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I was in a car accident and had a head injury and my migraines started. They have been on and off all my life and started up again when I get cancer and was given chemo with facial in it. My migraines started up again and were so severe I was going to stop all chemo. They thought I was going to die and assigned me a palliative care pain management doctor. I did not die and my migraines never stopped. My pain management Dr dropped me and I can't find another Dr to prescribe anything. I took .39mgs of occasions every 4 hours and never abused them. Im in monmouth county, nj if anyone knows a Dr that still prescribes it. I have tried hundred of pain killers and nothing else works. Please help me

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Chronic pain management cherry hill nj. They cost 200$ month or 100$ 2x month.

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Posted below is some info on doctors that I know of who do write out meds. We need to live a better quality of life!

Pain and Disability Center (201)-656-4324 "Jersey City"
Garden Institute (732)-442-6464 "Amboy"
Suzanne Zimmerman (732)-263-7965 "Eatontown"
Dr. Yen Middletown (I'm not sure of his contact info but look him up online).
Freeman Pain Institute (732)-906-9600 "Edison"
Dr. Nabil Yazgi (973)-790-1180 "Clifton"
Dr. Weinstein (732)-679-1111 "Old Bridge"
Louis Spagnoletti (856)-983-9001 "Marlton"
Dr. Alexis Corazon (973)-389-1300
Dr. Mustfa Sidali (973)-207-0640
Hudson Pain Management (201)-339-7250 "Bayonne"
Pramilla Bayahatti (908)-447-5044 "Watchug"
NJ Pain Management (908)-844-9220 "Newark"
Dr. Feygin (718)-854-3005 "Brooklyn"
Dr. Sylvester Hanna (516)-897-1320 "Long Beach"

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LETS CHANGE THINGS! Trust me, I get it. I am going through what all of you are going through - Seems in New Jersey we are good to the junkie - and treating the good people with REAL chronic pain like a Junkie - ridiculous. SO, just now Gov. Christie came on the radio with his "addiction is a disease" bull-crap (it is NOT - it is a control issue/choice....) - anyway, I thought hey, if they have a page for the addict, if they want to 'help' - then they can help us too! SO, I just went to - then to the blog - and i picked the "Where can I go for prescription drug help". I did an on-line anonymous chat. When the chat opened up, I was asked for a name and age. I gave a first name (not mine) and age (mine). I then asked "What is the plan for chronic pain patients now? Seems to me if you have an addiction there is a plan - what about the person who has been treated with medication successfully for years and can no longer get the medications needed? What is the plan?" of course the chat went back and fourth - I kept it professional. I was offered a list of pain clinics. I said I didn't need that - unless there was a list of clinics where I could continue my medication. I went on to say that most clinics have a long wait list AND they will not fill my prescriptions anymore - they also want to see me every 2 weeks (to rob my insurance) and inj. me full of needles which will NOT help my condition.

I was asked if I wanted the number to the drug and alcohol abuse hotline. I asked if she thought I was a drug addict. She said no. And so the banter went, all the time I stayed professional and asked - what is the plan for me? I never filled early. I did not doctor shop. Even my doctor disagrees with this, but hands are tied here - so what am I suppose to do about my pain? FINALLY - she suggested a complaint be opened and she would do that. She asked for my words - again, I said something like what is the plan for chronic pain patients who have successfully worked with doctors and used pain medication to help manage their pain? These medications were created to manage pain - and work for many who do not ABUSE them - so why are we (the non-drug addicts) suffering? What plan is in place to ensure that we, chronic pain patients, are not forgotten? To ensure we get the medication we need - as an individual (no pains are the same, no tolerances are the same - we can NOT be treated the same!) - what plan is in place to ensure we are treated with dignity and not like junkies just because these medications work for us?
something like that anyway...) I think everyone should do this. If New Jersey "cares" so much and this is the ONLY PLACE we can have our voices heard - then lets have it heard. I also did a cut and paste of each part of the conversation so I have it for my records. Would be interesting to compare notes in a couple months. Lets hope a new governor changes things a bit.....

