiction taking about 20 to 25 15 mg Percocet a day. That was on top of my morphine, Soma,... You get the picture. I went to a medical detox and did it outpatient rehab. After the medical detox I had a pretty severe pain for two to three weeks but after all the opiates kicked out of my system 100% my pain level was better than it was when I was taking all the opiates. Although I have no good advice for pushing through the initial pain I can tell you that the result is 100% worth it in the end

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