Codeine 60 Mg Round White Pill Rgm On One Side A025


Pill is from Mexico round white pill RGM on one side and A025 on the other side. I got it from a pharmacy in Mexico and they said it was codeine 60 mg. I can't find it nowhere on any site do I know what it is?

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Hi makayla,

Based on my research, I am led to believe that it is a 60mg codeine phosphate pill manufactured by Crescent Pharmaceuticals. It's not 100% definitive yet, but their 60mg tablets are described as follows: white, round, tablet with A025 engraved on one side and the company logo on the other. I haven't actually seen an image of the pill, but I'm assuming their company logo involves RGM since some of those letters are included as a part of their company's address (Overton Basingstoke, Hampshire RG25 3ED)... the only discrepancy I'm finding is that they are based out of London in the UK and not Mexico. I wonder if it's imported?

Here's a link to the manufacturer's webpage for more specific details:

Any thoughts? I hope this helps!

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i was searching for A 023 / RGM pill. it should of been 15mg codeine but it was different from the others in my bottle. i think now it is 15mg and yours in fact is 60mg. 60mg being A 025 30mg being A024 and my 15mg being marked with A023. Also i am from UK west of london. i am now secure enough to use this pill hahaha

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The description of the tablets is on the crescent pharma website, created in 2014. A023 RGM is 15mg codeine phosphate tablets (off-white, quite small round biconvex tablets).

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This is the 2014 patient leaflet....(some older versions give a different embossing info... the emc site is outdated info).

[1] Codeine Phosphate Tablets Bp 15mg

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Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I can confirm you are correct about the pill, it is manufactured in the UK byCrescent Pharma Ltd

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