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I was in a car accident and had a head injury and my migraines started. They have been on and off all my life and started up again when I get cancer and was given chemo with facial in it. My migraines started up again and were so severe I was going to stop all chemo. They thought I was going to die and assigned me a palliative care pain management doctor. I did not die and my migraines never stopped. My pain management Dr dropped me and I can't find another Dr to prescribe anything. I took .39mgs of occasions every 4 hours and never abused them. Im in monmouth county, nj if anyone knows a Dr that still prescribes it. I have tried hundred of pain killers and nothing else works. Please help me

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Hey Trixie was wondering if you could help me out with that doctors name my doctor was arrested and indicted and I'm having a hard time trying to locate my medical records from his office its been 8 months and I've been doing nothing but popping motrin and drinking tequila to help the pain I went back to work because I need to raise my daughters and the pain in my back has worsened please help

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Hey there did you find what you needed?

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Hi can u please provide the drs info? Ty very much

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Sounds simple but have you tried magnesium OTC maybe 250 mg 2 X day. Don't take too much--just think milk of magnesia--it can cause loose stools if dose too high for you. Went to family reunion found another cousin with severe uncontrolled migraine was also started on magnesium (I have migraines too) plus a cousin receiving chemo had been put on magnesium by her doctor. Easy to get & not expensive. Have any drs tried trigger point inj's with lidocaine or lidocaine/steroids mix - just be careful too many steroids can shut down your adrenaline system - have you tried a neurologist specializing in migraines - think would be a better fit than a pain management dr.

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i have not and i started this tread. do you know of a doc who is compassionate and will write meds for ppl who legitimatley need them?

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Hi trixie, I'm in need of a physician in the same boat as most of the people on this blog. I'm willing to travel to the dr myself. Have had 4 shoulder surgeries all unsuccessful n am deeply trying to avoid a replacement bc u have a 4 year daughter that it would be impossible to take care of if I did the procedure now. I'm in the process of finding a new live in nanny as our other one had to go back to her country. Can please share the name of the doctor , or can anyone share a name of a doctor who you can refer? Thank you all in advance

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Hi does anyone know a Dr in new York that gives 30 mg of oxy in Bronx have all my paperwork MRIs I was getting them from a Dr but he retired

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hey I am also in central Nj and have a few doctors if you would like to trade information? if so let me know

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Where's this dr n number I take 10 perk

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Hi rob I would like to trade info . Can u respond and I can give u my contact number bc the site will hide all email addresses

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I am absolutely astounded at the ridiculousness doctors make us go through these days. I found a pain mgmt doc in Jersey City NJ, I was told I had to bring in my MRI reports, drop them off with my contact info and the doctor would review it and decide if he wants to take me on as a patient or not..a week went by, then two..I called and was told she would make sure to talk to the doctor about me again and get back to me either way..a week later, she called me back and said the doctor has questions for you, and asked me about meds, and previous docs, etc, now I am waiting for yet another call back to tell me if the almighty doctor wishes to treat me. Meanwhile I am in tremendous pain trying to figure out how to make it through my days with some level of comfort..Please help..I do not have much money and my insurance is not the greatest..but I am legitimately falling apart..All because a drunk driver almost killed me in a car accident 10 years ago. I wish you all the best of health and love.

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@trixie I would like to trade info as well if you o.k with that!!

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Posted below is some info on doctors that I know of who do write out meds. We need to live a better quality of life!

Pain and Disability Center (201)-656-4324 "Jersey City"
Garden Institute (732)-442-6464 "Amboy"
Suzanne Zimmerman (732)-263-7965 "Eatontown"
Dr. Yen Middletown (I'm not sure of his contact info but look him up online).
Freeman Pain Institute (732)-906-9600 "Edison"
Dr. Nabil Yazgi (973)-790-1180 "Clifton"
Dr. Weinstein (732)-679-1111 "Old Bridge"
Louis Spagnoletti (856)-983-9001 "Marlton"
Dr. Alexis Corazon (973)-389-1300
Dr. Mustfa Sidali (973)-207-0640
Hudson Pain Management (201)-339-7250 "Bayonne"
Pramilla Bayahatti (908)-447-5044 "Watchug"
NJ Pain Management (908)-844-9220 "Newark"
Dr. Feygin (718)-854-3005 "Brooklyn"
Dr. Sylvester Hanna (516)-897-1320 "Long Beach"