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And you guys cry when a good dr gets shut down. They are hard to come by so if you have one. You should protect him or her and not divulge so much info. We all know why WE seek a dr. Just a thought

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Hi! After reading many posts, I do not blame doctors for refusing. I have MRI's and reports and have been at same med office 14 years. One doc took over patients when first one moved out of town. Already an established patient. Due to open drug seekers, we sign an agreement for random drug panels and if it is out of line in any way, you are out! I don't blame my doctor one bit. She has to protect herself from seekers that use, abuse, sell or whatever they do, THEN BLAME THEIR DOCTOR FOR THEIR ADDICTION! B.S.!! What a crock of bull. Move to a state that has legal marijuana if need be but stop using doctors that try to help and then get kicked in the rear when they do.

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dr cheng bridgewater nj internal medicine gave me oxy 30's 4 times a day. im helpin ppl but have yet to recieve help:(

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Hi, thank you for the dr name. There is more than one dr cheng in bridge water, can u please give me a first name, there are quite a few
Thanks, Susan

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Did u have any luck? My husband is having issues finding a doc that will treat him properly.. It's insane that patients can be treated this way despite the fact that some abuse it. If you know a doc in nj he would be willing to travel. He is currently out of work due to the pain...

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hey I am also in central Nj and have a few doctors if you would like to trade information? if so let me know

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That is the best answer I saw in this forum this far..people handing out doctors names left and right is not the way to go about doing things. Although a good pain management doctor is hard to find these days it is not impossible. Especially for those who do have legitimate pain. Always been an advocate for pain management through medication but I Been outspoken as to not divulging any information about doctor. Especially compassionate they are hard to come by. And people always cry when a doctor's daughter gets busted down and they get put out of business. The DEA and the federal government are frequent visitors of sites such as this one and they read up on posts like this and get information from the people such as ourselves who try to keep this information as quiet as possible.. Merry Christmas all

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I just heard from my doctor n friends doctor they wont prescribe them anymore i just got cut down after 5 years of taking them

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Your best bet is to contact JSMC in Neptune. It's a teaching hospital that can refer you to a provider that will treat your condition with a multi discipline approach. I received assistance through them 4 years ago and they have treated me with medication, appropriate inj's. when needed and a short course of physical therapy. I can now function without being under a constant opiate fog and use them as a prn protocol and have never felt better. I wish this for every patient suffering from intractable pain.

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Is this doctor still taking new patients? I am in so much pain I am bedridden. Can't find a Dr.

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Re: Dar (# 101) Expand Referenced Message

Absolutely I am in the same boat as everyone else posting. Its sickening and disgusting that we all have to suffer because of the few!

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Sounds simple but have you tried magnesium OTC maybe 250 mg 2 X day. Don't take too much--just think milk of magnesia--it can cause loose stools if dose too high for you. Went to family reunion found another cousin with severe uncontrolled migraine was also started on magnesium (I have migraines too) plus a cousin receiving chemo had been put on magnesium by her doctor. Easy to get & not expensive. Have any drs tried trigger point inj's with lidocaine or lidocaine/steroids mix - just be careful too many steroids can shut down your adrenaline system - have you tried a neurologist specializing in migraines - think would be a better fit than a pain management dr.

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Oh and Idk if i mentioned that i'm only 22 and still have at least 10 painful health issues- but to ANYONE who needs immediate scripts- that will actually provide adequate and sufficient monthly scripts- I understand where youre coming from so i'll drop a name... mostly because he is cash only and wouldnt accept anyone under the age of 28- but I know what being in pain is like and if you want enough meds to provide relief Id recommend (in a split second) to those of u age 28 and older- Dr. Anthony Greenburg.... Hes in NJ and like i said cash only- $575 cash for the initial, and ... something like $175 cash for monthly follow ups. If you need enough meds to keep you pain free - this is your dude. So now someone wanna give me some suggestions?

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Good luck. Tough to find help, lots of pre-evaluations going on.

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Go to pain meds the only way to go. You pay a small fee for a list of Drs that will prescribe Vic's only.

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I live in S.jersey..Ocean Cty. I am in need of a pain mngmt Dr. Who accepts United Healthcare Community Plan..I am in enormous pain.Ive had a cyst on my spine, Severe spinal stenosis and L4- L5 disc herniations. I cant have any procedures done due to a past infection. I have been on methadone. Dilaudid and the like. I need to be back on pain meds asap. Please help Im desperate.

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Sorry to hear you have the cancer too!
If your pharmacist knows you and your history well, talk to him or her. They mayknow a doctor in your neighborhood that has patients with chronic pain. They may know a doctor that sees patients like yourself. Good luck. I have shared all medical reports with my pharmacist so they know I am legit. I hope you get a break.

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