Doctors In Smyrna That Prescribe Xanax


I have bad anxiety and I have been getting Xanax for 13 years my doctor is using substitute mess now for the place of Xanax it doesn't help me I want what helps me and its my xanaxs

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Its a new day with controlled medicine. When I first joined here and read the BS about all the new rules and regulations I thought it wasn't true, its true!

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Georgia is much more controlled than most states
The doctors are so scared of losing their license seriously that doctors I’ve been with for 15 years or so for pain and sleeplessness and anxiety and narcolepsy they had taking me off of the drugs I’ve been taking for years without titration that can cause heart attacks strokes Not only is it dangerous but it’s 100% against their Hippocratic oath it really is a mess the government should not be involved in this

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Hello Stephanie Fowler,

Did your doctor provide you with any reasons as to why they were switching you over to a new drug?

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The legislation doesn’t know what they are doing to people who have taken Xanax for 20 years. I have the same problem. Been on Xanax for 20 years and. Never abused taking my medicine. They want you to be the doctors Guinea pig. I have broken a tooth gritting my teach, had migraines every month and soars in my head . Legislation Sux.

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This is so true. Government is cause all the overdoses due to the placebo pharmacies are selling now. I was taking Xanax for 20 years. They want to label you a bipolar for everything. Jobs get medical records that cancels you out of jobs now.

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We hear you man, we hear you!

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I need to be back on my xanax. I was taking the bars and the doctor I was seeing just stopped seeing me because of my insurance and my Medicaid and I have very very severe/bad anxiety. {edited for privacy}

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