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Dr Bhatia in Staten island, not far from outerbridge crossing, right by mall 2066 Richmond Ave, Staten island, Richmond Interventional pain mngnt, very sympathetic and caring and have me what I needed and I live in Monmouth county NJ too, but was in hospital in August and they took it upon themselves to detox me real quick going from 400 mg ms contin daily and opana 10 4 X daily, klonopin 4 X and Lyrica 275 mg 3 X daily and finally Tizanidine 2 tabs 4 X a day so I'm very tolerant but got 60 mg only after the hospital 2 X day, no opana, no Tizanidine until I went to him for lazt time and they scared him so he only gave me the 2 a day 60 mg ms contin, 4 a day Tizanidine, cut lyrica to 75 mg a day total after being on what I was and gave xanax 1 mg 2 a day which I wasn't even on so I think he got confused with what meds they told him I was on now and when I said can't u give more then that, he said he couldn't see me anymore but otherwise he will help you. But the hospital scared him he was giving me too much so that's what his office manager told my sister which he probably was cause I didn't take but 2 of the 100 mg ms contin but still I had them if needed so now my pc doctor only gave me 24 60 ms contin 3 a day until I go back and see this pain doctor she recommend that only gave me 30 percocet 10 30 tablets till I see him in 2 weeks and I don't think he's going to help. So if u could give me someone maybe in NJ as I was a passenger in a car accident where my boyfriend was killed and I almost died and lost my leg but learned to walk after 2 yrs after crushed pelvis and rt femur, knee with no kneecap and pins still, did in rt tibia due to compound fracture and both ankles smashed with pins on both sides of both ankles ! Now after some time has gone by, arthritis set in my joints and have herniated discs and some spinal stenosis which never had before ! Sorry so long but thought u would want to know why I need the meds ! Good luck with the Staten island guy and hope u can help me with some of the names u say you have in NJ or Manhattan if has to be but I live in Monmouth county So NJ would be best as I have to take med trans and that didn't help me with Staten island after 1 St 3 visits so it was hard getting there every month but if I have to go far I will cause its better then being in pain and sjck on top of it ! Oh and Jorden Fersel in Cranford is another one who prescribe what works too! Thanx, Love Valerie

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Have u any luck with any doctors? I was on pain mgt for seven years. I had a false reading on my drug panel and then took a hair test and was neg but he won't take me back! I had back surgery, and recent fusion.

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I am also in central NJ, got dumped by my pain med dr after six years. I have had several fusions ect... Having trouble finding a dr now, can you help? Did you have any luck with the doctor in jersey city?

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Trixie, I read your post and am currently looking for a pain med dr. I can exchange Drs names if you can provide me with one, I was taking vicodin 7.5 after fusion surgery.

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Hi @jebidiyasmith! I can help u. What do u need honey? I don't mind helping ppl who need!

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Hi @Susan, Dr. Monica Metha & Dr. Ariz Metha will help you in Jersey city, 191 Palasaide Ave. 201-656-4324

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Yes, hello, thank you for your thoughtfulness. I have a doctor currently prescribing 20mg oxyContin and 10mg Percocet both twice a day. Was previously on a more appropriate , around the clock pain controlling dose , and my current doctor insists on inj's weekly and will not give me enough medication to get around the clock relief. I have NEVER abused any of my narcotic medications and willingly go to procedures when recommended (which are done wayy to oftenly). I have a veryy long list of legit and professionally diagnosed, very painful conditions and disorders.. and need enough medication to get thru a day of work... I am seeking a new (preferably in network) pain med/ internist Dr. Who won't insist on weekly, useless, procedures. I am willing to try to try new alt. Methods, but not willing to get nerve blocks which I've had 20+ of and have had multiple epidurals, none of which provided any relief. I need adequate and sufficient medications so I can restore my life quality and be able to return to work. i Saw the Methadone docs you recommended, along with the other list. I've also heard that Cherry hill pain management would provide adequate amounts o f meds. So I'm looking for docs who will provide adequate pain medications while ultimately working toward finding a solution to my pain.. let me say again, I have a long list of overlapping conditions such as lupus, fibromyalgia, ra, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, damaged cns, spondylolysis, bulging herniated and degenerative discs throughout my spine, mostly cervical and lumbar, along with many other professionally diagnosed conditions.. I was also run over my a car at age twelve, and my skull was fractured along with my spine, which ten and a half years later I still suffer from pain due to That accident. I am absolutely not a drug seeker and the most relief I've had was from 30mg Oxy 4x daily or 40 twice daily and dilaudid 4mg 2-3x daily. Please help me. My current doctor is prescribing me a dose that to some may sound like it should be efficient but is far from it. I need my life back! I need relief desperately, I want to be able to return to work, go back to socializing, etc. Please let me know which of the doctors you mentioned on that list would help me, and if you can give me a definite answer about cherry hill pain management. I desperately need adequate medication as I said so I can just have my life back!! Thank you for taking the time to read this over, I look forward to your response - also for Dr Nabil yazgi- a friend told me that he would be able to provide what I'm looking for, but he is a neurologist? And I was told he is $300 cash a month..

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