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I was in a car accident and had a head injury and my migraines started. They have been on and off all my life and started up again when I get cancer and was given chemo with facial in it. My migraines started up again and were so severe I was going to stop all chemo. They thought I was going to die and assigned me a palliative care pain management doctor. I did not die and my migraines never stopped. My pain management Dr dropped me and I can't find another Dr to prescribe anything. I took .39mgs of occasions every 4 hours and never abused them. Im in monmouth county, nj if anyone knows a Dr that still prescribes it. I have tried hundred of pain killers and nothing else works. Please help me

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I absolutely agree with you. Because of Christy people with real pain who really need the meds are now not getting them. I have no idea what else to do.

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I need a dr in South NJ who will prescribe 30mg Roxicodone, Flexeril, and Lyrica. My dr retired while I was on vacation so I only have 2 weeks of meds left.

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I tried to see him but there was always an issue. I then had another dr. The entire office is rude!

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I have a situation also. But before I started I saw yet another story in which the person says, *unfortunately I did not die*. Of course some folks will question the validity of the post. If even one person posting is true... why have we come to this?

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My suggestion is go to ER and tell them you fell and have back pain. I'm not concerned about getting back lash for suggesting you tell a story iin order to get a test done to either prove or disprove you indeed have a herniation. But may I ask if you have never had an mri - x ray - or image done on Your back why do you beleive your pain is from a herniation ?? Simply going to a primary Dr conplaing of long term back pain normally a person receives a script for a x-Ray first and if they see anything to present concern they then suggest a MRI or cat scan depending on where your pain is. Good luck hopefully you are feeling better at this point as you are very young and to begin pain med routine at your age ISNT THE ONLY ANSWER physical therapy along with Aleve can work better then pain meds for many people.

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Could you please write the drs name? I have fibromyalgia very bad and am looking for a new dr.

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Hi Trixie, could you give me the name of that dr in central jersey? I would appreciate it as my pain mgmt dr is a ****. I need help. Thank you.

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Could anyone please give me the name of a good pain management doctor? I believe I’m suffering from lumbar herniations and am in so much pain...I would like to call and make an appointment soon.

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I have severe fibromyalgia and went off my meds to have my son. I tried going to my previous dr but they retired. I am looking for a dr who will prescribe pain medicine and not just physical therapy. I tried PT and it was so painful. I live in Central NJ so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Absolutely I am in the same boat as everyone else posting. Its sickening and disgusting that we all have to suffer because of the few!

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Alladin is a hack. Very passive aggressive. He throws u a bone then pulls back like u r a dog. All while u r seeking relief.

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I heard a guy say that she sees a great dr. in Caldwell, Dr. John Secoy. Look him up. I don't know where his office is but hes suppose to be great!

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Obviously you have never experienced pain so terrible that nothing matters, where a good night sleep is a far gone memory. I had the unfortunate experience of having a nurse that shared your limited mind, and she while I was hospitalized refused to alert my dr. of the pain I was having...sending me into multiple seizures. U know life has a way of opening your eyes to your own ideas, but they will never match real hard core experience. You are back seat narrow minded spectator. This is not your area, so stay out.

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I AM SORRY TO TELL YOU DR ALLADIN IS A MONEY HUNGRY PIECE OF S***. He plays the caring guy but it's not real. His behavior is passive aggressive. And he is the new age, fake Dr.s that want you to feel bad about yourself after he has exposed u to a regime of treatment, then he will vilify u for drugs he has exposed u to, as if you prescribed them for yourself.

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Thank you for that information. I will check it out

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looking for a pain management dr. in northern nj have been ill and on 15 mg oxy. My dr gave up his license,I I am in excruciating pain. can someone help

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I have been on pain management for 6 years and they kept me on the same oxy 10 the whole time. All u/a's were good and then I got really sick. The specialist I saw prescribes me 7 meds, antibiotic steroids and pain meds (a 5 days supply). My pm found out n discharged me. Now idk. I’m dr shopping. It’s so f***ed up my mom picked up my meds n the dr electronically did them so I had no clue I got kicked off this week. Anyone know a dr that would take time to hear me out? They can see I got really sick. Please help.

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Could you let me know what dr you used to see? I need a pain mgt dr who will give pain meds.

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I have joint and bad panic attacks which i have to go to hospital which they percribe xanax why cant a dr

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